Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 37 artists recognized

Chapter 37 artists recognized

Indeed, this sci-fi nebula group which can be had on the author of "Selected Novels" very few, even a hand can count them out, even if Li Wenyuan is now recognized as a master of science fiction have missed boarded such mainstream publications .

It alone, Lin Han to pull him away with the rest of science fiction writers, although did not have a publication, although never held a book signing, but can board the "Selected Novels" to symbolize the mainstream literature does not exclude, on behalf of more people can see his book, fame is not only confined to science fiction fans inside this vulnerable group.

Lin Han as saying after out, the group became silent together, these authors have been shocked with a blow to a halfway decent director can write to this level of science fiction, myself do not eat this bowl of rice material?

But after a few seconds of blank time, the screen is full bang "!!!", these writers can only use symbols to express their feelings of shock, this is the first time in recent years, there is absolutely positive.

At the same time a large wave struck expression package, what to kneel, FML well done, like worship of expression package directly so that everyone copied over and finally shocked into a queue.

Lin Han had to the group of dissatisfied people have pretended off the assembly line, the state will adjust qq stealth, for fear of being ironic eat Xiang, I can only quietly watching the comment when divers.

A series of messages dizzying, Li Wenyuan though know the news, but still kind of feeling of envy, he knew Lin Han suited to take the road of science fiction, even in science fiction movies above stumbled, their talent will shine .

So he said, typing quickly: "is always shining gold, and look forward to your new book."

However, this statement just issued opinions on a pile of worship is the god of expression package to cover up the fundamental uncertainty can not be seen.

The group chat is so little do not pay attention may miss some of the information, Lin Han Li Wenyuan no visible fat content, science fiction nebula group is like a small society in general, what kind of people are present.

This time, the group called Tongyong Lie science fiction author notes the statement said: "I am pleased this has finally ushered in the day, science fiction has not yet fully accepted mainstream literature, our Long March only the first step of it." Village teacher "This great article, then I think we looked promising sci-fi! [smile] "

A moment's inattention, the news will be refreshed top is gone, only a few sharp-eyed people see traces of this string of text.

"FML, what I see! God's children in the group actually inside the bubble, we first do not brush expression package!"

"The level of nuclear submarine ancient Great God appeared in front of a teacher's speaking children, I screenshots to show you."

"Where is it? Where is it? Tong teacher deity you!?"

"I never am seen Tongyong Lie teacher speak, this time actually occurred."

"Strong crowd, children do not go ah teacher, talk about it with us."

This is a group of science fiction writers are suddenly transformed into groupies, and all of a pleasant surprise, have turned to the top of the chat history, I would like to see Tongyong Lie in the end what was said.

There are good people shots directly to put out,Most people will suck down air-conditioning, Tongyong Lie evaluation of Lin Han's too high, the science fiction of hope, which he can afford?

Lin Han After some catching up, in which the memory of the original owners also find information on Tongyong Lie veteran of the golden age of science fiction writers, he himself was taken aback.

Tongyong Lie Looking back, this year has been nearly 50, he has a glorious history in science fiction novels of the last century inside, a "mirror image of the Moon" is considered to represent the highest achievements of science fiction literature in the field, twice He won the national children's literary prize created.

The first novel printed over one million, the cumulative sales of more than 8 million mark, and still be able to see the Xinhua bookstore, it is a true sci-fi quality.

This is nothing, his other novel, "God of War descendants" after the magazine "People's Literature" published, successfully broke into the United States, "similar body" (analog) magazine, was well received.

Science fiction of the last century prosperity than now, whether it is high yield, but the quality is also literature comprehensive upgrade, just have a special literary circles with the corresponding popular over the scar literature, reflect on literature, literary roots, etc. sci-fi version.

Science fiction writers are not content merely to locate the children when science education, the idea is not only to science and science fiction only, there are also social criticism, insight into the human aspects of science fiction writers who want to follow the rest of novelists write social, ethnic write, ponder the fate of mankind in science and writing.

Science fiction has been highly controversial, real scientists have criticized many errors which arise from science fiction point of view that is misleading children. They believe that science is rigorous, fantasy out of something no scientific norms.

Traditional writers but never thought to recognize that the value of science fiction, that this is just more than a literary style.

In fact, science fiction is a kind of fantasy fiction, surreal fantasy has been hovering outside the mainstream, and even novels themselves are gradually added to the mainstream in modern literature to go inside.

The science fiction writer thought that science fiction is a literature, it is not to teach specific scientific knowledge, but to excite the imagination with interest in science.

After a struggle, science fiction badly hurt, and now more directly excluded mainstream literature, only a third of an acre on the ground in their own enjoyment.

Tongyong Lie as the god of ancient times, he pen stopped working, even

Three years ago is still published short story "Centaur meteor", which is a recent science fiction board the "Selected Novels."

So people were weighty praise, Lin Han took a deep breath, fast typing said:. "Thank you for the compliment Tong teacher, I will come on to write better science fiction"

The remaining authors have almost look silly, legendary bubble level characters actually speak, since a lot of people have not seen the real Tongyong Lie into the group, and now worship do not know yet come not too late.

What level writer with writer what level of familiarity, just like wangwen Tang three little circles of bacteria will not recognize this as the goods flutter Street,Tongyong Lie in conversation on the matter sorted out only Li Wenyuan up.

"Wow, you are finally willing Tong teacher appeared, when to our group of science fiction writers confused about lectures chant, share with everyone about the creative experience with the idea to do a seminar."

Li Wenyuan have to lead the charge in front of the rest of science fiction writers also have to keep up, a hair cut this icon to sell Meng poor equipment, just to be able to hear the voice of experience Tongyong Lie.

"Yes ah yes ah, I recently entered a creative bottleneck, I do not know what to write, every day confused, seeking doubts!"

"I, too, wrote two novels are deleted when the waste is issued, the worse the write, I feel a lot of things have been written up someone else."

"Inspiration dried up almost out, to share what I have an idea for a new book idea."

"On a published novel almost a year, if not yet published an article, then we would run out of food myself, I'll have to follow the pace of the teacher's child forward."

"Tong teacher, we need you, need you to guide us to find the right direction!"

These are a people booing, Tongyong Lie also gave up the idea of ​​continuing dive, he slowly typing said: "Li ah, you are the administrator when Debu competent ah, so many of my friends have the group create the above questions, you should help them answer answer fishes. "

However, Li Wenyuan also a hob meat, he replied and said:. "Tong teacher, I do not help, I can not help the limited level, this had to count on you to do."

"This Friday I had a lecture in the National People's Congress, and if you have time, then you can listen to, say well please forgive me ah!" Tongyong Lie there is no hypocritical decline, he feels he has obligations in this regard to help less advanced juniors .

Lin Han just nothing to do, he quickly replied: "! Certain to Friday, I had a stomach problem want to question it."

"Count me in, child teacher lectures every year, but not when your students." Li Wenyuan quickly enroll in Yanjing is very convenient.

"I have come."


"Ah, why I was not Yanjing, if the child to Sichuan teacher lectures like, to a certain time."

"I want to go, you can not leave, so envious."

"If there is lecture record like, to take your time when you can own."

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