Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 30 Quxianjiuguo

Chapter 30 Quxianjiuguo

"Selected Novels" very strict criteria, consistent good quality is the key to board the magazine, Chengli Tao looked at, is staging its own list, he spoke to his assistant, said: "Liu ah, you just put on the list above the novels are found, then sent me here. "

Each a story in a different magazine above the "Selected Novels" does not do original content, they do it is from the rest of multitude of magazines eye for excellence, it is necessary to make these preliminary selected novels a comprehensive sort.

"Okay, I'll go to the summary, before noon should be able to give You." This is Liu took instructions over the stack of paper, the people are not much changes in the expression.

Every month like this, the editors list submitted up a lot of fiction, but a large part in this step will lose eligibility, only a very few can enter into the re-examination inside, and finally boarded the magazine is even more rare.

He took the list turned toward the outside of the office walked back to his desk and before it was Meilen Tu to the halfway cut Hu.

"Liu brother, Liu brother, I quietly ask you something yo, my list a few brush down, ah?"

Liu Chun Mei Tu Lunla the clothes to let go, I want to get first-hand news, stay up all night to see their value has not been achieved.

Liu looked at the crowd in the busy newsroom, he knew just this newly recruited staff did not take long relationship with the boss of a small beauty is not shallow, so there is no airs, whispered: "Your ten novels, survived two, the rest were crushed. "

"Ah, only two ah!" Tu Meilen tone which is full of disappointment, "that" rural teachers "have not survived?"

"Wait, I see it. Crossed out, this is actually science fiction text?" Liu were surprised that the first time he saw a science fiction editors recommend up, "What do you recommend good, actually recommended Sci-Fi fiction, we have not published the magazine since founded over ten. "

Tu Meilen over his mouth, his eyes widened, "Oh, no, nearly 40 years have not been recommended ten science fiction, it will not be too exaggerated a little?"

"That did not exaggerate, we represent the attitude of the magazine mainstream culture, you know, science fiction, after all, a small minority of some. What's more," Science Fiction World "magazine now we do not have any partnership, not run up I go to busy, boss still waiting to find novel all over it, have time to talk to you ah! "

"Er er, Liu brother goodbye."

Tu Meilen after waved, a look of frustration on the back next to his desk, his chin resting on the table, one hand aimlessly turning cups.

She knew some of the insider magazine, it's not really fair, because "Selected Novels" magazine with the other magazines have a relationship, it will give priority to cooperation in the selection of articles from the magazine inside.

For example, with the "fantasy 1 + 1", "martial arts", "fantasy era", "People's Literature", "fantasy paradise" and other magazines have completed the exchange of work, "Science Fiction World" is like a stepmother raised as much discrimination.

Although the "science fiction world," sales are pretty good, ** one hundred thousand one,Yet the lack of mainstream popular culture, martial arts writer's treatment is much better than the science fiction, because the country is a hotbed of martial arts.

Tu Meilen grew more and more reconciled, she will own the table "Science Fiction World" picked it up, then quietly send a message to Chen Jiaxuan.


Huge Yenching Library stocked, rows of shelves filled with all kinds of books neatly stands, Lin Han moment standing next sci-fi series bookshelf slowly looking forward to the work they are interested in.

Compared with the rest of literature, science fiction occupied by so few rows of shelves, top Chinese and foreign authors' books are housed, but people come here to borrow books but it is a minority, not a lot of people interested in the same.

Like most science fiction readers own collection of books on those interested, very few people went inside the library to borrow, and even some university libraries are not many science fiction literature.

Just the opposite martial arts literature, Chinese martial arts novels sell well at home and abroad, the influence of unusual, martial arts drama, martial arts movie endless boutique, exports to the rest of the country are common.

The US side is extremely well-developed science fiction, with quite a few top science fiction writers, the annual production of the Hollywood sci-fi movie is popular around the world, some of the science fiction TV series ratings are high.

Science fiction literature in China is basically a short board, there is little classic was born, mostly translations of foreign works, very few domestic sci-fi masterpiece.

Almost a person to occupy the novel of the region, want to see this Behold this, Lin Han took an American writer wrote, "an arc on the moon," he began to sit up in a chair reading.

But just turn to the table of contents, Chen Jiaxuan's phone call over, forget to switch to silent mode of the phone quickly sounded, Lin Han despise in others cast before the eyes quickly turned to the phone, and then trotted themselves to the smoking section.

"Lin Han, are you listening, how not to speak of it?"

Chen Jiaxuan very confused, she fed several times, did not respond, "Hey, can you hear me now?"

"I, I can not answer the phone just inside the library."

"Well," Selected Novels "There's editor said to me, she put" rural teachers' recommendation up, the results Pibi. But if you can write a good reason to push the draft, she was willing to try again this is one of my childhood playmate, who very generous attempts, can you write? if I may, I will send as soon as possible. "

Puff of smoke inside the area who is not too much, but

Lin Han here can only absorb toxic secondhand smoke, he thought, probably understand the meaning of Chen Jiaxuan want to express, sci-fi novels congenital discriminated against, this theme will be pass out, you want to publish on "Novel election issue "would have to look for other ways to dig out the place in line with the mainstream of science fiction literature.

So he answered and said:. "I try, I thank the way to help your friends."

"Do not try, I tried my best to give you say to yourself, this is a golden opportunity, can not catch up to you, so do not tell me speak, and go think about it!" Chen Jiaxuan tone is very violent, she can not allow so the opportunity is missed.Lin Han is to say, the whole body also has the power struggle, his firm voice, "No problem, give me ten minutes!"

After hang up the phone, he just slowly back seat, using a mobile phone connected to the library's wifi, himself seriously thinking about it, how mining is consistent with the preferences of mainstream literature it?

First, it barely regarded as a rural theme of the novel, which happens to be one of the mainstream literary favorite type, in addition to temporarily ignore the connotation of science fiction aspect, which is also part of the novel is concerned about the reality, focus on rural education, reading useless to refute s.

The book's charm lies out of the complicated background, focus on the little man with the big clash of fate, the science fiction section also has some practical significance of refraction.

I do not know this count is Quxianjiuguo, Lin Han felt pushed to write draft opinions more difficult than re-write a novel, he had to take into account those reading this novel idea of ​​fuddy-duddy.

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