Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 38 book evaluation

Chapter 38 book evaluation

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Cell phone messages are coming out one by one, Lin Han overwhelmed, just do not see Chen Jiaxuan to close until they were shot twice react.

"Well, how about the audition results?"

"It should be okay, and the rest older actress, Sue aged just right, do not deliberately pretending, but still have to go back and reinforce learning Indian dance, accent and then the lines of thought."

Lin Han do not know what to say to this, his field or in the top science fiction, even if the original owners have the memory, there is no original owner way of thinking, only nodded silently.

Return to the town, the three men went to a private kitchens to eat dinner, because the performers more stringent demands on the body, Suru girl eating a little bit of vegetable after it stopped, only Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan told the two men ate slowly it seems good in the game who appetite.

"Little Su, I will send you back to school now, wait a minute just the way I told Lin Han, went home together."

"Why do not you go back? I would like to stroll bookstore, look there is nothing to buy new books."

Suru heard this, the two men looked surprised look, with her as the artist Chen Jiaxuan, of course, know the identity of this young man's eyes, which speak only as well as the degree of familiarity with the home to say, so she could not help but take an idea to, do these two have lived together?

"Xuan sister, or else I go back, you go to the bookstore together with Lin Han brother, my own possible." She did not want to be a shining light bulb, as a newcomer to rely on brokers for the job.

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan looked at, smiled and said: ".. How can you let a person go back to school, not very safe at night or let her send you, from here, close to my residence."

"That line, you first visit, wait a minute after she sent me to call you back, if you do not come home, I'll Shaoshang you." Chen Jiaxuan chose a compromise approach, not directly reject two proposer's.

"Bye, bye have a chance." Lin Han waved, he watched the car disappear after traffic Maserati inside, turned toward himself it is not far from the bookstore went over.

The brightly-lit bookstore looks elegantly decorated and placed in the most prominent position is just out of the best-selling book "Great Wall", not only has a huge poster, as well as beautifully presented a stack of hardcover books.

Even people passing in front of the bookstore could not help but look to fill it, so keep in mind the "Great Wall" is the best-selling book series.

After Lin Han inside casually stroll around and found books of science fiction is too small, it has only filled one side shelves, of which there are many translations of foreign science fiction.

He then sighed and walked away, science fiction fine too, the audience is very narrow, so the situation is not short-lived fad can be improved.


The next morning, Lin Han rare got up early bed, he would take his milk fritters ready to go home to enjoy after jogging a few laps inside the park outside, a full-time writer of schedule comparison annoyed, can be said to be closed all day, it can be said to work throughout the day, there is no planned.

The book manuscript installed after the cell phones,He rushed to the campus of the National People's Congress, ready to attend the lectures a Tongyong Lie, and with Lin Han Li Wenyuan appointed time is an hour before the lecture, the two of them could find a place to talk about issues Lin Han new book.

As the country's top universities, Renmin University of China has a too many honors, every year there are numerous candidates want to join, to convene talks in terms of science fiction such top universities, Tongyong Lie unusual nature of the position.

After coming Haidian District, Lin Han will find the door to the People's University, Peking University, Tsinghua covers an area where there is no, but there is a sense of beauty small size.

Simon walked into the National People's Congress, the first to be greeted by the white marble top, "Renmin University of China" in large letters, as well as not to dirty the badge. Lin Han Web to see a lot of scripts ridicule badge, badge every three men gay NPC is the highest rate of appearance.

A touch of red appeared in the walls, the original warm red on campus has become extraordinarily vibrant yet peaceful, mostly exterior side of the building, are the color, it all themselves.

The entire campus community is like a mini office, restaurants, cafes, sports hall, cafeteria, school buildings, libraries, schools hospitals and other necessities.

Simon came from the East Gate, Lin Han taste of the beauty of modern architecture, but also find historical traces the vicissitudes. Ivy leaves God will find the corners of the classroom building, as if to cover the windows of the past, warm and heavy.

After finding Li Wenyuan said that the cafe, Lin Han then comes into the room, this time inside the cafe has several students being actively doing group work, Li Wenyuan see wearing a black jacket sitting in the window and waved directed at himself.

Find a place to sit, Lin Han smiled and asked: "? How long have you."

"I live in this neighborhood, direct drive over very fast. I just have to find out the good, the child is the teacher's lecture hall in Matilda, that is, such as on the lecture hall, started at ten o'clock, and then we can take one hour past."

"Early in the morning to drink coffee, we are fed up. When did you write the book saying it, have a book for a long time, right?" Asks Lin Han with their own friends considered leading figures in the new generation of science fiction, if it is open book, it will certainly be highly anticipated.

Who knows Li Wenyuan waved his hand, he himself seems not to want to stay, "say I, or look at your book now. Before I was on vacation, I heard you say with an introduction written at the beginning, and now look at me Look? "

"In fact, I just come to this, Tidianyijian you to help me."

Lin Han took out his cell phone, which will be sent to Li Wenyuan novel by mail, waiting for him to ask questions from a professional point of view.

Li Wenyuan phone bite came prompt, just before clicking to see, especially solemnly asked: "? Your registered in the Copyright Office has done it."

"Of course, do not worry and see."

Lin Han after hearing these words, Li Wenyuan slowly open the email attachment, preoccupied with their own reading them.

In fact, this sentence is not superfluous, but is responsible for both sides and work. There was another type of copyright not registered in time,After the semi-finished reading the novel to friends, comments, and then his friend first step to register the copyright, two people playing half a year on the microblogging war of words, but also in court, ignited.

Let friends treatise about novel is understandable, but what if a dispute occurs it may therefore hurt feelings. Now I basically when someone did not read the novel will be published in such an inquiry, really do not want enemies.

Li Wenyuan seriously read the Lin Han called this novel "I, Robot," the beginning of the three rules that direct them to let him lost in thought, as a general wake-up call, let him instantly shines, this summary, this setting is too liked!

Any law or the law is not perfect, it lifted the first three rules of mankind's most fundamental concerns, so that the robot can not start to humans, the second rule is to enhance the control of the robot, the robot is the third self-protection issues.

This three laws seem so powerful, Li Wenyuan interests have held up, and the story behind it, the robot will be how to break the rebellion ** three follow-up of it?

Story "I, Robot" is taking place under the premise of three ** is when the robot began to spread in the future, due to the magic spell of the three ** robot has been firmly locked, so people can live in harmony with the robot, no problem .

Li Wenyuan had a hunch three ** This is the opening will lead to considerable discussion, whether endorsed or dissenting voices are bound to increase.

Only after reading the "Robbie" and "Ring Dance" two chapters, Li Wenyuan suddenly raised his head and said: "how do you say, this book is the biggest bright spot, perhaps this will affect in front of the three ** to back the creation of a large number of people. the next two chapters, it probably is a description of the robot in order of time to develop, I think is not attractive enough, if as a commercial novel is certainly more difficult, but the time for ordinary people , authentic cultural heritage of the science fiction fans and readers would have been crazy for this purpose. "

"Really? That's a relief, and this novel in fact there are several chapters later, while I was going to send in the" Science Fiction World ", while for publication. My agent has already begun Press contact, I hope all results good."

"If it is 10 points, then I will give 9.5 points, since the latter did not finish, let my heart itch, quickly finished it!" Li Wenyuan opening with a smile, which is suffering the most tortured people.

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