Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 25 of the new forces of science fiction

Chapter 25 of the new forces of science fiction

The first to buy "science fiction world," people are basically of loyal readers, although previously brushed on the microblogging burst of boycott Lin Han resisted the science fiction world topic, but those who already do not buy a magazine.

Who can look forward to a star of the brain residual powder to buy something he never read it? Coupled with a wave of that wave does not really begin to blow, and only a handful of people constantly brush the topic, and therefore influence what is basically no.

The buy a magazine or buying, especially those students usually look at the magazine also been accused of extra-curricular, is now openly looking for parents for money to buy, this is recommended by the teacher.

For sci-fi literature, the student is the backbone of the future, whether it is writing science fiction or science fiction, this is an extremely important reserve resources, perhaps the future will rely on them to prop up the backbone of science fiction.

On the watercress reading, even as people are talking too much, the official evaluation directly opened up a discussion page "village teacher" of this novel, the author also made a brief introduction.

Just one day time inside, scoring the number of "village teacher" of more than a thousand people, it seems the gap is relatively large with sales, but in fact not every reading of people are willing to type evaluation, to have so many people have is beyond imagination.

Readers ancient Yao-Yao played Rating 4 star, and the message said: "This is science fiction praise of teachers, moving"

"The village teacher was very short brisk, writing a more humane care under the cloak of science fiction." Go against the clock also played Rating 4 stars.

Out of the five-star ratings in a very interesting comment, "Despite the name thought it was a ghost, forgive me for being brainwashed Hong Kong films, this story full of feelings, even the level of civilization gave Archon God moved."

"In-depth interpretation of what is the human soul, like the best promotional materials educators dedication of the" bright star very conspicuous, very little negative feedback.

"Tranquil and rural teachers is full of strength in the classic, its strength lies in contrast, the overwhelming great cold, small room with warmth bright as diamond, has great contrast, very."

"I hope the fire, though weak, but still have the opportunity to start a prairie fire."

"Trashy novels, worth looking at, Lin Han able to write a good essay, ghostwriting is not plagiarism."

"Although not see, but to see that this is in the Introduction force sensational, two stars can not be more."

Under the evaluation of the state of twelve hundred people, "village teacher" in the watercress reading scores above has reached 8.6, which accounted for about 47% of the five-star praise, two stars close together with poor ratings One Star only 2% the rest are four-star excellent evaluation with Samsung.

Up to 8.6 score, which even topped the inside science fiction top30, which has a top 30 which includes a number of domestic and foreign science fiction works, such as "out of the solar system," Take the 8.9 score ranked eighth.

Science Fiction Department - for women it has made such a big success, Lin Han himself did not think so, or whether it is sold or influence the evaluation from the point of view, far beyond his expected range.

Of course, this score is not static, as the person behind the increase in reading scores,This score should fall a bit, but it would remain eight points or more, than the vast majority of science fiction.

In the micro - Bo, looked at a number of novels, but also know that the aliens under the pseudonym of netizens Lin Han to start, but this time not to call him, but seek doubts, they also have some questions about fiction story.

"Lin Han moral of the story is very good, but it seems a little different logic. So mentally to higher aliens will use the data to random spot checks throughout the perfunctory survey of the data? Even the children who could not answer questions, but just go and look at the level of urban development with science and technology should be able to know a little about the Earth's civilization, here is the bug you? "

This is actually not a human problem, but a lot of people are thinking about things, read too fast and not aware of all the clues, thought it was in every family.

Do not be scolded people feel really good, Lin Han seriously thought a moment, he quickly typing along, said: "In the novel which is set up as civilized empire of silicon fast recovery time, so you must be very carbon-based Union a short time to destroy hundreds of millions of galaxies may be blocking the use of silicon area. too many, not enough time to do detailed observations, they are only responsible for the computer to find no classes on the planet's most complex life forms, then Some basic knowledge of the universe to their questions, not answer it blow up, so when these human children answer a mechanical problem, the carbon-based Union of Earth and carefully observed a moment, then just see a human city and technology. "

After such a big passage forwards, Lin Han is also very pleased, to discuss together with the inside of the plot of the novel the reader, this is probably something every writer likes to prove that readers really went to see, even if it does not understand.

Prior to a bunch of people did not believe he could write science fiction, is now the "village teacher" successfully detonated the education system, a group of people are dumb words, comes the topic has the effect of Lin Han has become the hottest science fiction writers of the last week .

Some media are even aware of its contents can be reported, this is simply the rise of science fiction literature, not only to get rid of the current more fire novels, fantasy novels, not sparing even the popular literature, a book hard to find!

In the eyes of many, this novel is written in the education system insiders, this Till death do us part, wax torch ashes tears dry dedication to make every teacher empathy.

With this novel, Lin Han harvest a bunch of teachers powder, while some teachers also happens to be the cultural system, they are responsible for the information they receive is passed on to the next generation, so Lin Han's future is very bright.

"Bang bang bang" knock on the door suddenly rang, Lin Han extremely pleased to put aside the computer, I went straight to the door only.

However, opened it, standing in the doorway was not Chen Jiaxuan, but the big wave aunt lying landlord, which is somewhat disappointing.

"Kobayashi ah, this is followed by three months of rent that you pay, and heating costs as well as room and do not forget, otherwise you stop to winter heating is not what better taste."

"Aunt Wu, Do not worry, I will not forget it. By the way, how much it costs to heating, I would go inside when you bank card number 1."

"Heating costs price has not changed, still 24 yuan per square meter, this room has 53 square meters of usable area, so a total of one thousand two hundred seventy-two."

Lin Han inside the heart silently calculate the price a bit, boy, count three months rent, they have to come up with more than ten thousand dollars, he nodded, smiled and said: "No problem, I write it down, and will time to you, you see me live more than a year, but never in arrears over it. "

Aunt Wu character is not the kind of aggressive, but also very much agree with the point she nodded, still own the house can be rented, tenants rarely the case of passing the buck, this is a lot of reassuring.

"Then you go to busy bar Kobayashi, goodbye."

Lin Han looked across the notice on the door, he suddenly asks: "The? Aunt Wu, opposite that households who do not."

"Yes ah, that girl was moved a few days to disappear as if a broken heating may well, I have to go back looking through her phone, called to tell her about."

"Go ahead, you are walking ah, I will not give up."

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