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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Gospel Chapter 55 students

Gospel Chapter 55 students

After chatting with Li Wenyuan, Lin Han went back home, he was not the first time to choose hands-on writing "Mars Rescue", but began to search up top in the network, the largest scientific magazines which place, he felt he needed to enrich my knowledge .

As the Earth with the culture of this world, there are some differences, so those inside technology Lin Han also not sure whether there will be a need for novel here, or that the name has not changed.

Details of these things is the key to attract readers, the more detailed the more real, the more people feel a kind of unknown Li attract sense, if a book full of bug, it seems, what does it mean?

Although not a true science fiction science text as particularly stringent requirements, but also not too outrageous error occurs, at least, how to establish contact details of Mars and Earth, how fuel to get these water resources can not be mistaken.

After some inquiries, Lin Han was surprised to find this world, as one of the great Chinese nation, but also to launch on Mars over Mars probe, a result that he was very pleased.

Because inside the novel, the protagonist found the Pathfinder launched in 1997 by the Mars Rover, Mark - Watney would Pathfinder dug out, then power on contact with Earth through a still camera.

The final under the guidance of the Earth engineers repaired the sanctuary of communications equipment, and finally able to use a computer with a keyboard to communicate with Earth.

Of course, this is only the first of the missing status by both successfully resolved. But the method did not shoot the film version of the novel and the second lost contact situation out, after the second protagonist lost contact with nasa, then only the use of drag and drop text unilateral short report their situation to the Earth.

In order to ensure the satellite over Mars can clearly read Mark - Watney information you want to convey, so he dragged out of the width of half a meter to one meter track, and the size of each character are more than 5 meters .

Lin Han even consider, or let the protagonist dragging out the Morse code, so some of the more simple, just with different lengths of line to point to the large version of the Chinese writing on the ground apparently too difficult.

There do reference the original novel, Lin Han would a lot easier to find information, not like a general without a head rattling around.

"The day after tomorrow to take a look at the National Library, a collection of some more over there, early to write this, do not know there is no one to buy the film rights."

Lin Han think this novel just reading up on the very sense of the screen, shooting into a movie is a natural thing, but we should look at domestic investors have no such clout, before taking a hard science fiction movie came out.

Domestic science fiction movies have been very decline, the original owners "out of the solar system" messed up after the days of science fiction even more uncomfortable, and can only tolerate plunder box office Hollywood science fiction movie with reputation in the market.

Now, after Lin Han modified "Mars Rescue" also have excellent quality, if investors see that natural is better, if the fancy Hollywood terms, how the shooting is still a problem.

But now the time is not unfounded, can not take time to say, anyway, to get this so-called big ip get out again,"Mars Rescue" was made into a Hollywood blockbuster is just one aspect of enormous influence.

It has gone beyond a book, or a movie category, but a phenomenon, behind a group of loyal fans, with the Internet company's words, this book is a good ip, each from movies, novels, games aspects can be tapped.

Such a novel need great care, not days two weeks time will be able to rush out.


The next day, the city Yanjing blue skies, returning to the sunlight falling on the streets, the cold dead leaves fall from the trees volume, after flying for a while to stay on the road.

Lin Han With the navigation to find the previous Cheng Yu-Cheng said the store when he went into, found to have a small group of people around there to sit, one youthful face looks very energetic, participate in book club most of them are boys and girls sitting only a few of which, like a rare treasure.

Today, Lin Han to disguise himself, he wore a pair of black eyes without lenses, installed from a small literature and art, but also his head wearing a cap, his heavily disguised, can not be identified.

If was recognized that science fiction writers to participate in an anonymous book club fans held their own, it would be laughable to say out of.

After seeing Lin Han, Zheng Yu-Cheng with a small six two first hesitated, they almost can not remember Lin Han appearance, now just to meet friends, like "Star Cen?"

"Yes I am, you are odd with a small six, and I remember you too."

"Oh oh oh, come sit here, you read the" I, Robot "this novel it, we soon began to discuss."

Lin Han smiled and went over and sat position, he whispered: "? There are several foreigners is how it is, they can understand Chinese science fiction."

Zheng Yu-Cheng shrugged his shoulders, explaining, said: "They are our school's students, are more like science fiction, before we discuss with Chinese chat was also okay okay, is not reading the line, preceded by English better. people have been dictated to them the story of the novel. "


This is truly like science fiction, text barrier does not matter, find someone to do the translation point of view, "I, Robot" This book, which is what a great spirit ah.

So Lin Han thought, he spoke and said:. "English version already on the market in the Amazon, the price is quite cheap, they can try." "In fact, do not need this," I, Robot

"Really?" Zheng Yu-Cheng

A surprised expression, he obviously knows the Chinese version of the book began to sell less than a month, how out of the English version.

Lin Han particularly relaxed and nodded, "Before I went to Amazon to download e-books saw, and now do not have wifi, let them try chanting."

Zheng Yu-Cheng nodded, he looked up and there in front of two white guy said: "? English, you should not try," "Jesse, my friend said that Amazon can now buy the" I, Robot

That name is called Jesse whites suddenly stared, then looked at Lin Han, in fluent English, said: "Really?I have not see the day before yesterday, when the shelves? "

"Yesterday there, and now the number of purchased downloads are not many, if good-looking, you can give your friends recommend." Lin Han This is simply to foreign students when their welfare, to save them do not understand these Chinese Chinese character.

Several foreigners quickly out of the phone to log on Amazon, and then one by one happy to cheer up.

"Really!" I, robot ", author han-lin, the price of 4.99 yuan! Yes, yes, buy download!"

"**, my card can not be used in China, to rebind a bank card .wait-for-me territory of China!"

"Praise God, finally there is the English version of the .lucy, you no longer have an interpreter to help me, and thanks to the author, I will go to a very good evaluation."

"Damn, actually only three purchase records, are these people do not see it in English? Obviously is the classic ah, I have to recommend to their friends in the past, tell them I found a good book!"


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