Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 44 five-star recommendation

Chapter 44 five-star recommendation

"Reading the meaning of poverty may be small, but also large to save the world. As a short story, this should span the history of Chinese literature has never been a precedent. Whether you believe it or not, this is a group of village children to save the world the story, in the ancient and barren land, though meager harvest, but real hope. this is a very different science fiction writer, is worth reading, recommended index ★★★★★! "

When a new "Selected Novels" sale, and turned to see the middle of the readers to read this article Editor language, these loyal subscribers have almost forgotten their own time to see what this magazine is science fiction time.

Thus, in a five-star recommendation of curiosity, they have opened a later began to read together, the results out of control, do not stop.

At this time, Lin Han in the "I, Robot" after the later chapters written and complete proof is given to the National People's Congress press over there, they have to seize the time and then publishing the novel printing sales.

There are words on Earth, known to be as early as possible, and now Lin Han has lagged behind for so long, he could not miss a chance.

Some time ago almost day and night to write fiction, and now he just wants to rest for two days, so on their own pressure of cross God to say, even if it is written by one of his own mind there existed a book, it can still consume very mental.

Now is the end of November, the capital of the great, full of dark clouds over Yan, the weather was overcast, Lin Han after the turnaround is nothing out of danger now, he leisurely sitting on the couch watching from the variety show and have a good relax a bit.

Now, whether in print or publishing needs some time, although the staff were all stepping up horsepower began to work, but want to sell have to wait for some time as soon as possible.

With "Science Fiction World" compared to "Selected Novels" sales of each issue are stable at more than two million copies, all-encompassing-stories has a very large readership, some people may not buy every issue, but at least look people over its very wide.

Two consecutive mainstream publications have chosen to reprint this "village teacher", Lin Han payment of royalties to a lot of money, which he could secure in creation, you do not have to worry about rent issues.

"You folks on the micro - Bo told the forum yet almost every science fiction fan those crazy, crazy now refresh it, you quickly come to onlookers it?."

Li Wenyuan message appears on Lin Han's phone, he did not know what fancy, actually also specifically sent a message.

Lin Han came curiosity, he logs micro using a mobile phone client - Bo, found that he actually has several dozens of people, opening the Li Wenyuan him that topic # # rural teachers, the topic of discussion turned to the micro heat - Bo hot topic standings 37!

Perhaps the term for other stars, is nothing, but for a novel is undoubtedly a great honor, especially is a science fiction.

In this topic below, he saw the number of browsers has more than 478 million times, which number more than 300 discussion topics is the host of "science fiction world," the official micro - Bo.

"# # Rural teachers just to" see the story-stories "above,Can only say that is fantastic, never thought that science fiction can be written, the author is really a genius. "

"I have quietly put before the micro - Bo deleted, Lin Han did not destroy science fiction, but science fiction is to increase a classic!"

"FML FML FML! I read this novel, my friend told me that this is actually" out of the solar system, "the director wrote. If his directorial ability writing ability half, not very one just fine. "

"I bought before the issue of" Science Fiction World ", today my table to tell me that she was in the" Selected Novels "also saw the story, so people surprised! Good novel can really attract a different audience."

"Congratulations aliens, I love this author, he also wrote what book?"

"It's unbelievable, I can actually see science fiction magazines on board one day mainstream culture, why this man is Lin Han it, into the remaining people so nice."

"Lin Han former number one black powder come to you about science" Selected Novels "Niubi place, which is like magazine sales, backed by the National Writers Association, almost every author wants the magazine, very fast hardware. anyway, last year did not appear in science fiction here, this is a most cattle. "

"Mainstream science fiction literature is finally willing to admit, this is tm until finally, looking forward to next novel."

The topic of the host "science fiction world," the official micro is a top own message: "" Village Teacher "by Lin Han (pseudonym aliens) will bring new works Log sci-fi world magazine will be published 12 full-length science fiction" I! , robot "with the preamble to the first chapter, the remaining content will appear in turn behind the 8 period, so stay tuned!"

This is the "science fiction world," build on the progress of the propaganda model, at the moment, "village teacher" once again a fire, to attract more readers attention, so take the opportunity to give new books as well as magazine advertising, book tell netizens message.

Lin Han see this micro - after Bo also forwarded out, and accompanied by a picture, "" I, Robot "and the first phase of serial sci-fi world of 2016, the full text is expected to serial No. 8, 2017 , the current text has been finalized, while novel in January next year by the National People's Congress press release Simplified Chinese, please contact to discuss if the remaining copyright broker. "

"I, Robot" this novel except the preface to open a total of nine chapters, namely nine different stories, are Robbie (also translated into a small machine), dance in a ring, reasoning, catch the rabbit mind, telling lies robots, robot arrest, escape, evidence, from another angle.

Fire works, the writer does not fire situation here is apparent, the discussion on the "village teacher" is very large, but very little attention has been paid to the author of the micro - Bo to the top, so Lin Han also need to work foremost.

"Village Teacher" already belongs to the past tense, with Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan has already begun to focus all transferred to "I, Robot" book above, this is the publication of his first full-length science fiction, if the sales volume is not good enough It can easily lead to difficult negotiations behind.

Then just a phone call to let Lin Han jumped up from the couch, in front of the troubles all abandoned."I'm a great writer, you free now? If schedule also scheduled to be open, then the bar street to the sea, long before we drink there, to celebrate my ascetic finally over!"

Wang Hao excited voice came from inside the phone, follow the "Journey to the West" crew ran north and south of the nearly 20 provinces and cities, and now finally liberated, naturally keep old friends get together.

Lin Han was surprised, he did not think that the time has passed for so long, so happy reply, said:. "? I reluctance to change the schedule for you, although I now free all-day'll see you tonight."

"Well, do not be late, late head of pay!"

"see you then!"

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