Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 46 sense of anticipation bursting

Chapter 46 sense of anticipation bursting

(Immediately is the new week, seeking recommendations ~ ~ during ticket collection with new books)

Massive publicity can be quite eye-catching, "Science Fiction World" together Renmin University Press, watercress reading and Chen Jiaxuan studio, opt for force, he just a small minority of books made thinly veiled propaganda.

After a lot of people do not know the original book, but now often see this kind of news, post, could not help but to have the title in mind, even if it can not buy now, but there are always a few people will go to the bookstore to ask.

On sale at the same time given the country's New Year's Day, "I, Robot" seems to be the most recent period the hottest novels, many people are wondering what it was like this in the end of a novel, the main character is a robot can we say it?

The robot as the protagonist of science fiction, although relatively small, but not without, what this book can be regarded as a landmark, as well as what has been repeatedly publicized the robot three ** is what it is.

Science fiction fans can be said that all kinds of ignorant force that he read so many books, how never know where is the robot three ** occurred, do the authors is the author of the original?

This tone of great publicity but also to other science fiction writers fans very unhappy, what is one of the best sci-fi history, what the best science fiction in recent years, you with it?

They kept simmering, waiting for the novel began to gush about the listing, also boasted a new landmark could be so much to make, heaven Why do not you do!

Regardless of how outsiders comment, time quietly went on sale the new issue of "Science Fiction World" day, those who have been Diaozhu appetite readers can not wait rushed to the newsstand as well as a bookstore to buy.

With last month's hot situation, staff members who were part of the operation has long been ready, direct big-budget first printed one million, then quickly snapped up by dealers.

This is the bet - Bo, successful sales of this magazine will be able to break through the million mark, help "Science Fiction World" won the title of best-selling magazines to dramatically improve advertising revenue in 2017.

If it fails, it means that there may be tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of Ce magazine will be recycled scrap, thus affecting the position in the hearts of dealers.

For those dealers only to sell the magazine is a good magazine, sell magazines are not fucking matter.

Intensive advertising bombardment readers had already been waiting a long time, many of them are holding to look forward to but a questioning attitude to the issue of "Science Fiction World" get our hands on, and then can not wait to read it.

Well-stocked newsstand almost witnessed the "science fiction world," the best-selling, had only five in the morning to a thick stack of magazines actually slowly thinning, sales quicker pace than imagined.

This is even faster than some of total sales in two to three million sales pace magazine book, the reader or even aficionados, meaning forest decade or two of these best-selling magazine in the first day of sales are not so fierce, they mainly rely on is the long-term sales, there is a whole month selling slowly.

Sales of "Science Fiction World" Although they are not them, but was worse on the first day of the explosive,This is the advantage of a small minority class, loyal readers cohesive, often in the first day of sales ran to buy.

This is somewhat similar to the film's box office composed of fans, some of the film's box office is often the first day of amazing burst amplitude, fans will accumulate long force on the first day consumed, the rest of the sales will be less and less .

Not just the reality of the paper version of the magazine sales rate increased rapidly, the network above genuine paid download several equally astounding, less than 24 hours, there were already more than 11 million people buy genuine!

The number than on a science fiction world stronger, although the total sales volume of that leader, but word of mouth is fermented, not so with the outbreak of the first day.

110,000 paid downloads had just boarded the first 15 weeks of the sales chart, because this is the weekend, as long as next week to refresh the list, airborne champion is not a problem.

So, science fiction novels appeared a wonderful thing, read the weekly sales charts in the watercress, yet there are two magazine broke into the first fifteen!

11 issue of the weekly sales of 190,000 ranked No. 11, this is the list of its fourth week, thanks to the "rural teachers' reputation of this article fermentation, after many reproduced music magazine, November issue "Science fiction World" electronic version of the total sales volume is approaching one million mark, and this is precisely also the basic threshold of total sales chart in the top ten.

The same journal, a month apart publications actually boarded week sales chart, which is something that never happened watercress read, even those things can not be done in top journals, but why let a small minority of the science fiction magazine did .

If you say that this is the "Friends" or "reader", and that the media would not have had the slightest vibration, that was originally supposed to do, but this is precisely the place in the "science fiction world," the body, so the audience can not help not shocked.

Do the authors of the golden age of science fiction to come? Such a good sci-fi magazine sales all the way up the counter-attack, senior vice president and the eye of people in the industry, but also enhance the confidence of Renmin University Press staff who are responsible for.

Good sales of natural along with a good reputation, has been reading the preface, "I, Robot" with the first chapter of the novel's readers have expressed their views to play online as well as reality.

"After the open directory to see the" I, Robot ", that begins with the three laws of robotics deeply shocked I live, it tm too brilliant, very appropriate, I think, to really have such a law, I was worried robot mutiny you! "

"The story is very new, I thought the main character is a robot, did not expect the tone of the interview is to speak, the protagonist Susan

Is actually a robot psychologist robot as well as psychology, my first thought was so funny. This in turn can be very interesting, robot heart in the end in mind it so attracted me to read on. The only drawback is too short, it actually serialized back to eight, which tortured death of me! "

"Hanging fried days! I can not find any words to describe this novel, in fact, the content is relatively simple, but placed at the beginning, in bold ** bold robot three are almost makes me dizzy in the past. Robot had been able to be so setting, it seems only right robot ought to be,Author really great, I can not wait to see later. New Year's Day had heard the whole book to sell, I have to leave early to go to the Xinhua bookstore, lest people are being robbed. "

"Generally writing, story-class, but the domineering rule unwound so I think this is probably the best ever set. All along, we all follow the foreign science fiction novelists setting with the idea, now have the opportunity our local family sci-fi setting spread out, I must take this issue to the United States to see friends. "

"A magazine published such a point of content, which is good pit ah! Brother is actually the most crucial pit out there, this is not tempted me to buy a simplified version of it, thanks to just a few days will be able to buy."

"At first I think the Internet is too exaggerated propaganda, what science fiction successors, shit landmark, but when I saw this at the beginning of time, I wanted to withdraw my thoughts. God, this is a new sci-fi world write article, I think in the coming decades are likely to have been handed down. "

"Robot can not injure a human being could not see the harm humans, must obey the command of humans, but also to protect their own safety. A looping a ring, my mind almost into a paste, and I'll have to think about it."

To almost overwhelming praise Lin Han buried together, about three robot ** only 100 words, attractive but far more than the text of the content, which almost made sci-fi fans know what's crazy.

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