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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 53 Mars Survival Guide

Chapter 53 Mars Survival Guide

Lin Han Li Wenyuan never know the English actually so powerful, can be directly translated the novel into English, he had no time to lament, "If I have your level enough to translate his books in the past, to save Tucao foreign readers . "

"Out of the solar system," the novel has also been translated publishers take, but the limited level translator, the Chinese will be a classic science fiction translation was down a notch, then outside the network's reputation is not as good imagination.

"I can understand that there is a translation of their works, while writing on the side of the time thinking how to express in English. We have always been the introduction of foreign sci-fi classic, this time I would like to counterattack abroad. In the end can do what extent, We have to allow the market to test it. "

The English version of "i, robot" did not get any opportunity to promote, and if nothing else, it will be submerged in a sea of ​​books inside the Amazon, to see back there any way to change these.

Lin Han on the sofa, he used to be an office worker, every day working life are busy, but also fiction drama watching a movie or something after work. After now become a full-time writer, all day long in a state of boredom, I do not know why, some people bored flustered.

"In fact, you rely on others to translate fiction can become a translator, and God knows how much science fiction you need this talent. Whether English to Chinese or Chinese to English, can understand the connotation of science fiction talent is the best translation By."

Li Wenyuan jokingly said, this really is a good proposal, but apparently did not agree with Lin Han, he can write more books, better than the classic translation.

"What is translated to a special person to do it, I myself trying to be difficult to write his novel, not so much, it's up to the world economy, I'm not even close!"

After two people chatting and laughing for a while, go back to this topic above. Li Wenyuan yawn, he spoke and said: "You're not looking for me to talk about new books do you write this work of lunatics we will look after the rest plus the accumulation of a book, your book listed less than a month away. write new books, publishers must be very happy to see you as a high-yielding type writer. "

"Where am I restless, hoping to make themselves more busy number. Book theme I'm not sure, wanted to write science fiction space exploration serious type, but also want to try depicts a future society look like, but I can not decide Write what."

Lin Han mind there are too many science fiction with science fiction movies, these are the essence of the entire planet is located, can easily cause a stir, but he did not know which one to get out of work too selective, and this is happy trouble.

Li Wenyuan touched his chin, he asked, puzzled: "It depends on your own, I can only say that depictions of the future needs of the community involved is really too broad, you want political, economic and cultural life , and other aspects of society to shape, playing a completely virtual world want to achieve this degree of perfection description, it is very difficult, and space exploration will describe a little simpler. "

"That's what I worry about a thing, if our country is flat,Whether the National Human even mountains and rivers are plane figures, isosceles triangle of the most humble, most noble prototype, which is only a two-dimensional world, depicting such a country. "

"Sounds interesting, but I suggest you later write, I am more worried about your ability to control or you can now start setting, etc. after setting perfect before you start writing, do not worry began to write. The most impatient writer do not want to see things, any text must be crafted together. "

Li Wenyuan did not know Lin Han said this "Flatland" how matter in the end, but according to their own experience suggestions, want to build a large and complete view of the world, alone obviously can not support the inspiration of the moment to the last.

Lin Han nodded, he knew that this strange description of the country's fiction is very attractive, can be done later or keep yourself, "I'll write space exploration, and I want to write is not your kind of high-tech Star Wars, nor is shaped monster thriller plot rebellion, but to write a person, who wants to go home. this is probably more hard science fiction, you need to take a lot of scientific support, now or in the next few years to establish the scientific and technological basis of reality on the content of much fantasy, feasibility strong ** section in our reality. "

"The entire novel is a person?"

Li Wenyuan suddenly came curiosity, he wondered Lin Han mouth of the novel in the end how it was.

"You know that the US Phoenix Mars lander, right? I wanted to write a book, complaint about the modern version of Robinson Crusoe. An astronaut abandoned alone in the remote and desolate Mars, how he wants to survive, undergoing trials return to Earth, creating a veritable Mars survival Guide. "

Lin Han to write fiction is to save Matt - Damon 4.0 "Mars Rescue", adapted from the novel of the film at the box office with word of mouth have achieved great success, the film won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, help actor Matt - Damon received a Golden Globe winner with Oscar nominations.

This book is also an author of inspirational exist, spent three years writing this novel on a personal Web site, and then at a price of 0.99 yuan per copy of the publication in the Amazon and it finally was bought by a traditional publisher Random House. " Mars rescue "with the film rights of copyright, nobody cares about the author from the new best-selling author became popular around the world.

Select the reason this book is very simple, this is not a novel high cold, there is not much depth of thinking, people do not need to understand the profound theory with the world view, but from shallow to deep, quite a number of popular science for everyone qualification.

This novel is full of cheerful comedy, more like a comedy of everyday life, with full respect for science

Under the premise of always have fresh fun episodes appear, the story already very attractive, which is probably the most entertaining science fiction.

"Mars Rescue" is the story of Robinson Crusoe-like space, or "juvenile school of science fiction drifting" solitary protagonist to yourself to feed themselves on a distant barren planet, and trying to go back to Earth.

Readers can step by step with the thinking of marching, see the protagonist grow potatoes with ingenuity to solve food and clothing,The transformation of a variety of machines access to water, step by step, to establish space to explore Mars chat channels around the world than humans can see with his curse.

Most important, this is probably the most simple terms of science fiction, there is no formula or theory can not read, full of some of the easy to understand, freely flowing narrative, some say small fresh like science fiction.

This is a simple and straight to the story, but with a large number of real attacks to fill it, in which the novel, all kinds of physics, knowledge of astronomy, chemistry, agronomy let professionals in related fields have marveled.

Done a lot of research with scientific deduction, nasa engineers with scientists have been exhibited by the book "hardness" impressed by the novel which involves many details, such as fuel production, planting potatoes, oxygen production and so were detailed calculation, even the authors also wrote a program to calculate the flight path Hermes numbers.

This novel is grounded gas, is entirely the best popular science article, is considered to be 2, but also entertaining excellent science fiction movies, convenient Lin Han copyright pioneering novel.

After listening to Lin Han talks, Li Wenyuan addition to marvel twice, the rest could not find words to describe it, "I do not know what to say, too praised the idea, it is called" Mars Survival Guide "it? "

"No, it is called" Mars Rescue "!"

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