Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 35 trade shock

Chapter 35 trade shock

"" Teacher Monica "is not it? No problem, we are here also booked himself" Selected Novels "be reproduced, so we have two magazines were invited to, it really is a good thing."

After hearing the words of John Lin, Wang Yifan as industry, he almost put his tongue to bite off, hesitant asked: "" Fiction Weekly, "Are you sure they are willing to reprint a science fiction novel"?!?

Lin Han did not have to care about Wang Yifan sudden lifting of the volume, "Yes, we have signed a contract, so they revised after completing the manuscript on the hair up, available soon, and I did not expect such a day."

Original "Science Fiction World" of Han Lin has been very seriously, and are willing to spend thousands of words the highest price of 5000 to invite him to continue to write the text, but now they even found Wang Yifan quietly has become the first in nearly three years aboard "Selected Novels "the science fiction writer, this identity is changing too fast, a little difficult to accept.

"Oh wow, this is really a news shocked the people!" Wang Yifan surprised mood simply could not conceal, it is almost lifetime series.

Lin Han gently laugh or two, he also knows the shock of the news of good science fiction does not appear in the "Selected Novels" such mainstream publications above a few years, he is the only one, which of course proud.

Wang Yifan took a deep breath, "This is big news, not just for you, the whole novel is science fiction community is very surprising, much more than sales."

"Okay okay, we continue to work hard to fight back, as long as we make good writing, science fiction will one day lead to mainstream attention, although a small minority of the minority, but it's all speculation about the future, have their own value."

"Ah, that your idea of ​​a good book, the book can also look forward to the" village teacher "so nice. Goodbye."

"Talk to you next time."

After hang up the phone, Lin Han turned and looked at Chen Jiaxuan, she was staring at her smile looks, "Now my heart is very refreshing?"

"Not bad, etc. after you busy this matter, they handed the manuscript in the past, and I think they want to rush last month's sales."

"Trekking trip, I intend to contact them directly to the editor, take a look at the degree of attention to this article in the end you how much I wanted him to help introduce a publishing what it."

Two while chatting while waiting for the roads open, good times are wasted in the traffic jam above.


At the same time, "science fiction world," the editorial inside, to get the latest news of Wang Yifan even gave a lot, his own master Chen Chu He said directly: "I'm just John called in the past, he said," village teacher "is "Selected Novels" to reprint it! "

"What? You louder, I did not catch."

"I said," village teacher "to landing the next issue of" village teacher "a!"

The entire editorial department suddenly became silent together, all the rest of the staff as well as edit their attention to Wang Yifan Chen Chu river with two people, want to make sure this is not hearing voices.

Be scared this sudden a voice, Chen Chu quickly pulled Wang Yifan's arm, asked: "how in the end would be, how it sounds iffy I do?"

Edit next two desks are also pricked up his ears, ready to listen to the insider.

"I'm not called in the past with Lin Han asked him to do, he wanted to develop a new novel on the 12 manuscripts. And he told me," Selected Novels "has signed a contract with him next on sale."

Chen Chu He also did not speak, next to an editor to speak up: "it is true, how long is no science fiction appear in the" Selected Novels "above, and on what basis he can surmount go ah?"

"This is not for pretentious, let us give him the new book price increase, right? This way to increase his bargaining chips, and so on our side after signing his new book contract, and then we were told to brush down-stories . "

Both editors are a veteran, everyone wants to be complicated direction, you at my words, and suddenly the entire newsroom are spread.

The remaining separate them a little farther people have also to talk about this matter, the magazine they actually have not received a little wind, it will normally notify the original magazine fishes.

Just like "teacher Monica" This magazine education system, it should be reproduced "village teacher", but to begin with, "science fiction world," the editorial side through the air, and then only to tell Lin Han Wang Yifan made of.

"I do not quite believe it," Selected Novels "how mainstream culture of this magazine will fancy this novel yet." Rural teachers' quality is very good, but science fiction has been discriminated against, this actually succeed? "

"Really? I would like to call to ask an acquaintance, a look in the end there is no lie, lie and if so, this may the worst of times. Our magazine can not deal with the bad character of the author, ah, this is a matter of principle . "

"Anyway, I do not believe, you find someone to check it out, the world's best news too."

"Yes ah, how many years have not had this orthodox literary journal up on science fiction, which he regarded as the first time in recent years."

"Perhaps his" "There is an acquaintance inside it, some magazines have now abandoned the strength of character of the literati, the money can." Selected Novels

"Maybe he is a member of Writers of it, after all, is the Chinese Writers Association's magazine, should give him a little face it."

"Writers twenty thousand members, if have to face," Selected Novels "can stay in business? I think it is the reason for the high quality of the novel, especially the portrayal of reality, deep inside the bone marrow, people in despair to see a glimmer of hope. "

Ed group

Series are all well aware of the status of "Selected Novels" in the industry, that is not generally able on, even many traditional writers are not necessarily on the stage of this magazine.

Wang Yifan did not think we actually do not believe Lin Han, and some even began to ask someone else to call or qq, and even Baron Chen also quickly come up with their own mobile phone to find a friend's phone contacts inside, send text messages in the past.

"Master, you do not believe Lin it?"

Chen Chu saw this one intern, education up and said:. "I certainly believe him, but somehow verify such things about it, Prove it, directly to those people to shut up."

Edit the same industry mostly know each other,Therefore, "science fiction world," the editors being one of them asked to see in the end is not true.

"FML, just my friend replied, that is true, is a new editorial submit up the results actually been adopted."

"It really is fearless ah, only the new science fiction dare push it, the results also let him give over."

"After all, this is nothing but good luck Lin Han it to the rest of science fiction can meet such a bold new editor, can certainly on."

"I heard that the new editor was a relationship between the families," Selected Novels "edited embarrassed to refuse, so it promised, basically is to see the face was edited by."

"Too surprised, no matter how boarded, which are all big news ah, mainstream literature is not so finally we exclude the science fiction."


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