Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 27 robot three laws

Chapter 27 robot three laws

[Add more to the collection of two thousand, three thousand plus more collection of what time? ]

"The first law of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or sit back and ignore human harm."

"Robots second law: first, unless contrary to law, the robot must obey human commands."

"Robots Third rule: Without prejudice to the first and second rules, the robot must protect themselves."

After development time, in fact, there is a second zero-law, Lin Han now just does not want to fall into all thrown out, keep after the slowly made, so all of a sudden impact too.

Which at this time science fiction writers description of the robot or a "threat to human robots" or "robot against human slavery" Concerned with this fear, I did not think could control the robot from the source.

The robot as engineers have manufactured industrial products, which have built-in safety mechanism, will not pose a threat to the owner, the three robots ** is the root of all behavior.

When on earth, many Hollywood science fiction movies have also continued this set and is not allowed to break, only occasionally will make a law against subversion which variants.

In fact interesting about robots of science fiction in this, although the provisions of these three is **, but the novel which has highlighted the plight of the accident suffered by the robot tries to comply with these rules, the vulnerability of people to the machine caused the prisoner's dilemma, so it extremely exciting.

Lin Han writing speed is not fast, he's not the kind of gorgeous writing type, but full of rustic flavor, no extra description of environment, does not appear deliberately lyrical large chunks, and no embellishment what human love story.

All text is to service center, where the protagonist is not human, but a robot.

This collection of short stories in addition to the introduction, there are nine short stories, Lin Han do now is put the first chapter, "Robbie" to write about.

However modify them, which is obviously much more direct than difficult not copy, so Lin Han scratched his head hair from time to time to stop and carefully think about it, such a modification in the end just inappropriate.

Introduction is a person described in tone, the protagonist is a reporter, he went to interview one called Susan - Mrs. Calvin. Time of the original writing was in 1942, when the United States with a large gap now, so the background must be refined to meet now.

So simply put on Ms. Ms. Susan's birthday set in 2102, aged 75-year-old Susan with the "US Robotics and robot companies' peers, from education to scientific names, and even the structure of the first robot needs a good modification the job.

He overestimated his own ability, but also that today can put out the first chapter, only to write the first draft of the introduction.

This thing had a good modification to modify the job, thousands of words of introduction just sketched out the background, at the same time leads to the contents of the first chapter, the beginning complaint about the little girl with the nanny robot Robby's story, is the story s story.

Susan - Cavan Seoul is a robot psychologist, she as a woman workaholic, psychological research into robots for decades,Compared with the rest of the scientist, she has a more "human" taste, more respect for the robot to lay the whole emotional tone of the novel.

Robbie is the name of a robot, a robot inside the novel first appeared, he did not speak, only to be as a nanny and another lovely little girl named Geluo Li, the first chapter of the story took place in between Robbie with Geluo Li.

"Robbie" The story of the human appeal of the little girl since the robot nanny, as well as human robots alert adults with worry, there is not much conflict with contradictions.

Just from the above narrative is concerned, it is certainly not what the ups and downs of the plot or very great scene, but its symbolic powerful enough as an important demarcation point of history of science fiction.

Lin Han is now more headache dialogue between characters, there is the role of ideas through dialogue with the character to show what the identity of the person to say what the words, so as to the most appropriate.

The evening progressed, Lin Han rose from his chair, twisting his neck and shoulders relax, and go to the edge of the window looks into the distance, let my eyes rest.

Writing this thing is no quick fix, other writers may linger for a year in order to write a novel, he has a lifetime of memories has been leading by a large margin, while others stand on the start line start, he would have stood in front of the finish line ready to take the final step.

Lighted and lit up the area inside the building a light lights make people aware of the warmth of home, the silence occasionally several more bark with laughter noises of young people to break the night.

A garage of cars drove back from the main road above, hard day office worker has come to rest.

Lin Han will look back, he touched his micro deflated belly, turned to the kitchen, wash rice cooking, then start with steamed rice cooker.

As it is simple to get a little food, go to the supermarket purchase last dish with chicken breast are another point, the craft will make do eat it, immediately to pay the rent of the people, not qualified picky life.

Inside the room to be alone really a bit desolate, and he decided to use the remote control to turn on the TV, just play something quiet is better than a program.

Opposite the house is still no lights turn on, Lin Han began to worry about Chen Jiaxuan come, then he took the phone starts hesitated, in the end Da Buda phone in the past.

"She's my agent, I am writing a new book, playing in the past it should ask. Ah, that's it, for business purposes."

Lin Han Jian mentally

After set up, change phone dial out, cell phone ring tones which echoed do not know what the song sounds pretty strange comfortable.

Did not let him wait long, the phone is switched on, a familiar voice called out, "Hey, Lin Han? You actually gave me a call, in the end how?"

"Well, I was informed that to pay heating costs, afraid you do not know, so call to ask you busy right now?"

Chen Jiaxuan in the car to reveal a smile, although some tired face suddenly shine up, the other with a Bluetooth headset, himself a cautious start reversing.

"I do not Manga, are the following parking garage.The original heating costs only thing I have to why, immediately came up to chat, I have good news for you. "

Lin Han lengleleng, he smiled and said: "coincidence, I also have to say a good news now or wait a while to say.?"

"Wait a minute, I have been on the elevator, remember to open the door."

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