Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 26 masterpieces [tickets] seeking recommendation

Chapter 26 masterpieces [tickets] seeking recommendation

After closing the door, Lin Han just could not help but sigh, his new book Plan must immediately put on the agenda for the job from the One has only one week to get royalties in order to lift the financial crisis this week inside.

While the previous "village teacher" got eight thousand dollars after-tax royalties, but just not enough to pay the rent, let alone those normal life, money is imminent.

Is nine thousand three months rent, water and electricity and have to spend a sum of money, more than twelve hundred of gas costs, Lin Han breaking a finger sigh, it really is a merry heart.

Half an hour ago, they were still looking forward to what looks like articles can be favored by the Nobel Prize in literature, now we have to face the reality, or to solve the most troublesome thing to say.

For the writer to make money is not considered difficult, especially for Lin Han, his head inside a broad array of science fiction, it is easy to be able to write new works.

Publish a short story, then that is not conducive to the accumulation of popularity, but also very difficult to want to publish, how Liangwan Zi's novel published? Unless After a short story collection, or now "village teacher" This certainly can not be printed sold separately.

Above were serialized in "Science Fiction World" with the novel, and while the full text of the printing and publishing, this two-pronged approach, both to ensure that the amount of exposure, and can get their first published book, seems to be the best choice.

Fortunately, he was already out of the title of the new sci-fi, the "rural teachers," the bead front, presumably behind this novel should be able to get a good sum of royalties, at least not five hundred thousand words.

In fact, China can feed themselves write science fiction writer, so few people only, lack of influential works with the writer.

This does not mean China's science fiction writers do not have money, but that money is generally not from science fiction earned. Chinese science fiction writers groups, writers groups, which is to have all the qualifications of the highest group of people, a lot of people with doctorate or master's degree, have good jobs with wages, even have their own boss.

Royalty want to rely on novel feed themselves, science fiction writers need to work a lot harder, there are tens of thousands Writers Association members, but for more than thirty science fiction writers, and the US side is there are thousands of science fiction writers.

Although the situation is improving, in addition to royalties after work with Royalty, novelists can now serve some work, such as writing a number of film planning, scenario planning, or write a script to the game.

After Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan now with this broker, you do not have to go helplessly contributor to the magazine, while the professionals fight for more benefits for themselves.

Since it is intended to publish at - for women, the general quality of the novel can not meet Lin Han's idea, he wanted to be a blockbuster, although "village teacher" became popular in the eyes of science fiction fans, but in the environment but is still more than a Department of romance text or text house fighting.

What kind of novels came to be able to leave their imprint on top literary history?

This must be the kind of epoch-making novel effect,So that future generations will always remember, no matter to what extent the development of science fiction, will not forget their own.

After all, after this type of science fiction inside, the law, the law, science and technology are the easiest outdated, then what reason readers read a complex matrix of the world, overlooking over hundreds of thousands of light years after the Galactic Empire, as in the past but also follow other principles?

Lin Han seriously think in a circle, then eyes light up, have a goal!

Which he had read the novel, about the description of the robot with artificial intelligence are many, but most of fragmentation, each author has his own views with each author's ideas, there is no single standard.

And on Earth, there was a book called "I, Robot," the novel, the system summed up the three laws of robotics, the law of 1942, which put forward until now is still one of the highest norms of science fiction, and numerous science fiction author or sci-fi movies are in these three constraints under the wording **.

After these three laws available, science fiction writers to write out if you do not follow the three laws of robotics, it will be considered unorthodox, deviant, readers will not like, is the failure in the making.

In fact, this novel is regarded as a collection of short stories, ** compared with three core, the surface of the story is a robot psychologist Susan - Kevin told reporters the story, she tells the story of nine robots.

The most important elements inside the nine story is "I, Robot", seemingly a separate chapter of the nine stories in fact the same source, in accordance with the basic development process of the robot to carry out, can integrate a brief history of the development of a robot .

"I, Robot" fiction author Isaac - which is science fiction's most talented people on Asimov considered, he is one of the representatives of the American golden age of science fiction in the history and Jules - Seoul where Carolina, Herbert - George - Welsh trio known as the Big three on the history of science fiction, with the addition of Robert Arthur - Clark tied for the Big three science fiction.

His life had written more than five novels, the content covers almost all fields of science popularization work, the more macro boldness of vision, tight clever science fiction.

Asimov's most famous works include two series, a robot series, the other is the Foundation Series, in addition to the Galactic Empire trilogy is also very famous. .

In general, "I, Robot" short story collections are not grouped into robot series and the like, write in front of the cornerstones of the three laws of robotics is known as the modern robotics.

Lin Han and if so to write a novel

, The sci-fi history will never forget his contribution!

Thought of this, he was covered in blood have been boiling up, wait for them to immediately start to write, which has become a benchmark for almost three laws of robotics, even in the novel which will be a debate three laws of robotics own changes to the Code of Conduct It will be another story line.

Not directly copy the novel, Lin Han want to inject their own stuff in there, and some background with the term also needs to change, he had seen "I, Robot" with the Chinese translation of the English original,Feel that to some extent has been missing in the translation.

Lin Han now he can do it hands-perfect masterpieces, he must let yourself calm down, with the most sincere attitude to complete the novel, I hope this collection of stories can flourish in their own hands.

Close your eyes and recall the serious novel, the story of Lin Han felt a brief history of the development of this robot actually reads very easily, not that kind of heavy feeling in general science fiction text, can be said to be the easiest type of reasoning science fiction.

The genius of the story is that, not only created a robot the three ** This new science fiction logic, more abnormal state aid rules of their own robot to subvert proposed.

One side is the subversion, the other side is slowly cracking, which nine small story comes from the core of the conflict crack "the robot three **" loophole, which is a break with the hero of the novel the reader experience with intense and funny science fiction reasoning.

Combines the features of two types of reasoning fiction and fiction reading experience, each story space is not large, easy to read people to fragmentation, but not so much from the topic.

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