Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 40, seeking votes in seeking referral Press [collection]

Chapter 40, seeking votes in seeking referral Press [collection]

Tongyong Lie not only write well, and even lectures are very interesting to explore the past and future development of science fiction with these readers talking about laughter, so the atmosphere whom alive, is not boring.

Even Lin Han Li Wenyuan with two professional science fiction writers with rapt attention, that did not take God mean, a lot of views are coincide.

"As a manufacturer of power consumption with science fiction, the United States remains on the assembly line decades of smooth, science fiction diversified with diversified amazing. We just domestic science fiction there is a breakpoint keep track, not a rings clear through the context of always.

From the whole big trend, have to admit, now the world of science fiction in a decline of the era, the golden age has passed, there are aspects of reasons, such as the American science fiction literature, appears the most serious problem is the aging audience, the older the more difficult to develop.

But in our China but whom the contrary, young readers like you more and more, from a previously relatively closed circle of readers slowly spread to all areas of development, previously confined to the campus, but now businesses are there are science fiction fans figure, whether it is a field, the field of aerospace, finance or engage in various occupations after you, there are a lot of science fiction fan.

I believe that under the new generation of readers with a new generation of union, the golden age of science fiction literature we will come! thank you all. "

Paving the way to the final in front vehemently, the scene of the audience were thrilled to hear finally just got up, a round of applause, have the most enthusiastic applause dedicated to the China leads the way in science fiction literature.

Everyone is science fiction creators of history, everyone is the founder of the golden age of science fiction!

Lin Han rearing clapped hands, he knew that in the future the golden age of science fiction which he will have a place, which lectures to hear him excited, anxious to hurry back to open the computer to write Liangwan Zi mad.

Tongyong Lie stood before the podium, bowing, so that he can be continuous applause to stop, and even the audience holding a physical book ran off to get him to sign, the science fiction and God is all comers, regardless of signature or a hug agreed.

Security volunteers with school students being maintained order, people live a long time do not want to leave, this seminar strengthened their go at the heart of science fiction, not only to see their science fiction, and recommend to their students around with friends and even writing with imagination outstanding students to determine their own pen to paper to write.

From the stage came up the aisle, Li Wenyuan smile hug Tongyong Lie, jokingly said:. "Tong teacher, you put it too good, you see my hands are swollen shoot almost"

Tongyong Lie ask the ask his glasses, his voice easily replied: "Where are you hiding Alan go, I have been looking for you with a look, If I had found you, I'll let you up for everyone to continue to share with you. Who is this?"

"Lin Han, come with me listening to lectures, the way I looked at his new book, new book, no accident will cause great debate, born to write science fiction."At this time, Lin Han stepped forward to introduce yourself, while hand shook with Tongyong Lie, "Good teacher child, I grew up watching your fiction, and now finally see the real person, and either find it too heavy books, I dragged a large basket of your book come to your signature. "

It's true these words, the original owners had a habit of watching science fiction, fiction nineties of the last century, almost accompanied by his growth.

"I know you of that" village teacher ", around me a lot of my friends say the quality is very good, to board the" Selected Novels "is not an accident. Your new book is to write what type, if the write long, you can consider publishing . "

Lin Han took advantage of the moment no one is looking Tongyong Lie signature, then quickly said:. "The main robot is written, related to all aspects of the robot, the robot regarded as history, consisting of a number of small stories."

"I only read two chapters in the morning, written quite good, especially at the beginning of that list to three robot ** is just a surprise to me, this is definitely a landmark sign, genius idea, you can write to the back of the robot the erection of a benchmark. "Li Wenyuan kept praise, and he thought this would not calm down, and foreign science fiction writers no one is summed up by three **.

Tongyong Lie immediately to the interest, he looked at Lin Han look, smiled and said: "? Li are saying, if I do not fancy the eyes, I am afraid to go back at night could not sleep, convenient to I see it."

Lin Han spread hand, "It is my honor, which is sent to your mailbox or how?"

"I'm starting to qq-mail it, we walked that afternoon, if nothing, then we will have dinner, two friends and two professors of the National People's Congress NPC press also, it can extend contacts, after a book you can find them. "

Well afford, Lin Han Zhengchou acquaintances can not find their own publishing house, as if to contribute new words, often will be lower prices and exploitation, acquaintances lead the way natural to worry about.

He told Li Wenyuan, as one, jokingly and said:. "Of course no problem, but it's Renmin University Press, they are willing to publish my novel, that is big news."

After Tongyong Lie to the table above things together, slowly walked toward the outside, then a few middle-aged man is made laugh Yan Yan came over.

"Old boy, we NPC students enough to face it, before letting you come, you non-refused, these are all sci-fi seedling."

"Yes ah, let you talk to the NPC to open, I can be five Gu cottage."

"Long time no see you write a novel, when then new books to us

Look, ah, how many years can fine science fiction book did not look good. "

"You NPC really good atmosphere, I still think before this lecture hall will not be too great, how come a thousand people. It was found that there are people in the back Zhanzhao Ting, this is really touching to me. As for well new book, which is still the idea, but to me this little friends are said to have a very good book, a little later we can look together, "Tongyong Lie pointed to Lin Han, to him and said:." Lin Han, pen name aliens, write "village teacher" in. Li Wenyuan,"Out of the solar system," author "battle space" in. "

General fiction book authors are famous, not famous people, a lot of people know about this book, but do not know the author of What is the name or look like.

Therefore Tongyong Lie at the time of presentation, put pen name as well as the representative to speak out, so as to condemnation.

These people seem very good relationship, Tongyong Lie also pointed to several people, said: "This is Han Zhao, general manager of Renmin University Press, next to him is the senior editor Liu Jun, as the old man is not decent Han Qing College Professor Ye Guangliang, this last is professor of Marxism researcher Gu Ming. "

Sure enough talk and laugh with ru, no contacts STOMATOLOGY, Tongyong Lie one of these friends are regarded as intellectuals.

Lin Han directed at these predecessors smiled, greeted and said:. "Predecessors, I'm Lin Han, nothing to write science fiction."

Zhao Lin Han Han looked, he spoke and said: "Your" village teacher "write really good, we press a lot of people are like, I thought you were a man of forty years, did not expect such a young age , really young and promising ah! "

"Contact the teacher up science fiction, this is the first time I saw, very novel writing. These teachers of a lifetime when we see people like this article naturally tight grip, you is not, the old Gu?" Ye Guangliang also sigh up.

"Who is not it, Houshengkewei ah, the future of science fiction is in your hands, and your new book when published, and that time I will buy a look." Gu Ming They are all sci-fi fans can see the latest boutique novel evolved, it is extremely valuable thing for them.

Tongyong Lie Zhao Han patted on the shoulder, "Zhao, wait a minute you take the check to Kobayashi's new book, if you can, you can press the NPC out a science fiction thing!"

"That I can not promise success, Liu Jun was so professional editors to evaluate this, but we will not press hard on any of a writer, it can be assured."

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