Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 29 mainstream literature

Chapter 29 mainstream literature

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Wine does not intoxicate, called the level of pineapple drink beer, let Chen Jiaxuan had a trace of slightly tipsy, she weekdays, even the liquor can drink it without blinking an eye of several two, but now has chosen to nest on the sofa I did not want to get up and leave .

If you really can have more good here, can this fool really do not know anything about it, or not do not know.

Lin Han busy after a good cleaning kitchen, he saw reddish cheeks Chen Jiaxuan, could not help but spoke and said: "Xuan sister, you look a little tired, take a bath or else go back to sleep, good sleep to say. "

Close-fitting sweater sketched out the graceful figure, the Chen Jiaxuan shaking stood up from the couch, her carrying his bag, went to high heels stepping on the door, "You go to bed early, do not stay up all night to write fiction or reading a novel. If I wake up at night you did not find your lights off, put you outside the gates to turn off. "

The threat to Lin Han is insignificant, he shrugged his shoulders, proudly said:. "Premise is that you have to wake up is, good night."

Chen Jiaxuan standing in the doorway looking at the other side of the aisle, followed by one meter wide corridor to open the door before slowly closed the door after the two laugh.

After Lin Han took a deep breath and continue back to the front of the computer writing a novel, which was originally the English version of the book, but it is also ** three robots are not confined to the domestic and international spread above if you can go, and that in order to obtain more big impact.

English original modification was not much, only need to replace the background to the real difficulty lies in the Chinese version of the above, Lin Han want to join in some of their own thinking, not just a single word on the shining mechanized translation, this approach naturally very consumption of brain cells.


At the same time, "Selected Novels" young edit Meilen Tu is holding a "science fiction world," stop looking, she was the one who had contact with the person in charge of Chen Jiaxuan recommended.

"Selected Novels" are generally published novel of the year, selected from a valuable sense of fiction inside two hundred kinds of literary journals, the average amount of reading everyone around 150 novels, not less than 200 million words.

These editors after reading so many books, from which selected 10 works submitted for review by the editor in chief and cross out the last review to be published in the next issue of fiction.

These options are contained in the works, both to reflect the concept of literature, also includes literary judgment, but science fiction has failed to be recognized mainstream literature, not to mention the traditional literary writers, and even martial arts, treatment better than science fiction fantasy literature much stronger.

A year if there is a science fiction can board the "Selected Novels", that science fiction literature is a shock, because they are long-term eating duck in front of a few years almost did not attend.

Tu Meilen know this science fiction vulnerable to bias, so they push their brains thinking about draft opinion, "" Selected Novels "in order to cultivate new literary take on responsibility for the past 56 rookie novella in only seven, accounting for newcomers slightly lower, as a fiction writer Lin Han industry newcomers. "

Organized by the Chinese Writers Association "Selected Novels" in the status of mainstream literature, no doubt, with foreword Title inscriptions are handwritten by the famous master of contradiction,It has a very rich history.

For ordinary writer provincial level, Selected Novels of this platform is really very important, Selected Novels overlooking the country, while the average author can only appear in the local newspapers or magazines.

If a writer's work is not reproduced by then it will be very small radiating influence does not spread out, unless it is published in the journal big, otherwise published not many people read, just not published in general.

Single circulation literary magazines is very limited and can not pay royalties to put a little work buried here, this author is not fair.

For the authors, it wants more work can be reproduced, so that more readers to see. At the same time also need to expand the spread of surface, but also need to reprint income.

So whether it is prestigious literary people, or talented rising star, for "Selected Novels" reprint their works, they are very welcome.

Tu Meilen know now about the same treatment with science fiction literature network literature, are subject to discrimination mainstream literature, is not easy to stand out, here is a hotbed of traditional mainstream literature.

"Selected Novels" professional choice, to provide samples for the study of literature, to explore a new literary repair, is the country's most influential and most authoritative literary election issue, is to become the industry benchmark with literary literature concentrate this, even a title called "national novel published."

It represents the highest achievements of Chinese contemporary novels, he won the contradiction Prize for Literature winning more than 80 percent of the table of contents, was well received both inside and outside of the literary world.

"This is how to write draft opinions pushing Well, just to human life." Meilen Tu will just play up a typesetting all deleted, then a hand-rolled hair to play with the other hand aimlessly flip purposes, next to the coffee drink two cups must be to come up as soon as possible.


The next day, busy too far Meilen Tu almost late for work, she hurriedly rushed to the editorial department put the breakfast, the entire morning would have been carried out to the end.

"Little Tu ah you how it happened, this is the first few times late this month? Also, you pick ten novels somehow right, and quickly handed the list, I reviewed as soon as possible."

Under panic, Tu Meilen printed list will be taken out from the bag, she spoke and said:. "Boss, I do this all night, otherwise I would not be late, almost did not sudden death."

Chengli Tao looked at his old friend's daughter, grew up watching his childhood girl can not bear to curse, and only took the side of the push draft opinion, then snappily, he said:

"Line of the line, and quickly go to work at noon seize the time to get some sleep, lest your dad say I did not take care of you."

"He nonsense, the best boss!"

Tu Meilen blinked, quickly returned to his desk top, and then like a little hamster usually surreptitiously eating breakfast, waiting for the final results of the review.

Back at the office of the editor Chengli Tao did not find fault with anything, to put Meilen Tu on the top of the list of books picked up and looked at.

"" Military chess "with the complexity of human life to write the barracks, this conception is not bad, if good narrative ability, it can be retained."

"Complaint about the story of Father and Son,Abandoned children looking for his father, have the patience to ruminate mean, you can look at the "volcano." "

"" Dear fox "? What is fiction, and want to learn Ghost Story did not learn, how can we-stories on this thing yet."

"" Village teacher ", the name is good, why is science fiction text." Chengli Tao herself all the while with a pen crossed out the name, "Although young and energetic, but still have to hone down a little bit, whatever type novels to the above recommendation, this may not happen. What does it mean to write science fiction text to, Causing loss of lives, the discussion who do not understand the meaning of point or two years and then develop it. "

In this way, one after another novel name was crossed out, leaving only a few conception in place but also a good fiction story, the rest of the novel would not look out of the game.

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