Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 50 star writers seeking recommended votes []

Chapter 50 star writers seeking recommended votes []

The first print run of one hundred thousand, "I, Robot" smooth landing major bookstores nationwide, successfully stand out in the vast new book, even if there is no good publicity, still amazing burst of energy.

New Year's Day, under siege in many of the best-selling book, "I, Robot" to 24000 sales among the book sales charts in ninth place, this result has been to make people responsible for major bookstores began to convert ideas come from.

Able to sell is a good book, no matter what type it is, even if it is science fiction, as long as selling, it will give a good position, good publicity to.

So No. 2 January, many readers found that "I, Robot" was actually a poster on the wall when entering the country, large and small bookstores, and sales position also was placed before the front.

Many casual stroll, not sure you want to buy a book reader is such a draw, pick up a book after a look at the cover with the directory read, also attracted them to the description.

"2017 sci-fi annual Juxian", "long-awaited sci-fi quality", "unprecedented law of the world's best robot eye", "local science fiction of hope", and many were the first to be added on top of the cover, which makes rarely see science fiction readers are pulled out his wallet.

Sales rose steadily in the second day of the new book will once again sold out 30000, count those books pre-sale network, the first print run of one hundred thousand have basically sold out!

Within the Renmin University Press, Zhao Han positive Duanzhaochabei satisfaction of watching computer statistics above, before the internal voice said he was also shrewd Press lifetime, the results are to be drill, who is now her face is not clear yet.

"Lao Liu ah, the two of us it would be a success, finally launched a best-selling science fiction. You try to guess, in the end it can sell much of this."

Liu Jun moment is honest to office manager lazy, he leaned back, helpless raised an eyebrow: "I really do not know how to predict it, this is not a normal state."

Zhao Han also particularly agree with, "This is a evildoer, online pre-sale sold a week 95000 physical, electronic pre-sale 21 000, and if this result on other writers who, on the day that the national market is bound to rush more high sales. Lin Han chose not to be famous, he's not known for this novel. I think, that this is not stepped Royalty us lose. "

"Sam, I think nothing to worry about selling things, sell better, and now sales are up every day is not it? Although the first week of sales can not be compared with those five-star writer, but at least to the weekly chart with may get a good result list maybe ah, but also to participate in the 2017 annual cutting-edge writers award, this was his publishing office - female for, to see their brokers will not work. "

"That you may not worry, he was not a simple broker, find out a bit before me a little, that's gold broker entertainment, young singers will be able to sign shadow followed."

Liu Jun, this time to the curiosity, he asks me and said: "Since this broker so powerful, why Lin Han had also planted a big somersault Internet I do not know that he took part big bad movie?."

Zhao Han waved his hand, "can not say you can not say, as long as he is now writing a novel is enough, the rest of us have not the slightest relationship with the press. I have made the following printers printed 200,000, hoping to sold out as soon as possible."

"Absolutely no problem, I believe this book. I really do not know the next time I saw science fiction sell so much of this, in the end is when. Sam, in fact, we should build on the progress to sign the book of English copyright, do not you think this novel can be translated directly into English? those foreigners will definitely do this crazy. "

"That's very smart broker, it is clear that a sale is only the beginning copyright Simplified and Traditional English as well as with the rest of expanding channels are another operator. Besides, we do not publishing business overseas, the English version will not go blind participation, do their own on the line. "

"This is also the English version to see if they will not be foreign press pit of it."


At the same time, Lin Han now discuss the matter in English with Chen Jiaxuan, which was originally the English version of the novel by sci-fi world giant Isaac - Isaac Asimov book, the English name is "i, robot".

If only to look at the country, it is undoubtedly a bit too shallow, foreign science fiction is the most suitable for the growth of the cradle, compared to science fiction domestic market to be developed in Europe and America there's science fiction has entered the industrialization business era, can not be ignored big cake.

For Lin Han, the write English original novel came out, I am afraid to write Chinese is easier than some of those who just need the content does not comply with the times takes a simplified version of a modified agreement on the line, even before he had written.

'Do not worry for now, if hastily went to the United States or the rest of the press, it certainly will be lower prices. They do not speak the same with the domestic publishing house these feelings are based on interest-based. We do not prove the quality of pre-fiction , wait a simplified version of the sales came out to say. "

Chen Jiaxuan said very sensible, she knows what Lin Han's goal is to be haste, less speed, first with a simplified sales situation when the chips themselves to negotiations.

Lin Han nodded, he smiled and said:. "Eat Hot Tofu, I understand."

"You know like, your biggest goal now is to go to the impact of star writer, you are not a member of Writers, right?"

"Writers? No, ah, I can not join any association, even the Directors Guild of contributions a year did not have to pay, I do not know the membership is not canceled." Lin Han self-deprecating shriveled mouth.

Chen Jiaxuan could not help but rolled his eyes, "You writers only been recognized by the National Writers Association

After considered as an official identity, social status of the writer's very high, at least stronger than the actor in the eyes of the traditional singer star. "

"I want to apply to join the National Writers Association do? And that star writers is how is it?"

"National Writers need someone recommended, then be reviewed to be able to let you join. But the premise is that you must be a city or province Writers Association Writers Association members, but also published a physical book because as an entity that is not self-published book a. you do not care about what the writer actually own internal industry!"

Lin Han sip of water, he was innocent and said:. "I think that as long as the writer writing a book on the line, I did not know how so many curved round after round of"

"Star writer system that is used to distinguish between writers Writers level, are sporadic, one to five stars six levels, including and not limited to writers joined the Writers Association, which is the sales of statistical publications, sell a This book is an integrator, to get different awards have different levels of integration. "

Chen Jiaxuan seems some did not get one hundred, she simply threw the phone Lin Han, let him check.

The so-called system of star writers, simple and crude grade, by the National Writers Association with the General Administration of Press and Publication jointly developed, updated in real-time scoring system every day, in accordance with the level of sales distinguished with awards writers, do not look at your book how much influence, to see fully commercial approach can sell how much.

Sporadic writer refers to the just-published new, total sales at 100,000 or less, for example, one day before Lin Han.

Star Publications is a writer to get some results of the writer, total sales of between 100,000 to 500,000. With the New Year now Lin Han-day sales and pre-sale volume of four website's success will elevate their level to the point where more than a dozen million copies in the publishing world is a humble soldier.

Two Star writer is between 50-100 million copies, three-star writer total sales of 100-200 million copies, which is a four-star writer 200-500 million copies, more than the total sales of the five-star writer 5000000 . In fact ten million cumulative sales of writers also nicknamed Diamond, has not been officially recognized, but the media as well as the general reader mouth spread it.

Li Wenyuan which is four-star writer, he wants to promote itself to the five-star, have to sell two to three million registered job fiction. Tongyong Lie This ancient Great God, books and many works sold well, decades of accumulated become Diamond writer is a normal thing.

The star system is like a writer refers to the same street, the top-ranking writer can have every day a lot of publishers to contact, you can easily put their own requirements, so that when the press obediently grandson.

The more people behind, the more right to speak less, Lin Han such a star writer to raise up, no doubt is very difficult, he now faces competitors are very powerful.

"The best of our 2" authors have today is the most popular youth class writer, a book can sell millions of copies, and even five-star Diamond writer is not a problem.

"Dragon" series of the same very powerful, just this series of novels has sold over seven million copies, remaining there is something "Nine" and the like, the top fantasy writer.

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