Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 45 [heavy publicity seeking collection]

Chapter 45 [heavy publicity seeking collection]

Houhai Bar Street is probably the city's most dramas Yanjing bar gathering, which is located in the bar or dancing shadows of Shichahai side, or hiding in the quiet hutong courtyard inside understated, elegant environment.

Compared Qigong Stadium, Sanlitun Bar Street and other places warm atmosphere of the bar, where a lot of quiet, except for the more lively bars routine, there are many clear bar, music bar, and often some nice lounge singer in among them.

After arrived in Da Houhai No. 5 this alternative bar is open 24 hours, and Lin Han will be at the bar and ordered a "absolute zero" since the cocktails, the price is very affordable, compared to before the sea bars a lot cheaper.

The overall architectural style bar with mainly Chinese, Western, giving the yard with a glass ceiling, transparent light and spacious, very modern personalized band was performing on stage, responsible for the professional dj led the whole atmosphere.

Find a place to sit, Lin Han then leisurely start to listen to the singer to sing, and now the bar is also good attendance, substantially more than 60%, but Wang Hao guy actually has not arrived yet.

Frontman extra baggage is a bespectacled singer, intonation skills are more in place with the sentiment, live singing familiar songs Lin Han simply does not look, if it is to participate in what sounds like a good Chinese should be no question, after all, only the appearance of a drag.

After twenty minutes, Wang Hao Lin Han was panting came around, he quietly behind Lin Han back to the punch, then detour to the side, put on an innocent look.

"Sorry ah, a bit long traffic jam, just finding a parking space and spent a little time wandering brother hard on the outside more than a year, finally return to the fast-paced world, my treat tonight!"

Lin Han held up the glass, he surprised and said: "yo, Wang Dao so generous today, do you have a good thing?"

Wang Hao pointed to his arm as well as the face, the Tucao replied:! "I hell and high water on the outside, did not receive wages for a year to spend, you know this is how much do we torment from Kunming - next to Jiuzhaigou Hill - East smoke - Taiwan, from the Soviet Union - to large state - with the Yungang Grottoes, from Qingcheng mountain to Mount Emei, traveled almost the whole of China, and even India to Thailand with shooting a bit. "

. "While working while enjoying great rivers and mountains of the motherland, the young man you fared Yes you can," Lin Han raised his glass, then dry toast with Wang Hao, then said: "? I can not wait to take a look at the finished product, and when to broadcast"

"Who knows, now began to post-production, I would be the liberation of a few days, but also to follow the crew back out late. But this year would be very substantial, what big-name actors to our crew, had to obey, even if it is the first-line the biggest names can only play a supporting role to think about is pretty cool. "

At this time, Lin Han suddenly remembered a key question, "Who is it Monkey King speech, Liu Xiao Ling Tong do?"

"Liu Xiao Ling Tong Who? That's a funny name, of course, is the Monkey King Levin chapter chapter teachers, but their ancestral six generations Monkey King, Sun Wukong this image in addition to their family, who did not dare to take over."

Zhang Jin Lai Liu Xiao Ling Tong is not it? Lin Han in the heart shouted surprise,If someone else to play the monkey, he saw this version of Journey to the Earth's people do not meet, but is his own words, which has been looking forward to.

"He played very good, this is the whole drama of the soul."

Lin Han did not find a child monk by three actors played together, only the Monkey King in his eyes the most vivid image of the saint, what should the rest of the pig lean back.

After a dozen beers on the table, Wang Hao Gudonggudong drink a big mouth, once again spoke and said: "I heard you're getting along very well, ah, big book publishers took a fancy to all people, are you going to come back to when the director? "

"Now writing a book is fine, when the director first slowly, and I can not wait."

"No matter how well writing a book with ah, but you have to put inside ******** science fiction, you see, there are several domestic companies dare to shoot a science fiction movie, unless intends to start losing money."

Wang Hao sighed, he really want to see a talented new director so to sink, comparable to writing a novel where a movie.

However, Lin Han had no such feelings, he smiled and said: "Man, etc. after the publication of this book, I would be a writer, and this layer is very bright aura of my new book." I, Robot "But first Indian 10 million copies, this book is much better than anything else right. "

"That is, at least, the Press has not recklessly, they dare to print so much is certainly made a market research, I wish you sell broken million, becoming the best-selling author!"

After "What kind of broken million, should break 10 million!" Lin Han drank wine, began to open up their own purpose of this book is not just one million only, as one of the timeless classic science fiction, it as it should be more people to see!

Wang Hao did not care about this, he thought Lin Han only boast of it, then raised his glass, "break 10 million to break 10 million, a go."

"I did bottles of beer!"


Long time no drink Lin Han do not know how he got home, his whole body just felt a headache, the original owner of the body is because alcohol can just let yourself come into the world.

Opened his eyes, he walked out of the living room to pick up a bottle of water to drink half a bottle, his slightly dry throat rescue, right now the sun shines on the glass, a rare good weather also make him feel slightly better again.

What to drink with friends drinking together is the best way to relieve stress, these days he has been busy deadlines, nerves taut, just take this opportunity to take a rest.

After a bath, the body with alcohol taste all the clothes thrown into the washing machine inside, he began to focus on publicity to its own book.

"Science Fiction World" Publishing House jointly with the National People's Congress directly linked to begin large-scale publicity as "I, Robot," the novel, a novel that wants to attract with higher sales to hit the one million level of the best-selling magazine level, a sci-fi fans will want to build on the progress to tempt the appetite.

Therefore, in the micro - Bo and some newspapers have begun to publicize up above, very high efficiency publishing house, before Lin Han turnaround has created an awesome cover to,When proofreading exceptionally rapid completion of printing and binding, Han Zhao's idea is to make use of more than prestige-stories, as early as possible, "I, Robot" into the market were to go.

"After the" rural teachers, "" I, Robot "glory! Unique perspective for your complaint about the history of a robot, create a landmark three laws of robotics, January 1, 2017 sale of national unity!"

"Ten science fiction writers jointly recommended annual masterpiece," I, Robot "heavy strikes, similar to the Xinhua Bookstore, New Year's Day Book 8 fold!"

"History of science fiction," I, Robot "won industry praise, ordering" Science Fiction World "No. 12, take you first to read as an epoch-making!"

"Interview Tongyong Lie: science fiction successors, recommended read," I, Robot "!"

"Relaxing and unique science fiction, Lin Han create the most complete history of sci-fi robot series, do not worry about these theories do not understand, and now network reservation will receive a poster."

"The most beautiful robot story, the easiest science fiction, major bookstores nationwide New Year's Day shocked the market!"

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