Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 54 vote Galaxy Award

Chapter 54 vote Galaxy Award

"You think too praised, the main character of a person living on Mars waiting for rescue, but also need support to do so much science and technology, it sounds a fairy tale, I've never seen such an approach. It must be a good book you write, I have a feeling that this may be the most close to our life science fiction, unlike the rest of the hard science so cold estranged, with real-life resonance stronger. "

"Do you feel good?"

Lin Han at the two when it comes to excitement, do not stop, the actor how to achieve self-help, how to contact with the outside world, the Earth and how to save him, these are the suspense, Li Wenyuan heart will simply hung up.

This novel science can be fun this narrow, specialized, niche into a mass consumer goods, the need for increased visibility in terms Lin Han is no better thing.

"Mars Rescue" say it is the victory of individual heroism, the protagonist found the problem, then find a solution to the problem, with dramatic twists and turns a little less.

After the protagonist whenever readers find temporary success, there are new problems, it has been firmly attracted the reader's line of sight, so that they pray for the main character in my heart.

"I'm going to write this as science fiction a documentary class, so there will be very many real names, places, and science and technology, this is a big project. The only problem is the protagonist's background settings, why he would go to Mars, this is the key, it must convince the reader. "

In "Mars Rescue" inside the original, the protagonist called Mark - Watney, is a botanist, soil science and hydrology focuses on environmental studies. The main focus in the key areas of the Earth, and later applied to join NASA's astronaut training program, and to do scientific research on Mars.

Against this background let readers believe why the protagonist can be successfully planted potatoes on Mars, water and fuel inflicted.

Li Wenyuan also know that there is this idea just is not enough, even more important to have these minutiae of things, these things can not be just a little less, too, can not be wrong.

Most of the people like science fiction more stringent, they will be perceived inside the smallest bug, then refute, or even sometimes a book will therefore be destroyed.

"What are your thoughts? Identity or work on the protagonist's background?"

Li Wenyuan suddenly asked to key areas, Mark - Watney American scientist, and his teammates also an American, is still the last NASA nasa cooperation with China will mark he returned.

Lin Han do not know whether the background will be modified, if not modified, then certainly there are some extreme readers that he is a traitor, a continuous two novels are foreigners when the main character, maybe had to call him up.

"Mars Rescue" is equivalent to the best videos nasa, as a Chinese person to write ran NASA, which seems something wrong.

So he spoke and said: "I was going to talk about the main character is set to the Americans, the final collaboration between the two countries the United States with China to jointly rescue the stranded astronauts on Mars, but now, I think I can be the protagonist as Chinese people. this does not affect the inside of the gap is too big. the most important thing is a book with the story narrative way,Names of the characters with background just sign it. "

"Although these words are true, but you want to take into account the domestic with the international market, it is very difficult to do. Good works can be overlooked these issues, you now need to do is to support those involved in science and technology to find, let novel can withstand scrutiny. "

Li Wenyuan look complicated to watch their friends, which is really material to write science fiction, published a full-length with a science fiction short stories are rare masterpiece, now sounds very good book, turn to him science fiction is bound to be the right thing.

After determining what good writing new content, Lin Han relaxed the whole person, he had seen "Mars Rescue" movie, also read the Chinese version of the novel, but just look at some of the English version on the retreat.

There are those specialized scientific ranking calculations appear in the novel which, especially where they relate to write nasa would account for 25 full content, high won some do not understand.

But now that Lin Han write this novel, we must first make their own way to get to know these concepts, only you can figure out a lucid told to the reader.

This might be the toughest of his career writing a novel, it is necessary to accumulate a lot of research with the job, this is not an overnight thing.

"Yes, when you send new book ah, every book on it for too long now with your readers on the Internet every day looking for you Cuigao it!" Lin Han Li Wenyuan an interest in the new book, the time that the goods did almost a year issued a new book, science fiction readers have long hunger and thirst.

"I do not worry, look at the recent time, there are aspects of the book dimension wormhole, the title has been registered, called" time tunnel ", with currently a professor of physics at Tsinghua do with the setting, this is too much trouble. "

Any book is not so easy to write out hundreds of thousands of words of fiction too many things need to be filled, it can not write to write.

Since it is a friend, not so much concern, Li Wenyuan curious to ask them:? Well, "you this" I, Robot "Sales momentum ah, the royalties of a few points now, more than 500,000 do not have total sales worry, your goal is certainly one million red bar. "

"I signed a stepped Royalty, sell more, the more I get the royalties. One million bit distant, now sold or very strong, hoping to continue ye in the end when the Galaxy Award selection out ah, I had time to see the November issue says "rural teachers" to enter the semi-finals, and now do not know the results are

Over a year. "

Lin Han had but just because the Galaxy prize essay award before entering the world of science fiction, but now have their own book shelves, and can not obtain the award-winning short story before that is still unknown, the efficiency is far too slow.

Li Wenyuan shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said: "I thought you were tolerant, do not care about these results have been handed over." Science Fiction World ", and here I can not get concrete information, confidentiality is particularly good, by the notary at the statistical results. "

"You do not judge it? Judges actually do not know the results, but how to say my" village teacher "not too bad,At least there should be a consolation prize fishes. "

Lin Han said the jokes, he had wanted to know what the contents of that by Li Wenyuan award in advance, but failed. But he was not too value this award bonuses, the current "I, Robot" Sales momentum is so good, his royalties would not be bad to go in.

Just Galaxy award this title to a very respectable science fiction writer, it is the highest honor in science fiction.

Foreign awards, is the Hugo Award, also known as "Science Fiction Achievement Award", but not to commemorate the great writer Victor - Hugo, but Hugo commemorate the American science fiction magazine founder - Gernsback. There is also the World Science Fiction Association awarded the Nebula Award, science fiction Writers Association of International Fantasy Award, Science Fiction Research Association awarded the prize pilgrims, etc. are considered weighty awards.

Foreign awards temporarily unable to get involved, but that the domestic Galaxy Award let Lin Han saw a glimmer of hope that their "rural teachers' influence not only increased, but also won praise inside and outside the industry.

See Li Wenyuan expression, Lin Han knew he should not be too bad, if bad, then, Li Wenyuan that face will certainly reveal clues to, and not so intentional tantalize.

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