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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 58 Future Technology Conference

Chapter 58 Future Technology Conference

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Sometimes the circle is so small, a good reputation can easily be fiction otaku geeks accepted, they are even willing to help to promote this work, do not expect anything in return, only care about their favorite works are more people like .

Personally created a best-selling book is what it was like to experience?

The Bookworm may say cool, they save countless verge of despair, a series of selected works from the inside out sea of ​​books, and then personally run into the Amazon sales list the forefront.

Jesse is not just made a post in sffworld above, he returned to the territory of Chinese students to exchange the news, although the number of students is not much, but like science fiction sci-fi movie with a lot of people really.

Originally distress can not read Chinese science fiction these readers have to join the English version of its link between these people are inextricably linked, quietly let in "i, robot" spread.

Since then the price is not high, so Lin Han has not been concerned about how kind this side of the Amazon sales, he organized a national library card is slowly searching for what you want.

First with their own knowledge laptop began to search what areas probably, and then lock the names of these books, and finally find books with the library system, and then get back.

"Mars Rescue" This book is the English name is "the-martian", literally means Martian, or stay in the Mars person, Mars rescue the people some of the more well-known name.

This book is very much specialized knowledge, such as how to start a protagonist's spacesuit is punctured, why can survive on Mars in; and even how the use of aircraft and propulsion devices and burning hydrazine developed a water supply system, to make possible to collect all the water in order to survive and grow potatoes with their own, these are the Lin Han to fix things.

If written loopholes too big, it simply can not be justified, advertised for a hard science fiction novel is a fatal flaw.

In fact, the novel which, the biggest bug appeared that a major storm in the beginning of the article, which is the cause of all the stories of the "Mars Rescue", but also the most unscientific place.

Mars's density is only 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, the atmospheric pressure is much smaller than the Earth, there is no way to produce as severe storms novel which described the inside of the aircraft are novel storm can be blown down.

But on Mars, although in reality often scraping dust storms, but probably only equivalent breeze wind level on Earth, blocking the line of sight up to it, do not drive or construction machinery and equipment, fly a kite can be.

Such a huge issue before Lin Han, made him want to modify are powerless. If, for the sake of rigor, he should abandon this setting, re-find a reason to stay in Mars protagonist, but this is undoubtedly difficult.

If you leave this setting, it is the perfect novel discard, use this to enhance the story with dramatic conflict, after all, the back has a similar story, with the wind whistling out damage to habitat.Perhaps the classic also defective, the defect will be part of the early classics, such as the Venus de Milo does not require people to complement her arms, Lin Han intend to write two at the beginning of it, write it look to see which effect more it is good.

After the while thinking, while substantial, Lin Han go out to eat a meal at noon and went back inside the library to struggle, compared himself with others originally took a short cut, we must use a more professional attitude towards these works.

The useful information in accordance with the classification record labels in the document above the computer, open book his side while typing, occasionally to the idea of ​​a continuous search for information many times, work attitude comparable to a dedicated researcher.

Want to write science fiction is hard to proceed from these places, you can ignore these soft science fiction content, but hard science can not do that.

In fact, Lin Han for many years as a staff person, to understand from these projects is quite difficult, at the moment he had his head paste effort, it was hard to think.

After Lin Han in front of the library is closed on the left, he needs to let yourself relax thinking, disposable absorbent too much knowledge, must be the same in order to digest the next.

Only well prepared, and to write as divine intervention.

Back home, he did not have the mood to cook, directly open electronic games, shooting games to start playing in the TV above, bang bang bang heard the sound of bullets, Lin Han did not even hear the knock on the door.

"Lin Han? You do at home!"

Chen Jiaxuan's voice rang from the door, she could hear voices inside the room of the game, no one can come to her door.

"Lin Han!"

A last resort, she had to use their own Roar power, increased volume accurately passed to inside the room, play is puzzled Hey Lin Han turned and looked at the closed door, then pause the game.

He opened the door and found wearing a sweater Chen Jiaxuan is a look at his anger, especially so innocent and asked: "? Xuan sister I do it."

Heating can not open the corridor, Chen Jiaxuan at the door shouting for nearly two minutes, her slippered feet the moment some cold, so quickly went to the living room Heating Lin Han mouth, spoke and said: "I heard you inside the house voice, just say you have to get down to business. Well, this is your invitation, went to Shanghai the day after tomorrow. "

Lin Han took Chen Jiaxuan delivery to the thing, he opened it, actually, "2017 Future Technology Conference," the invitation, which may seem high.

"I went to, this thing is for me?"

"Of course it

Is for you, I received a couple of days ago, but did not open the letter. This is the next major technology conference invited thousands of science and technology, as well as representatives of science fiction enthusiasts to participate together in the field of science fiction. I asked the organizers, there are many scientists with science fiction writers will go. Of course, the most important thing is that with the Galaxy Awards ceremony are one of the Galaxy Awards ceremony is a project of the future of technology conference. "

Lin Han looked surprised to see small print below the invitation, the invitation of the organizers found impressively magazine "Science Fiction World" and Chinese Science Fiction Association and the start-up of the future, national innovation base.

He deflated deflated lips, jokes and said: "Galaxy Award finally willing awarded,I thought they bounced it! "

Looking forward to for so long is finally to be awarded the prize, Lin Han 说什么也得 to participate in the job, it may be his time to the scene to accept the award.

"Bounced to not to, how to say this is the only continent of science fiction awards, and you're likely to winning, so start now book their tickets online, then your first line of repairing ready yet, we can not receive an award wearing a t-shirt . "Chen Jiaxuan as a veteran entertainment, Lin Han looked very contemptuous look.

Lin Han touched his chin, he spoke to Chen Jiaxuan said:. "I'd better ask organizers in the end what clothes they wear it, if others are casual dress, I am a person officially, it is not embarrassing you."

"Help you asked, wearing leisure suits wrong, you may be directed inside to write science fiction author best, but also the best of sci-fi director of ability."

"Maybe I was a science fiction author of a handsome looks inside it."

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