Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 41 royalties and royalties

Chapter 41 royalties and royalties

After a pedestrian came to the outside of the National People's Congress in the restaurant, they could not wait to open their own phone, start reading from Lin Han sent over the previous two chapters of this manuscript with the preface, one immersed invested too have forgotten to order.

After leaving Li Wenyuan with Lin Han They laugh, they are the starting point of some dishes taste light point, let the waiter recommended several specials on quietly waiting in the side.

Tongyong Lie lead in this part of Jiwan Zi finished reading, he put down the phone, then emotion, said: "Kobayashi ah, this book is definitely a hard science fiction inside the boutique, you are going to write the history of a robot do ? every little story worth thinking about. "

"Tong teacher, I mean it, in accordance with the development of robots to write the story, and there are five stories did not write it." After Lin Han heard this assessment, could not help but very happy, this is professional recognition.

The other three are also after another read, one by one they look sophisticated looking Lin Han, the quality of this novel did not say, really is not a newcomer to write out.

Gu Ming Ye Guangliang with the two men who used to be teachers, they looked at it with their young students about the same size can actually write such a shocking science fiction, I say surprise are false.

As vice president of Renmin University Press of Han Zhao also began meditating at the moment, it should be how to operate this book is the best choice, now it is better than anyone tolerant.

Although he was a fan of science fiction, but it is also a businessman, businessmen should maximize the benefits.

Li Wenyuan with them a few people are not too familiar with, so it can not speak to say something, just sigh and said: "is not it, when you see that the top of the robot three ** there is no surprise that this very essence of things placed in the beginning, the head start. "

"In fact, I saw these three ** the time, subconsciously started looking for loopholes to play this law, is it not defective? But when I saw the back, they found these defects is the essence of the article is located, great idea, rare books. "Tongyong Lie Zhao Han looked at," Zhao, but also the quality of this book into your stuff, right? "

Zhao Han this time playing the Tai Chi, he knew it was a rare sci-fi masterpiece, but overall the text of science fiction publishing market is not good, often printed sold.

Science fiction reader is a niche readership, although in recent years is gradually expanding, but with other types of fiction compared or skills needed.

"Over the past year we have not published science fiction, but now they must be cautious that. Liu Jun, you are a professional person, how about you give advice?" Han Zhao Liu Jun will be thrown to the topic of the editor, is himself seriously thinking about it.

Two of them are friends for years, so the wink of course understand, so Liu began thinking about how lower prices up, "To be honest, this is indeed a science fiction look good, and I particularly like, if you see in a bookstore the beginning, that will definitely get your wallet out to buy it back. Well, however, there are some slight disadvantages, the first is to set the characters are fictional Americans you write, the American family, the future of US robotics,And we are in China. "

To praise it, and then to point out the problem, before resorting to force Liu after practice with ease.

"I did not go to American life, do not know their side of the speech habits of what it was like, but you can use this to write Chinese American history robot, like a translation in general. Yet the writing style but is localized, readers buying a account not to say. again you is new, so our expectations are not too many with the impression. "

Li Wenyuan heart illegal channels is not good, these Oil Stick really eat people do not spit the bones, he knew things would talk about publishing today, and that they should make it clear in advance with Lin Han inside the curved round after round, so that was a pit.

Now he sat down at the table, if he openly put forward these to come, it will cause considerable trouble, so was anxious to start up.

At this time, Tongyong Lie is dissatisfied frowned, "Lao Zhao, the two of you a man is not authentic ah. This" I, Robot "a discerning eye to see that this will become a classic of science fiction, the ability to sell long-term, you play these bureaucratic not kind. "

Han Zhao Liu Jun also with no awkward mean, Business is war, natural to ensure that the interests of publishers, this is not pay attention to local sensibilities.

Lin Han did not expect such sharp eyes of these people, at a glance inside the "I, Robot" the story background set, obviously the Chinese people, US Robotics non-write history, but also the protagonist of all of them are Americans, which perhaps readers will test the degree of acceptance.

But he still spoke and said: "In fact, what background they can ignore, although the cause of our country's robot developed rapidly, but the main character is what the race will have representation, which explores the relationship between man and robot Further terms. domestic science fiction readers read books most of them were passed in foreign countries, so they are very strong ability to accept these backgrounds. "

In fact, Lin Han did not choose those characters which will replace the Chinese people have such concerns, but overall things are nothing, science fiction readers is probably the person most acceptable foreign background, they even have a lot of people eating directly English original novel.

Zhao Han nodded, be agreed Lin Han's opinion, he smiled and said: "You are old boy recommended for people, but also the quality of this book is really good, so we do not give you anything new to the buyout price, and 5 how about% royalty? For how many copies first printed, we do have to go back and study research. "

Royalty is not a tax, but the authors and publishers royalties to settle a way, in general, the author's royalties income is equal to multiplied by the number of printed fiction pricing

Multiplied by the royalty rate.

For many publishers, the new press is like a free resource to the wave of another wave, the price to buy the whole book with a few hundred thousand words, and then extended to the market, if the market response is good, then Press to make money; if the market response is good, the same publishing house that will not lose money.

At present domestic publishing industry rules of the game is very simple, it is a hierarchical place.

If the level is well-known best-selling authors, such as Tongyong Lie so famous people go out and sell fiction,According to various press would have agreed to his request down, Royalty can be even more than 12%, the number of printing can also enhance directly to hundreds of thousands of copies.

If it is with Li Wenyuan this relatively little-known writer, the publishing house will be based on the number of sales of his novels published before a number to roughly estimate, Royalty generally less than 10%, the number printed on biased in favor of a conservative.

Lin Han did not like such well-known authors, publishers usually pretend to shirk that hard to sell your book published, try to drive down rates with the number of print edition, the authors basically no right to speak.

So it is the lowest of those people who self-published, the writer has a dream in support, publishing house favorite is willing to spend their own money this author. Only to go out and buy their own ISBN, have to pay their own printing costs, while sales have also themselves, most of them sell only to friends and family.

To be honest, royalty of 5% for a newcomer, it really is not too harsh, in this regard, Zhao Lin Han Han want to knot a good fortune, saw his potential; on the other hand is also Tongyong Lie et al. factor, this is indeed a good book, expected to sell tens of thousands of Ce should not be a problem.


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