Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 34 news of success

Chapter 34 news of success

Intensive traffic on a busy road, the vehicle in front to keep a snail rows spend the time here has become almost afar is the largest parking lot, no matter what a good car all bad cars can only accept their fate.

Lin Han sitting in the passenger seat, he turned and looked out familiar and some unfamiliar building, inside the eye flash of nostalgia, where the past is casually can let go of.

Lin Han seemed to see the mood is not high, Chen Jiaxuan will take the initiative to come from the topic, and she spoke and said: "You know, when you write a novel of our studio people heard, they said incredible, direct scared . "

"You help me publicize?" Lin Han helpless saying, he really does not care about these people's views, whether it is surprised or proud of themselves not so much a piece of meat or a small sum of money.

"They were found in the archives organize your data with the time, after all, is legal, let them worked on the eye, I'm used to make the contract you just signed it Yeah, that's deceptive practices."

"I have this money is not enough you stick to your teeth, pits I need it?"

Lin Han asked with said he would have preferred that the end of the journey the later the better, and that they can be more than a chat with Chen Jiaxuan, increased familiarity with each other.

Chen Jiaxuan turned and looked at Lin Han, suddenly solemnly asked:? "Do you really plan to do over their own development path if you write novels, I can in the country will hold you to a best-selling author, then the star of packaging, you can make a number of novel copyright flowering. but you are a writer of science fiction, science fiction domestic environment is very bad, almost derivative copyright is a big problem, and even novels themselves are hard to sell. "

"In fact, there is a chance of this writing, you do not know to write a novel would not fire, or to what extent can the fire. This is simply unpredictable, I can only say that the current living well every step, carry out current best choice on the line. "

Lin Han believes his science fiction is not a problem that can spread on Earth for so long, quality is assured. But good works sometimes need luck, just word of mouth and other fermented it in case it eight or ten years, ask yourself, Lin Han feel that they can not stand so long, certainly wrote a new masterpiece.

Plan changes, even though the decision a mistake, and there are opportunities to be correct.

Talking, car snail-like speed becomes a tortoise-like speed, people can see hope, bright red brake lights lit one by one.

This time, Lin Han's cell phone rang, he quickly picked up a look, actually is Wang Yifan call back, do not know, "Science Fiction World" editor internship at this time what else.

"Hey, Lin? I was Wang sci-fi world, especially now called me to congratulate you about the."

Lin Han words deceives the ignorant, and he answered, asked: "? I have nothing to Congratulations."

Wang Yifan did not show off shut, he quickly answers from Lin Han doubts come: "After this issue of magazine sales is close to the historical record of our magazine, the beginning of a number of magazines printed 800,000 sold, now the second batch Distribution magazine has been completed,Dealer reaction there may be sales momentum is still very good, has sold over 50 million copies, the remaining 300,000 is not a problem, we are likely to complete the task sprint-selling magazine in December. "

The first with the second batch of magazines are selling so well, add up to steady sales of over one million, which is a hurdle with the magazine's best-selling general magazine, the only long-term stability in the magazine one million sales level can be regarded as the best-selling .

"Science Fiction World" Prior to this, every year, although sales of over twelve million, but that just happens over the rest of the time were only 7.8 million copies, the monthly average is still down below standard.

But now, in the 11 best-selling magazine, basically said that this period will be over 1.5 million, will greatly previous month average sales lift to help get the winning magazine's best-selling magazine at the end of time .

Wang Yifan heard these words, Lin Han could not help against the side of Chen Jiaxuan deflated deflated mouth: "Well, this is what I should congratulate you fishes, so good sales momentum, once won the best-selling flags, reward your work there should have substantial growth in fishes. "

With the average selling magazine in the magazine attract advertisers this there is a clear gap, the higher the sales, the greater the influence of the magazine will be able to get higher advertising costs, just as television fee.

Satellite television is certainly charge level is higher than the local stations, the same TV station, TV station also charges high ratings to be higher than the low television ratings.

Best-selling magazine is published by the State Administration of news out of the assessment at the end of each year, which is a fixed target average monthly sales must reach one million level.

"Science Fiction World" had already put the remaining conditions are met, but each time in sales worse part of the above, even if Huochu find some science fiction god issued every month to increase sales will not want to.

"Lin, we want the magazine in December once again look at the impact of high sales, so special that you asked him to, as long as the right script, here we can give to the price of treatment up to 5000 thousand words, is no longer a thousand words one thousand five hundred thousand words or something. "

The price went beyond imagination Lin Han, he can really do not know that they actually can get so much, "Actually I really want to have a manuscript to you, you see how they fit it. I wait a minute let me Contact your broker, the price of what to discuss with her on the line. "

Wang Yifan originally want to try to persuade Lin Han wrote a new book, but she is so self-conscious promised down, although very puzzled Lin Han such a short time to go find a broker, but he did not ask such question, but said: "That line, we waited Lin's new book

. Yes, I say tricky question, this is mainly Congratulations to the, watercress reading with Amazon's electronic reading above sales have exceeded 600,000, many of the comments are mentioned below your "village teacher", so the magazine agency decided to send you a red envelope, although not much money, but a little something on behalf of the magazine, but also look to accept. "

"There actually get a red envelope, you want to get really good."

"In fact, each of Lively readers have the opportunity to get the most work this red envelope, because we royalties set with those magazines still not quite over it,So I express gratitude to you this way. "

With Lin Han Wang Yifan inside the heart are well aware, this issue of "Science Fiction World" has been able to sell, not a science fiction fan launched a number of how many to buy, but unexpectedly broke that line education system, so that some usually do teachers do not watch "science fiction world," with the students as well as parents to buy.

"Rural teachers 'paean to describe teachers as well as impressed group of engineers of human souls, and the description of the learning can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, which is full of positive energy naturally very popular novel , even if it seems a bit cold to write poor rural background.

Different interpretations have different views, nothing wrong.

"Because of the country's teachers are very enthusiastic response, so today there is" teacher Monica "edit call us, want to reprint, specific ideas to make your broker to talk with him all right."

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