Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 57 is quite improvement

Chapter 57 is quite improvement

Science fiction article be a small minority in China, may be in the world but it is truly popular literature, many readers like to watch science fiction, science fiction authors like to write more, so classic is endless.

sffworld forum not only provides communication, or science fiction writers interviewed place to recommend their novels, many active persons, and are loyal science fiction fan, a senior readers know this forum.

Due to the time difference, when Jesse publish this post in mainland China five p.m., Europe happens to be in the morning, while the US has not ushered in the dawn.

But diving chat otaku geeks one are night owls, nocturnal is their norm, even at the wrong time, Jesse blasted out of this post is still a lot of diving party.

Geeks are not picky tastes good people, if not up to standard fiction, then it is bound to meet the overwhelming things difficult for these people to criticize but to work very sharp, there are authors who come here to recommend their own the book was written off then despise forum account.

But as long as they see the book, it is definitely a very loving and will spontaneously into propaganda inside, more than a sci-fi masterpiece is this group of people turned out from inside a sea of ​​books, and then to a broader market.

Late at night also kept active in James intends to look at the latest after the post went to sleep, after all, had already four o'clock, the whole community is a quiet one.

But when he opened the forum, but found the front of a post that says "new", return less than five, which pushed the book one day see dozens of posts, but not many really read the book.

"God, I wish I did not drink the cup of coffee, wide awake now are not." I, robot "is the story of what he turned into a robot?"

James spoke, he points to open the message, "Let me guess the story, the main character is a robot or a fatal illness because the thinking went into robots."

But when he had just put the idea say it, we found out that Jesse posted three robot ** then, suddenly shocked the whole person.

"** ing-genius!"

Never seen such a novel idea, to direct the robot to set such limits, James drowsiness whole person suddenly cleared, he quickly looked at the following several responses, all are shocked expression.

"I was shocked, just go to Amazon search found only five the number of downloads, but also han-lin this written in Chinese. Chinese people can write such a good science fiction, and great great, but unfortunately can not see the entity only download to kindle inside. "

"I was wrong or how is it? This book is actually the English translation, but I would look a little obstacles are not, the story is set great. I decided to seize the time to read this."

"Poor guy, only 8 buy downloads, I read your free sample, very good."

"Highly recommend this book, just a few rules that let me begin with the most nearly stopped breathing, I have a feeling it will fire up."

James switched inside pages into the Amazon,His search after the discovery of this book actually has Simplified Chinese version with the electronic version of the paper, but he can only choose the e-book in English.

"So it becomes a little while to buy 24 times, it seems there are a lot of people have seen that post thing."

He spoke, he pay for, because of the different currencies of the two sides, so some differences in the price of the above, in general, is not very different.

If the United States in whatever way is not good, that is, the book price is too expensive, especially textbooks, a book is a little cheaper fifty or sixty views, fine or slightly thicker book is more than a hundred dollars.

Such ordinary fiction books, although a little cheaper, but also a more than twenty US dollars, unless buy used books. But many just-published book is not entered into the books market, Amazon appears to save people's wallets.

After purchasing a good e-book, James would lie down on the bed, leaning against a pillow on top of the entire body, the soft lamp open, read it slowly, totally forgot this thing more than four o'clock.


Overcast horizon just before dawn broke, Lin Han begins to climb up inside the blanket, now more than seven in the morning, but winter sunrise relatively late, so the sun still hiding in the fog inside.

After he went to wash finished, they go running to wear sportswear, writers sit too long, most people have occupational diseases, cervical spondylosis what what what lumbar disc herniation hemorrhoids are common.

Lin Han is still young, good health can not be relied on teeth and carry on, keep only exercise to maintain a long writing life.

Yanjing mask is probably the most essential a tool when Lin Han running inside the park, a few wild dogs being flapping in the wind snatch, do not know what to see.

The old man could not sleep at this time has begun to tease the birds in the park's pavilion inside the cage of exquisite bird ringing sounds to positive, very sweet.

Soaked with sweat, it seems to have been outside of sportswear to sweat soaked, Lin Han put the buns with milk back inside their house, take a bath and then eat breakfast.

After finishing all of this, only 8:30 am, the library to be open until nine, he still has plenty of time to take the subway in the past.

But when he used the phone just refreshes the Amazon client when he was shocked that the number of times to buy!

Number of purchase physical version of "I, Robot" is more than 80,000, while the electronic version of "I, Robot" a higher number of sales, a full 150,000 people, most of his happy things

It is the English "i, robot" Paid downloads actually more than 1200 people!

I was just slept it, it becomes a four-digit number of purchases from the single digits, but actually there are the following series of English evaluated!

"This is hell, do not recommend Amazon to help me a bit?" Said Lin Han himself, he almost could not believe it, he thought their case in the absence of publicity, which in English can sell 100 It is victory.

Happiness come as a surprise, even just refreshes, the addition of two sales!

Yanjing time of the morning, it was evening US time, after a full day of fermentation forum posts has moved from "new"Become a "hot", just comment on more than 15, there are a lot of people look not reply comments.

So many people gathered to read the novel in front of people almost can not find out what the difference in assessment, only sigh, his most realistic idea out reply.

The peak of the evening is the purchase of books, school students, office workers to work, the rapid increase in the Amazon keyword search, when Lin Han came to the National Library, sales have risen to 1,500 people.

The number of active sffworld of tens of thousands, tens of thousands of loyal readers of science fiction to see this post, then transformed into the 1500 purchase, the magnitude of this transformation is actually quite scary, and there are a lot of people going to look at later.

He had not been hopeful Lin Han in English fiction, so little by little in geek circles inside pass word of mouth, showing a rising situation.

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