Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 32 seeking half record [Recommended]

Chapter 32 seeking half record [Recommended]

Liangwan Zi's novel soon to be read, can these young men did not hurry to speak, but the hands of the magazine next to the Send to a Friend, was himself seriously consider it.

As a soft science fiction, "village teacher" there is not much science and technology or future fantasy, science fiction only in the context of the society as well as human nature is discussed, which requires readers of serious consideration.

Most of the classic science fiction short stories are all soft, because there is not enough space to describe in detail the kind of hard science fiction, the "rural teachers," the focus in the humanities, is that the article Watch the mind.

Obviously a little younger, the results have to call their own odd, Zheng Yu-Cheng thought for a long time before they spoke and said:. "I've seen it with science fiction than before, a little strange in this novel is not only sensational, but let me imperceptibly that there makes sense, let us reflect on ourselves. with alien eyes to observe our human society, this unique perspective is relatively new. "

"I feel an important part of the novel trying to say, with equal differentiation, rural teachers with poor children did not enjoy such a good life, did not receive the same quality of education, but it is precisely they saved the world, it's a bit like satire, but do not like. "Six knocked his head, which he lost in thought," I have to wait a while to see it again, I think some details may be overlooked. "

"I think there is very appealing to me to refute Useless, but people do not see this novel is the audience, need to look at this article, those who could not stand."

"With an extraterrestrial civilization to explain the teaching profession, it is fresh and interesting and not contrived. When I saw the familiar Newton's three laws of physics originally infected with the cold a little legend, not only in the centuries Newton former mechanics to help us solve the problem, after a few hundred years to save the planet, as a science student, I feel quite stick. "

"Unfortunately, now the country watching science fiction too few people, or you can allow more people to see."

After Lin Han hear these people speak their own good mood could not help it, he laughed opening:. "Do not worry, one day science fiction will be the counter-attack, maybe you are witnesses."

"I did not say that you really bursting with self-confidence, and the survival of the domestic soil science fiction too little, I long to friends Amway science fiction, only know the results of those guys look at Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, mad at me."

"Will be good, there will be bread, and milk will be there. You first take your time, I have something to go first, I have to remember the event message ah." Lin Han picked up the bag to stand up, he have to go back to front, "I, robot" chapters written job.

Although only just met, but there are several other little odd with six people have left a deep impression, this pure extreme readers rather scarce.

Holding their books to borrow got up to leave, Lin Han came not far from the subway station waiting for the start, Yanjing public transport is more convenient, however, is more crowded, especially in several major stations.

Roaring train slowly quite stable, the crowds poured out from inside the train,Then out influx of tourists and go, completed a perfect fit.

Lin Han took the rings on the side, his eyes rest not far from a girl who, it seems only a teenage high school girl look is holding an English novel not stop looking, just from cover of view, it should be a science fiction novel class of fishes, but not the slightest trace in his memory inside.

Young age will be able to read the original novel, which touches people surprised.

After returning home, Lin Han began to look forward to the results from the last review, in the end, "Selected Novels" Can you list your own thing I read science fiction, but he can only passively waiting Chen Jiaxuan news.

Turn on the computer, he slowly began to write from the "I, Robot," the first story, had just outline column a bit, and now it is to write out specific content, as good or bad we must allow the market to judge.

In general, the science fiction writer is not a high-yielding, like Lin Han This is a special case, other writers After writing a novel, you want to think again the subject of a new book, background, Synopsis even writing techniques.

All this is not a problem for Lin Han, his speed gradually raised up, more than an hour to put out the first draft, "Robbie" This story is like a reality version of the fairy tale, the robot nanny rely on the little girl's parents under pressure, he had to give up his friend.

Writing simple, polish difficult, especially with regard to what some modifications dialogue, Lin Han can only try to figure out word by word, the speed slowed down, this is not writing her novel, one day need to update thousands of Jiwan Zi.

When he was writing, suddenly pop up a mailbox to the recipient, which is impressively feedback NCAC, he had spent 100 dollars registered cultural copyright, the copyright is to recognize each other in the two countries, there are above any copyright disputes can use this as evidence to the court above.

This price is not expensive, so Lin Han have applied for every book it, even only just written outline of "I, Robot" is also he made the application, such as pre-publication and then a further application, enjoy the protection of the State .

"Efficiency really fast, just apply a few days off, but the real deal is effective."

Lin Han careful to save this image right on your computer, and then turn the presence of cloud disk inside, double insurance are not afraid of missing.

Through to the present, he has a kind of feeling of alienation, but today with the young people casually talk about after they realized the good works of science fiction fans eager heart, eager to see good domestic science fiction.

And once Lin Han

Themselves have such feelings, why complain science fiction writers will occasionally write good articles to now change roles after, his body will sense a lot stronger.

"Bang bang bang"

Knock sounded close, obviously doorbell, but it seems that few people will go click, choose violent hand to knock.

Lin Han moved to the back of the chair, placing, and spoke and said:. "Come come, do not rush."

After opening the door, he is constantly Chen Jiaxuan said: "I'm not disturbing you write a novel, I'll give you the phone did not send information back to me?."

"Mobile phone charging in like, how did you hear the beeps come in to speak, a little cold corridor.." Lin Han would later pull the door, he asks: "The? What can I do it."

Chen Jiaxuan shook her mobile phone, she said with a smile: "I came to congratulate you, you have created half a record, officially on the" Selected Novels ", and they have put contracts are sent to me, waiting for you to sign."

Lin Han surprised at this turn of it, in fact, before he had run into a wall well prepared, the first recommendation did not succeed, the second possibility should not be great fishes, now how will be successful?

"real or fake?"

"You look at them the contract in black and white of it, just for reprint, do not use for the rest of my friends also say lucky it, now is not the acceptance of science fiction, but not so averse to it. Plus you do this with the traditional science fiction novel it is not the same, like realism, so her editor would agree. "

Chen Jiaxuan also shouted luck, this should be called Meilen Tu walking a fine line, kept writing to emphasize realism, the sci-fi part ignored in the past, so awkward to flicker, and the only energy on is victory.

Lin Han finally showing a smile, he clenched his fist secretly give yourself the effort, "Great! This allows more people to see my novel, not better. By the way, you said half What record is it? "

"You are the last three years, the first to board the" Selected Novels "of science fiction writers, there was a lot of sci-fi masterpiece sink like a stone in here, so a half-record. This issue of magazine publishing, you You will receive more attention, when you can get hold on! "

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan more concerned about reputation, "science fiction world," although in selling them, but because the audience is relatively small, so ordinary people do not know there is such an author.

Can "Selected Novels" is not the same, its readers a wide audience, from ordinary students, office workers into the elite middle-aged intellectuals are reading this book, those who are not easy to speak.

A science fiction novel in which the landing is spreading the news or not necessarily have to launch an attack.

However, Lin Han did not complain, he waved his hand and said:. "This is what, to look at it and so when the latest issue of sales after figured out, then showed the book publishing house with" science fiction world, "and we need to co-ordination should be how to get. "

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