Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

48 Chapter Yanjing Daily

48 Chapter Yanjing Daily

In fact, science fiction niche or not be able to see directly from the sales out of science fiction, other types of book sales can only be considered broken million-selling threshold, selling five million basically can barely boarded annual sales chart but there is no incentive to fight for the championship.

Science fiction has never participated in the annual competition for book sales charts, which is a great pity, readers of science fiction is not enough to prop up the volume so high, many books are circulated each other, or even to borrow directly in the rent book.

Books really is not a good deal, especially particularly want to see when the book, then now is the library rent book begins providing service place.

Book may rent a small minority of the bookstore are no buyers, or very few people borrow, over time you rent a bookstore owner will not purchase, so the vicious cycle continues, want to see some new science fiction is nothing short of whimsical.

In Ocean Butterflies rent bookstore, the boss is bored playing computer, from time to time looked up to see those children in their own bookstore, although he was a bit uncomfortable, but did not speak to drive.

Rent book is to look at, these children simply can not get so much money, every day will simply keep turning the pages of comic books in the bookstore those inside, a look that is the kind of afternoon.

"Boss, you have here," I, Robot "it? I want to rent one, about how much money?"

A high school student in school uniform came in, he was looking forward to watching the boss, waiting for good news.

And next to him the other a PanDunEr is open asked: "soon the final exam, and you see your mother to know this book, and the book will certainly tear up?."

"I secretly hid, she generally will not turn my bag, which looked good, feel Li is unknown."

However, rent bookstore owner deflated deflated mouth: "Sorry, we do not have this book, perhaps you remember the name?"

Initially that high school students excitedly shook his head, come up with a science fiction world fast from the December issue of the bag inside, "You see that is the name I remember correctly! Here you are close to the largest and most complete rent book, and actually are not, where I'm going to find, let the city library not let go of it. "

Boss readily flipped through the directory, find the "I, Robot" is located after page of the book readily turned a bit, but only introduced after the first few lines are attracted, he seriously this name in mind .

"I just search a bit, has not yet started selling the book, when New Year's Day will be officially on sale, you see it another time, I will stay one for you."

"Really? That would be nice, to be given to me, ah, do not rent to someone else, I double the price!"

After high school students watched the two go away, the boss quickly pick up the phone began to familiarize themselves with the seller of the phone: "Old Wu, ah, you over there," I, Robot "When can I start distribution in the store? 5 sets of needs, if you can get over the first time would be great. "

"I'll drive one by one in the morning on New Year's Day delivery, to ensure you can get the latest in a shop. The book saying demand is so large, I am responsible for the plot of the book there are several kiosks are required to sell it ,They rarely sell such a physical book, newspaper or magazine is selling something. "

"OK, I'll come early, you may have to leave enough to give me five sets, the lack of a will not work."

Sometimes the rent book for the convenience of consumers, they will buy more sets popular books, so many people want to rent, so he set up five sets of breath, thinking that meet consumer needs.

Xinhua bookstores around the country, rent book sales have little to offer up their own needs, Renmin University Press staff of the marketing department is the last week of 2016 busy, to ensure the most remote cities can shelves.


With the time approaching, this time Lin Han was sitting inside the cafe with Yanjing Journal reporter chat do an interview, it is estimated that this manuscript can only be published in the Journal of Yanjing important position, so the only female correspondent voice recorder is opened , began to cut to the chase, did not do much greeting.

"Mr. Lin, to our knowledge, your original is a film director, Why did you choose to switch to writing science fiction? The two careers gap seems a bit big, it's not just our editorial curious, and even many users are very want to know."

Lin Han leaned back, he shrugged helplessly and said:. "To tell the truth, I used to be when the director reminded netizens, then I think a line change nothing, just I like science fiction Plus I comparison of money some time ago, wanted to try, the result is a success. "

That woman reporter did not think Lin Han actually will be short of money, as the surface of an entertainment circles should be glamorous fishes, even been accused of directors should not be poor where to go.

But although she is today promoting his new book to help Lin Han forward, but still want to gossip, news explosion point the job, Lin Han is not the most famous thing to write fiction, but fiction shoot destroyed, which led the way to the Investment Company Liquidation.

"We all know that you filmed" out of the solar system, "science fiction film at the box office reputation basically be a double mistake, but your first novel" rural teachers' response is quite good, it has now entered the final selection of the Galaxy Award among it, and the new book "I, robot," the network pre-sale situation is very good. the two extreme cases occur in the same person seems strange ah. "

Lin Han looked out the glass suddenly float snow, he began to explain and said: "movie is not a person's work, it is something the whole team operations, not only to do their work, and had to be willing to meet you the job. but it is much easier to write a novel,

I am a person can call the shots, like how to write on how to write, no one find fault, so I think this should be the key. "

After the female reporter Lin Han heard the words, the whole eye are lit up, she continued to ask: "What do you mean that when shooting the movie, and can not flex its muscles, the people fettered by now the entire crew of actors? there are some directors seem to have a slump, you feel that the relationship will not be affected by the bankruptcy of candy entertainment cursed? "

"Cursed? You can really be absurd, I'm a science fiction writer, never believe these are candy entertainment bankruptcy has nothing to do with us,That is their company's own behavior. "

Chen Jiaxuan in while listening, she quickly stood up and interrupted the two of dialogue, "the topic rest there, we chat issue new books."

Lin Han really not good at dealing with this topic, if he had not seen through Chen Jiaxuan, he really fell into a pit dug reporters to go inside.

She was about to find the hottest news, and that female reporters species soon to be quite high - tide, the result is the feeling blew her good advice and changed the subject and asked: "In fact, we can now see four Internet sales above, your new book, "I, robot" at present, the total sale volume of 31,000, is expected to reach 50,000 before officially on sale, you have envisioned this sales do? "

"To be honest really did not, I thought to open the network sale is simply that no one is interested, I have done themselves will become the number 1 that the number of sales 0 sale, the results of science fiction readers who gave me a big surprise, 30000 presale very, very high! "

Lin Han said the topic simply can not stop, "inside my mind the ideal state is the site of each sale amount is enough to break through 1000, is now almost at the back plus a zero, it can be fantastic."

"What do you think science fiction has now been accepted by the mainstream literature to do?"

"In fact a small minority still in the stage of it, could be said to be half water half flame, and we also need to write more quality fiction to the job, in order to attract more readers."

"Then I wish fiction sales gratifying, move up, I will edit the manuscript to finishing, tomorrow should see this interview."

After seeing the female reporters do not dig any fresh news, just quickly ask about it, then turned to leave, with the explosion point can be issued to Natural News.


A little time away, unknowingly came to the most critical day is the first day of 2017!

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