Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 39 soft and hard science fiction

Chapter 39 soft and hard science fiction

"Really, if you want to go publishing route, I suggest you hurry to write back out, so after the first phase of the magazine, you can negotiate with publishers, the use of serial magazine to pull a physical book sales. If you do not have the right publishing house, I can introduce a people's University Press in the industry will be very famous. "

Li Wenyuan, said the recommendations, the novel is very attractive, but there may be an epoch-making merit, the three ** is a look that is very wise, almost alone can create a series of robots.

Lin Han's smile did not stop, he shrugged: "now actively contact them, my writing can also speed the end of December should be able to write all the chapters."

"So fast?" Li Wenyuan side up and stand up, while surprised about her, he felt to write these things and sometimes it all depends on inspiration, inspiration to be able to write a lot of ideas, inspiration was gone only a word for word hold Wangwaimian .

Compared with other writers, Lin Han is simply cheating, have the goods inside the brain, just write themselves out on the line, modify various details on the trip, lest appear bug.

Looked at his watch, then check out the two men walked out of the cafe, this time just inside the NPC campus bell sounded, the way students hurried pace has changed a lot, you want to quickly go inside the classroom.

College students youthful vibrant, Lin Han felt a big deal obviously old, but the mood is completely different.

Li Wenyuan lead the way in the side, he joked and said: "Students are very good quality of the National People's Congress, I am here to do once signings, at least, no one to take pirated books so I gave him the signature, and many library collections here, and occasionally inquiry information about the fine. we do this line of science fiction, the necessary scientific knowledge and ultimately, more likely to favor a hard science fiction, and therefore must always be charged. "

Indeed, do not write science fiction text types, at least, have a certain scientific theories do support, not just Luanxiang, so will lose the basis of reality.

"If I had not too far from here, I would like to come to see the long-term, with these young people together for a long time, it will certainly become young mind up."

Local Lin Han is not the way to live with here, take the subway still have to transfer to the job, and occasionally come over okay.

At this time, Matilda erected outside the Church there is a small display rack, display rack above a shocking look like a middle-aged man refined, as well as the rest of the text on the poster: "God of War seed", "Moon Mirror" by Mr. Tongyong Lie visit the National People's Congress , interested students can directly enter.

At this time it is almost ten o'clock, after another student with a book or carrying a double shoulder came a rare day Matilda Hall do not vote, just have a look.

"Oh, you go quickly beads Well, soon ten o'clock, if no position, I will kill you!" A girl child wearing glasses flat shoes Wang Qianmian quickly ran behind the gas as well as a out of breath girl behind.

"Do not worry, ah, this is science fiction talk, you ran a economics understand? You go first accounting position to help me, I knock off came."

There are a few boys are happily talking about the team, while they are walking and talking, "If you tell me, are almost forgotten children greatly to our school to give lectures, but also in Matilda Hall, almost missed."

"I like most big boy" Centaur meteor ", but did not see him for a long time have a new book, science fiction is now more and more to die."

"That is, apart from a few to show for, now science fiction writers will not work, it also Donghao Bo Li Wenyuan book can see two."

"Recently you did not see, inside watercress special fire team push the" village teacher "? I looked at, thought it was great, at least a bit of the physical basis, not in vain."

Lin Chin Han stood in front of a laugh with Li Wenyuan, actually heard his name from the mouth and face these students, this feeling quite wonderful.

Until the two of them walked Ru Mingde Hall, he found that Wu pressure pressure a head looks very scary. Has not yet begun, a position in front of all does not fall, even in the back row is also only the bottom corners.

At this point there is a steady stream of students coming from several entrances, can accommodate a thousand people inside the room already has more than 800 highly anticipated audience.

Lin Han pick up after location on the edge of a just sat down with Li Wenyuan, they carefully looked at those young faces, I feel encouraged.

Science fiction is very young audience, these people are the future backbone of support for science fiction literature, the original there are so many people silently attention, quietly supporting science fiction, they are not alone!

Time is nearly up, Tongyong Lie then took the stage alone on the stage, he looks like some gray hair, but the whole body particularly good state of mind, a trim suit was very handsome, a kind of leisurely atmosphere.

"Hello everybody morning, I was beginning to worry about the particular site chosen big of it, the results came out and saw that so many students. Are not you a student brought in child care, right?"

Tongyong Lie character seems very funny, come on to start a lively atmosphere, free to laugh at himself.

The following students are actively cooperating with one voice and said: "! We are not running water!"

"What do you mean tap water?" Tongyong Lie smiled, "Today we are not talking about running water or boiled water issue, we explore the development of science fiction science fiction it is a kind of literature in the country despite a late start, but the development is fairly rapid , the last few days I saw a new author wrote the novel "village teacher", I heard Tinghuo in your students, and you have not seen? "

The following students twitter answer them, some say read, some say no, some people are quick to write down the name of such a moment to look back, naughty atmosphere is very good, not the usual boring lecture those everyone involved.

"Before the lecture today, let's figure out a concept, a lot of people put hard science fiction into science fiction with soft science fiction, who to share with us the difference between these two sci-fi in your eyes it?"

Pair of hands went up quickly, this topic can be said to be enduring, wherever a raised,House will be able to quickly built a few hundred posts, the heat high.

Students live with the boys inside the majority, but the number of girls actually stood a quarter, that was in the National People's Congress, rather than science and engineering Tsinghua or the rest of the school. Although NPC is a comprehensive colleges, but some of the main bias of literature and history, where there can be so many science fiction readers, Lin Han, who feel that they underestimated the younger generation of readers base.

Uniform upraised hands are there to answer this question, Li Wenyuan Tongyong Lie could not see what so many people in there, but easily found a blue striped clothes of the boys, the staff quickly rushed to the microphone to him.

"Tong teacher Hello, hard science is defined in most standard encyclopedia which is primarily based on the perspective of science fiction works of the laws of physics or engineering technology. The world's major soft science fiction is no longer opposed to the techniques above, but remains in science fantasy literary works within the scope of, you can call Social and Human sciences fantasy literature. "

Boy, is indeed the liberal arts students, Lin Han came to admire this guy's memory, can back down intact encyclopedia interpretation.

The remaining students after hearing his explanation, basically all nodded, their respective characteristics of both science fiction has already been discussed many times.

However Tongyong Lie was not satisfied, he went to the front of the stage holding the microphone, "This is the interpretation of the encyclopedia, and that the students your own opinion of it?"

"I think the, so-called soft and hard science fiction, mainly from the above there is the idea of ​​science fiction technology say. Hard science fiction is to use astronomy, physics, biology and other natural sciences as the core theory with ideas, like what a black hole, artificial intelligence genetic modification in there. soft science fiction, then, is the lack of support of the technical details, it is more abstract, from a sociological point of view to the idea. "

People have to live all the applause dedicated to the male students, no matter he can back out of most standard answer to, but also given their own understanding, such people are very rare.

Also he could not nod after listening to Lin Han, in fact, hard science fiction with soft and not too clear classification, sometimes with not only a different conception of the kernel, but also the specific form of a novel or a movie.

Such as shooting above the earth and space through the movie, "Interstellar" is a hard science fiction, there are various principles of physics as a foundation, people think this is feasible. The "terrorist cruise" which kept back the same day, that was not part of the soft science fiction, and often do not consider whether or not scientifically tenable.

In reality, readers love is hard science fiction novels with the film, as more receptive to some of the more straightforward, even while reading a hard science fiction books, they will think that these circumstances would indeed happen in the future.


Of bacteria that did not exaggerate, Dan had to come to our school to give lectures when thousands of people filled the auditorium did not say, be simultaneously broadcast live in several other auditorium is also directly with the big screen, scary!

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