Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 47 pre-stunning

Chapter 47 pre-stunning

Domestic science fiction has always been there than in Europe and America, but now sci-fi fans see the "I, Robot" This book actually has a tendency to catch up in science fiction robot inside this small classification authority to establish, it is no better thing.

It feels like a long time watching the Orangemen, the court suddenly there was a world-class midfielder as incentive for the market is very clear, and now we all have to want to see the book in the end is a cop-out or a leader Pteris.

If the contents of the back section with the same amazing front, that can leave no doubt very important sum in the history of Chinese science fiction, even that three robots rule has caused widespread discussion on the Internet.

Some people think it is the practice of slave-owning slaves, and some people think that this law is not comprehensive, there are those who think out of one of the loopholes to shield spear attack sub son, in short, is entirely fiction these days fans of the carnival.


"Lin Han, what are you doing last night, actually did not hear the knock on the door in the morning."

Chen Jiaxuan pointed to his watch, she stood in front of menacing Lin Han said, pointing to the clock have been a bit in the afternoon.

Hair sleep became rotten chicken coop, Lin Han scratched back of the head, he felt eyes still could not open it, drowsily said: "In the morning might just fall asleep not to hear it now, I feel pretty to get some sleep. "

"Are you sure they do not get something to eat? I'm over there oatmeal or black sesame paste, although not good, but emergency buy food or no problem."

Lin Han waved, he gently yawned, explanation and said:? "Last night I do not open the pre-sale network has been refreshed keep watch digital at the edge, then I fear that hang zeros before, if I would own orders to buy, so look too awkward. the results have been refresh refresh, I went to six in the morning, and starve me, what do you have? "

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan looked so tired look, she spoke and said:. "Help you fight the two propaganda, the Press has to say there has been kind of books sent by courier came, then in the afternoon to get to the city, you look to check give me one, I take it to help you operate it, keeping more people to see. "

"What is propaganda? I would also like to preach!?" Lin Han suddenly woke up a sleepy part of it, he just wanted to write a book it quietly, do not want the spotlight.

"Do you think he is Li Bai, Zhou Shuren it? New book to be sold, and actually not propaganda, even Tongyong Lie teacher had shouted twice before the book launch. Do you really want to save trouble later point, it is now after a positive move, waiting for you to become the industry's most powerful sci-fi authors, readers with the media will automatically help you. "Chen Jiaxuan pointed out sharply Lin Han's wishful thinking, only a return to the cold reality is true.

Entertainment's most powerful singers new album, new movie actor had listed screams in various channels, for a new world of science fiction, it actually want to be lazy, beautiful brokers said they did not agree.

Lin Han Meizhe, he had nodded and said: "ok, but at least you should discuss the matter with me fishes, some interviews we can not go.""I will pay attention, next time will advance to communicate with you, but now you go to sleep, revitalized to meet with the Yenching Journal reporter tomorrow."

"Thanks, see you tomorrow, I went to sleep."

Bang bang shut the door, Lin Han almost squint again climbed into bed inside a heated feeling good, nothing to worry about all winter any problems.

But a moment later was so frustrating, sad he found himself no longer sleep, only to tumble while in bed.

The two pillows stacked together, Lin Han simply bring out the bedside phone, SMS destroyed after the red numbers above tips, click into the "I, Robot," the network sale among.

Earlier in the morning, watercress reading with Amazon, Dangdang, Tengu network of four sites at the same time launched a "I, Robot" pre-sale work, watercress reading is rather special, it only books with e-book sales, and the remaining three which is the most popular integrated online shopping website.

Due to the lack of pirates, so book sales momentum in the online store is very good, there are often consumers choose online purchasing, convenient and affordable, there is always time discounts.

Simplified version of "I, Robot" have launched a website in four pre-sale, at a distance of seven days as well as New Year's Day this node, there are more than eighteen thousand people had reservations, and wait for receipt of payment.

As long as the sites they have received the goods, it will be mailed to this package eighteen thousand readers in the first time, and comes with two beautiful poster specially printed on the press.

Seems to be the million sale amount of eight thousand not seem like much, but also scattered four sites above average, it was only like four or five thousand per family, which appears to be some far distance selling.

But only in conjunction with the list data, to know how this figure is not easy, or so original network pre-sale amount is generally only 10% of total sales, network marketing is basically open to propaganda, not really to be able to sell a few one hundred thousand books.

If the network pre-sale amount had eighteen thousand, then the total sales volume almost can confirm that more than one hundred thousand level, which can greatly enhance the confidence of publishers, allowing them to adjust the number of copies printed at any time based on market-oriented Distribution and conditions.

Lin Han most exciting things than this, this is just more than ten hours of data only, they have a week to wait for the pre-sale numbers increase, perhaps those now at work, school people do not have time on the Internet, they have to single again until the evening.

At this time came in the first pre-sale list is a youth literature, called "the best of our 2" by the popular

Writer Xiao Yunpeng book, which is a sequel novels, there is a book of great fans backing later, with this book, "I, Robot" to start pre-sale at the same time, the number may be four collection sites have more than 8 pre-sale million books, seen the purchasing power of their fans.

New Year's Day there are a great number of new books on sale, so this propaganda point online bookstore is impossible to give up, even like a lot of people come to book online, then go to a bookstore after asking price spotted, can stay online bookstore Home , to board the pre-sale chart that is a huge publicity,Propaganda can save a lot of money.

Surprisingly, it ranked second in the list of pre-sale is currently the most popular online fantasy novel, even if the network has been serialized in more than one million words, can this "Sword and the Sorcerer 5" still attracts more than 700 million passengers booking, web writer charm is not small.

Eighteen thousand people in the sale of two books with the strongest compared worse part of it, but it was good compared with the rest of the book a lot, "I, Robot" dominating the watercress reading pre standings eight Amazon book sale category standings 10, Dangdang with Tengu net new book is the first pre-sale list 10 such good results!

Lin Han is not a well-known writer, nor amazing before, and no serial accumulation of popularity in the network, and even he has come from science fiction literature readership niche.

Such an extreme minority of the book, in the top ten standings sale airborne basically treated the god of science fiction, like Li Wenyuan write "out of the solar system" when God made science fiction best result is No. 5 on sale bit.


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