Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 24 Crazy discussion

Chapter 24 Crazy discussion

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Today, e-reader has not completely rise, on the subway, the people on the bus is still holding a paper book to read, so the physical book sales is very high, compared to what it hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of e-book sales will not .

Not to mention the electronic version of the magazine sales price is far less than the paper version, three dollars a magazine sold 480,000 really amazing, and this is just in front of time only, until word of mouth spread the moment, at least, sales also We will usher in a peak.

Lin Han did not own memories inside information watercress reading, he was just a graduate of directing it, the original owners do not like to see these magazines, so immediate reply and said: "? It should be very good sales of it."

"More than just good, very good! We have never boarded the magazine watercress reading the sales list, not even a tenth now airborne directly to the first, the group of the Issuer's editorial room almost happy crazy a. "

"So exaggerated? 480,000 also sold in less than 1.4 million yuan, as you so happy?"

Wang Yifan looked at the chat box above text, can not help but want an old blood spit it out: "Lin, this electronic sales almost zero cost ah, no printing does not require distribution in place directly on the shelves is not the most important. sales, but more people know our magazine, we are willing to look at magazines. ** one hundred thousand before our magazine sales also count the electronic version of this issue of the magazine will be a conservative estimate of sales more than 150 more than million copies, a record that far away from us. "

Lin Han This could react, he answered and said:. "Wow, that is a good thing Yeah, congratulations."

Sales of the magazine with Lin Han is not the slightest relationship, but not the whole book he wrote, would not give a penny, five hundred thousand words anyway, the price has been fixed, at most, to help promote your own reputation.

"Lin, watercress reading now there are micro - Bo, the forum there are a lot of people talking about your novels, if you can, you can go and see, to doubts about the fans of the book."

"OK, I will now go and see."

Turn off the qq dialog, Lin Han will open a browser and search for the watercress reading the page, but when he registered, Lin Han found that nickname has long been occupied people, and "alien" under the pseudonym is present, a last resort under the circumstances, one can only write the nickname of the Imperial Academy, at least at this very ancient culture.

In the charts above, he really saw the position "Science Fiction World" ranked first on 11, and the weekly sales have become 482,000, an increase of a little scary.

After clicking in, he did not choose to download, but directly pulled the bottom of the comments area to see what is in the end there are comments here.

Results Reader Comments area next to a fence being dynamic rapid refresh, "He Shaoxia" 11 seconds before you buy, "good for nothing" buy 14 seconds ago, "cigarette lighter with dollar bills" 14 seconds before you buy, "Liu" 15 seconds before buying ......

Other magazines, buy these records may be put up for a long time in the next,But in "Science Fiction World" on 11 here can only stay a few seconds, it was to buy the rest of the readers dynamic refresh away.

"It seems that sales are really good, so many people watching. Unfortunately, only five hundred thousand words, if he's out of this book, it will also be able to sell so prosperous it?"

Lin Han talking to himself, he will be moved to the side of the mouse comments area, then find a lot of interesting comments.

"My son came home from school complaining that buy the latest issue of" Science Fiction World ", and their classmates are watching, said the teacher was recommended by one of the articles. I used to own the results of watercress account purchase, will preview now kids arguing with me, saying that he should be allowed to look at. "village teacher" written in very good shape, anyway, I can not tell why, I felt very good. "

"I did not get many inquiries in University City paper version of the magazine, so only the watercress, the price is cheaper does not say, but also easy to read at any time. For everyone praised the" rural teachers, "I'd think in general, did not imagine amazing, but there are still eight points for a new writer is pretty good. "

"Electronic version is fine, do not take place, save paper, paper to avoid deforestation. Magazine is still pretty good, just too little content, excellent works on this issue so one, but still a little less, if" rural teachers "to write more like."

"Microblogging tour came to punch, Lin Han had wanted to spray, and found that she liked the story, I betrayed their faith, crying blind."

"Foreign Party expressed great, to see" science fiction world, "the electronic version of nice, do not understand foreign science fiction, science tragedy slag, or domestically cordial."

"When I was the legendary" village teacher "more Niubi it, not that socialist values ​​back pumping universe version of it?"

"Frankly, this alien is not the author's writing class," village teacher "I saw the plight of the loss of stiff, one sensational."

"Teachers profession is sacred, very understanding of the industry, especially in that part of the dialogue between the aliens see me cry. Yes, I am a physics teacher, had recommended this to me every magazine students of the class. "

"Special order" village teacher "buy sci-fi world, if able to download a separate like a novel."

"Although I am a liberal arts students, but these physical junior high school is still a little impression. Fortunately, I did not smoke or I'll totally not answer these mechanics, I have to drag the Earth!"

"Just read the Lin Han's" Village Teacher "

, I am a little cry. Inside with poor ignorant described, rural teachers stick with hardship, I am quite fathers spoken of, the real situation is worse. Maybe I'm not really a fan of science fiction, science fiction which I saw a large segment of the imagination, I have a direct skip, science fiction reading in my process is just a series of action plot, build an entire virtual world, but does not prevent me like the novel, you must give five-star. "

At this rating is not particularly large, after you buy the magazine, of course, read the first time, and so after reading, thinking or commentaries will write up a long comment.But added micro - Bo on top of some of the original Tucao science fiction fans suddenly changed camps, the director of science fiction is really fit to eat this bowl of rice, place - for women write fantastic.

Some Internet users in the "science fiction world," the official micro following message: "Xiao Bian ah, and quickly printed it, I am waiting to read the novel it, really can not afford eye electronic screen, the evening saw" village teacher "after feel uncomfortable, I also want to see the rest only buy the paper version. "

"The author is Lin Han aliens? Lie, right, where he will write this novel to the level of today is not April Fool's Day."

"Upstairs, you're out of! Really is that ruin tireless forest guide book, this time he wrote the novel, if adapted into a movie, it will not destroy."

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