Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 28 double celebration

Chapter 28 double celebration

Not hang up the phone, knock on the door rang.

Lin Han in one hand and phone in one hand and twist the doorknob to open the security door. Wearing a beige sweater with gray tights Chen Jiaxuan looks very mature and generous, she put that together looks simple fashion, but there are gentle intellectual side, a long scarf casual light with the same color sweater hanging around his neck, only adds warmth, but also look younger, the interpretation of the elegant light Mature.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Chen broker even if it is compared with her Shoudexia female star, not bad nothing.

"It starts up cold, still warm house heating."

Chen Jiaxuan is also not polite that he will quickly scarves solution down, then expensive handbags direct throw on the sofa, he went to the edge of the radiator began to blow up.

Lin Han shut the door, he asked, frowning: "? These two days have not seen your figure, you do not have any trouble."

"I went to Hunan on business, I did not intend to go, so that small balls Zhao Liang to accompany record on the line, the results of this stage there is a problem, Zhao Liang is not recorded, I hurriedly rush over to her backside. These days, , the broker is not good when ah! "

Chen Jiaxuan leaning on a little sofa no image of her hand hammer hammer his neck, and then smell the taste of braised beef floated inside the kitchen, suddenly saliva must flow out.

Lin Han then remember things as well as their own pot, braised beef in order to reward yourself, chicken breast is required when fitness workout food.

"You should not eat it, here I have extra, you want to eat?"

"This is an invitation for me? Although I am eating a bread on top of the plane, but still a little hungry, it smells too sweet, how do you get?"

The kitchen chopping board on top of bags picked up, Lin Han waved directed at Chen Jiaxuan, "see no, now what seasonings on the market to help you somehow, they only need to put the meat into the pot on the line."

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan looked busy in the kitchen after a while, she suddenly felt this picture seems to be very warm, like a home, Lin Han back under the lights seem to have softened some.

She did not want to break the atmosphere, but the reason they told her not to indulge in it, so they struggled spoke and said: "? Just say you have good news to tell me, what in the end is said to listen to."

"I think today's a new book, now out to write the introduction, taking advantage of not eating, you can take a look at this book I intend serial side, while published about serialized to thirty-four time, it You can hit the shelves in the bookstore. "

Chen Jiaxuan is not a science fiction fan, usually see things more entertainment after what novels are not life more exciting, but her road to Lin Han of science fiction, he just let myself learn this talent.

Sitting in front of the computer, looked at the document, after "I, Robot" in the English title, Chen Jiaxuan shocked, she did not think Lin Han's ambitions could be so great, actually to look at the English version go above .

But she does not hurry asks, but these earnest Introduction to read over,The contents of thousands of words, she almost stressing each syllable, and even a note of the location of one of typos, simply free proofreading.

Nothing in a while, Lin Han begins to Tanchunaodai the kitchen, "read yet, in the end is good, put a opinion it!"

"I feel very good, but I was not science fiction expert can only stand in layman's terms, say a few words, the top of the three rules a little unclear Li feel the taste, but this should not the type of blockbuster fiction, right? At least I It appears that although the story behind several robots a little curious, but not appealing enough. "

Lin Han nodded, the novel sold may not be particularly good, but with the future status of meaning is played no one can erase, the best-selling science fiction books a lot, but it can lay the foundation so a robot .

"Well, well, we drink and chat. You have not told me what your good news is it."

Chen Jiaxuan smiled, she patted his chest, that stalwart sweater under cover therefore trembling a little, "you are not recent fiscal deficit yet? To keep your credit card, these days I find a way to help your home magazine, they intend to reprint your "village teacher" that story, reprinted income will belong to you, 10 million or less in revenue, I was not drawn commission. "

This can really be a timely rain, so fast there was some magazine to reprint this novel, word of mouth are not yet fully fermented, if none Chen Jiaxuan help, certainly not finish.

Are worried about how the financial crisis is resolved, the results here have income immediately, he relieved the whole person, at least not be too anxious to "I, Robot" to the magazine, he first get to the Copyright Office to register to say.

"Do not get too excited, my friend began to write draft opinions to push today, after asking them to editor agreed to publish up. As for prices, than to" Science Fiction World "is much higher, people shot is a thousand words one thousand , a large fortune, "Selected Novels" is not the same. "

Usually millions of endorsement, several million paycheck see more, Chen Jiaxuan thousand words a thousand dollars but think this is very exciting, pre-tax income is twenty thousand only, not enough to buy her a bag, but the heart that kind of a sense of joy to help Lin Han has particularly strong.

"" Selected Novels "? This is a magazine can not ah, really want to be able to this magazine, even if free will do." Lin Han excited even have to put down the chopsticks, he did not know Chen Jiaxuan is how to do, even if it has not clinches, which are considered a shock.

Chen Jiaxuan also afraid she has gained weight

She picked up a piece of braised pork, the taste in his mouth carefully, that melts fat and not greasy, with dishes inside the restaurant is not exactly right.

But she did not understand Lin Han's face, very strange asked:? "Not" Selected Novels "it was the highest circulation of more than five million copies, and now the average monthly ** name only came in, to have two million pretty good. "

"Xuan sister," Selected Novels "is not the most powerful sales, is the most powerful position. You know what? It is the Chinese Writers Association in charge of the only state-level large-scale literary election issue, many outstanding works are from here,The more readers with the public to know, seen as a barometer of Chinese contemporary literature with wind vane! "

"I'm dizzy, so much! I thought it was an ordinary magazine, do you want to say, I do not know." Chen Jiaxuan knew that she had only a short time in culture, but simply look at a magazine sales from the above and did not go there to see from the influential position deeper.

Lin Han picked up the table pineapple beer, directed at Chen Jiaxuan said:. "Xuan sister, you really, quietly pulled off such a big thing, to really, I was afraid of mosquitoes would envy me."

"Mosquito, Who?"

"Write" out of the solar system "that Li Wenyuan, ah, you in the studio should have seen it."

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