Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 36 singing the same tune [seeking collection]

Chapter 36 singing the same tune [seeking collection]

Perhaps the "village teacher" about to board the impact of mainstream magazines Lin Han bigger than imagined, he does not even thought of the entire editorial department will therefore boiling up, although these people have expressed incredible attitude, but after all the bones, It is like science fiction literature.

So after some questioning, some people began to celebrate it, this is a rare progressive, finally out of such a critical step, you can win more attention to science fiction in the past, expand readership.

Even the editor of "Science Fiction World" Tam Lin had to come to admire Lin Han, really is a rare lucky star, not only to drive up sales of the magazine, but also to attract media attention, the most important thing is to be able to drive the science fiction go the main road.

Obviously began writing articles is a newcomer, but did not say strokes Road, imagination is also very rich, he began to look forward to from Lin Han's new book, hoping to help the magazine glory.

At this time, Lin Han being behind Chen Jiaxuan brisk walking, fog-long film base is like a convergence of time and space location, a variety of building standing here, next to the Warring States Qin and Han architectural style of the building is rough minority areas, Ming and Qing era building facing the street when the Republic of China, the shuttle in which people are more varied clothing, brought together from various studio crew, like a hodgepodge.

At this point, "Journey to the West" crew is filming scenes about the daughter of the country in the side of the Tang Dynasty style architecture, Lin Han far stood on the sidelines sheet, looked at a lot of Yingyingyanyan actress, and my heart suddenly there is a witness to history a feeling of.

"You wait a little here, a small Soviet Union was already in make-up, with makeup audition, I go in and see."

Chen Jiaxuan know the crew locker room have a lot of tricky, new general do not understand, so she only went to their own town wherever he goes, so makeup artist or costume designers to come up with what unitary moths.

Lin Han waved his hand, "you go to busy, I'll go shopping, look at the situation of the crew."

Authentic original owner was a film director, but I'm not John himself, so close contact with the running of the crew, which looks more memory than some of the fresh.

This time, his shoulders suddenly being patted, a northern Han Han eyebrows appeared in the side: "? Lin Han how you come to our crew, and do not tell me."

"I am not trying to give you a surprise?" Lin Han turned and saw his friend one, Wang Hao is a typical northerner looks, big and tall stature looks more like a security guard crew, not the deputy director.

Lin Han Wang Hao looked at, tut twice, said:. "You boy Yan Fu did not light ah, have already Exit entertainment, and even went to Chen Jiaxuan together just such a great beauty, but I see you stand with her together, not daring to come say hello at the time of filming. "

Lin Han hammer blow to his shoulder, explanation and said:. "You can Freeze said, she was my agent, but became a literary agent, I was an assistant over, do not damage the reputation of others."

"I went, I thought you hang of it, the result was a elm pimple, now suddenly worry about your sexual orientation." Said Wang Hao wink,This expression extremely flexible, two bushy eyebrows move up and down like a Crayon.

This time, Chen Jiaxuan led India wearing a chiffon dress came out of beauty, the beauty behind this seems only twenty years old, pointed chin is not rare, but with LiuYeMei rounded oval face, the kind of exaggerated headdress India with midriff, forehead above another point cast to blush.

"This is Suru, we are now in the past to see the director, I hope everything goes right." Chen Jiaxuan did not expect this role actually attracted to so many people, not even some of the well-known beauty stars have long ran.

Lin Han watching the Suru, he felt that this temperament does not seem to show it, compared to the previous version of Journey to the West inside the Earth that rabbit sperm worse part of it, should be clearly goblins, may feel there is a kind ladylike, not match.

"How do you like this outfit she was, a lot like Tianzhu girl?" Asks Chen Jiaxuan with two eyes, she also has some memories of Wang Hao, know Lin Han friends.

Lin Han thought a moment, he touched his chin, bluntly said:? "Rabbit fine feeling it should be glamorous Indian has always been more warm and generous, she spoke on the dance together, I think you it should open up a bit more, the sense of charm that just the right feeling shy girl with fairy integrate itself. "

"In fact you have not studied the beauty of India, right? They are all kind of style walk inside, Lin Han's right, become a fairy princess, although the same shape, but certainly have a fairy unique qualities than ordinary women more daring, charming, but not so too far. I'm talking about are just the director acting like a solid actor, do not use small means. "as a member of the crew of Wang Hao, his preference for type casting director there understand, are using this level of drama acting school, if acting is not up, then the background will not work hard.

After Suru nodded, she regarded the new showbiz, I heard two words, they took a deep breath, and then try to change your own temperament, slowly looking for exotic woman's style.

After the two men until Chen Jiaxuan told Suru into the audition room, Wang Hao is also going to look busy extras who rehearsal, so the blink of an eye, Lin Han left with one man.

He simply took out the phone and sat on the steps under the eaves, to look up the phone qq above chats.

The long-awaited Li Wenyuan has returned home, he had chatting together with the Galaxy Award judges who may know something unexpected Lin Han's novel "village teacher" coming soon to mainstream magazine, he was happy for his friend.

Now, after seeing the qq line on Lin Han, Li Wenyuan on the fast group in the science fiction nebula inside Lin Han, then he asked: "Lin Han, you are finally on the line, I heard you boarded the next issue of" Selected Novels "?"

Lin Han also did not respond, the remaining science fiction author touches on the fryer, who do not know what science fiction magazines in particular discrimination, and the remaining types of novels have not been so discriminated against, almost every two novels have, a lot of fantasy novels , even the romance can go up, go up on science fiction."Mosquito, this is where you heard the rumor? Lin Han with" Selected Novels "hooks, this is not it funny?"

"Yes ah, that joke is not funny. This is a science fiction magazine, you have not been to, right?"

"Even greater than mosquitoes, how much to write science fiction artists have not had this treatment on the broken Lin Han director? To really, I live to eat Xiang in the group!"

"Although the" rural teachers' quality is very good, but not necessarily all be more than science fiction, the rest of the magazine is to be understood, is not a "novel issue" ah, poor a word, the difference may very big. "

Lin Han did not know where Li Wenyuan mean, obviously you can inquire about private things, have to be placed inside of the group, it is nothing less than trying to help those people who face their own fight it.

He said the quick reply on the phone: "I thought the news magazine to wait until next month exposure out of it, did not think you actually know is, I have signed a contract, you can see another week. "Selected Novels" a. "

They have not communicated in advance, but this is very echoed each other with understanding, let it live a few clamoring to eat Xiang author immediately dive down while bombing out of the many dive party.

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