Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 23 pairs championship standings

Chapter 23 pairs championship standings

"Village Teacher" in an article in the National Physics teacher circles slowly spread, word of mouth after fermentation, these teachers will always be inadvertently referred to the novel, they not only buy their own point of view, even brought this as an example to tell the students, so that they recognize the importance of learning physics.

While the remaining types of teachers did not miss this opportunity, if not physically able to get the title of it, but what chemical or biological how to do?

We can not side branches, to fully develop the job with a novel narrow the distance with the students, and entertaining, slowly changing the students' ideas.

Almost every local book kiosks outside the school as well as bookstores are sold out, only had one week to sell four fifty of "Science Fiction World" sold out the first day, inventories are gone.

Jia Buzhu always be someone to ask, every moment there wearing uniforms, carrying a bag of students to ask in the end there is no latest issue of "Science Fiction World", which allows vendors saw a steady stream of business opportunities, wait for them to be printed quickly and then get over to fill the market demand.

If you really want to calculate what the country's best-selling book, all the magazines had to make way for supplementary educational materials, each student will have a lot of supplementary information, the number of students across the country, the number of books sold is almost astronomical .

"Science Fiction World" Of course not, reference books, but so many people are asking Jiabu Zhu, a number of passers-by do not watch sci-fi text have been affected, and I want to know what there is in the end appealing.


University City, a bespectacled college students are looking for along the road near the bookstore, snow falling on the body, holding an umbrella girls hot drinks brisk walking, to laughter from time to time issue.

"Boss, you are here as well as" Science Fiction World "? I want to kind of 11 issue of."

Mao Wenbin looking forward to watching the boss Beauty, this was his fifth walk of the bookstore, and if not, then we would really cry out, had their own every issue did not fall, but this time just too late one day only, how everywhere you sold out?

"It is another."

That beauty shopkeeper shrugged, sighed and said:. "I'm sorry, our side has been sold out, although there is no science fiction world, but also the rest of the magazine, you can choose to look at."

Mao Wenbin hear this tone, it seems that before they have had a lot of people to ask, so he asked, curious: "Every previous period" Science Fiction World "are very good buy, and why this issue will be out of stock it, I sold out everywhere, really annoyed. "

"It's like high school students nearby to buy it, directly to a group of people bought all of them, saying that they see the teacher recommended reading materials, junior high school students have. I did not see the specific content, I do not know talking about what is. "

"Well, here you get me one when it? If there was, then, be sure to give me leave a ah!" Mao Wenbin do not want to miss such a one, he was wondering what in the end is not going to happen online inquiry anything.

That beauty shop owner smiled and pulled out a book to register, "you first get here to register a shortage of it,I've been looking for distributors over there ask the sender, do not know when to go to. Wait, I'll call you. By the way, if you're really anxious to see it, you can download it to buy the electronic version. "

"" Science Fiction World "as well as the electronic version? When did this thing, I do not know."

Mao Wenbin since that is loyal hardcore fans, but never knew that there is an electronic version, he was very curious.

"It's like six months ago to get out of it, but the number of people using this stuff has not been much, people still prefer holding a paper magazine reading, electronic reading less, not how large-scale publicity."

"All right, I will go back to see the boss, remember to inform me!"

Each issue of "Science Fiction World" has a collection, Mao Wenbin do not intend to miss this period, he turned Heating bookstore open from the inside out, cold north wind so that he could not help but shudder.

After returning to the dormitory, he will hang off the outside of the coat, himself a fast turn on the computer, and then search for it, "Science Fiction World" electronic version of the trail.

The country's largest e-book download legitimate channels located watercress reading, there are vast amounts of resources can be downloaded genuine, not just "science fiction world," as long as conceivable magazine can be purchased for download.

Watercress even kind enough to read the copyright of foreign companies have cooperated book some foreign writers can buy, not limited to the translation, and even the original English version can be downloaded.

Now magazine are aware that in the future development direction of mobile reading above, so all of a effort to seize the top position.

Mao Wenbin there IMDb account, there is no need to re-register, log in directly on the line. Reading in the watercress on the main page, left column is today's best-selling list, came in first place of consternation, that "Science Fiction World" of 2016!

Point to open the cover, Mao Wenbin see the price, paid download price is 2.99 yuan, which is 3 dollars, which for a length of 8 dollars cheaper price for the paper version, and can be stored in a computer or mobile phone, tablet PC, the reader above, carry, want to see, it is still quite easy.

After clicking the download, the first time he started reading it, I want to find out why the best-selling issue of the magazine, mesmerizing, even forget to eat the dinner.


Lin Han at this time have borrowed two books reading, science fiction development of the world is relatively fast, comparable with the Earth, and even on some points there is consensus, but a lack of will

They sum up.

Put the book away, he said to himself:. "Go to the library to borrow two books tomorrow, see more before you start writing."

Since that after the sales of the magazine, he is not sour waist, legs do not hurt to eat Well Well incense, but does not appear to Chen Jiaxuan some concern, across the room at night the lights are not lit, fast two days without seeing people really some concern.

She wants to care about, can not let Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan illusions, travel broker in entertainment is a common thing, to accompany the artist to a provincial television station recorded programs, it may go somewhere to make a movie, to accept the award or to the brand site.This time, internship editor of the magazine "Science Fiction World" Wang Yifan to Lin Han of qq sent some shots, then with map, said: "Lin, today we hit the electronic version of the magazine's best selling records, most of which leave a message in the evaluation of your novel. "

Lin Han points to open this image and saw that the sales statistics of this consternation, that the watercress reading, in the magazine on sale 48 hours, the electronic version of the full price of 2.99 yuan sold out 480 000!

480 000 What is the concept?

This issue of "Science Fiction World" not only sit tight in the standings week sales champion, and even on the list gave occupied!

You know it's just spent two days only, other magazines are sold for 22 days, but to occupy absolute advantage weekly chart with the monthly sales chart champion, attracting more people to click to come buy.

Monthly sales standings runner-up "reader" month sales only 450,000, but it's a full physical book sales are more than five million copies, the highest sales record even a single break 10 million in sales.

Thus, the electronic version of the version with a huge gap between the entity sales, but "science fiction world," but gorgeous breakthrough in people's cognitive, physical sales will keep pace with electronic sales made up almost one to one ratio !

Due to insufficient number of entities version, a lot of people buy the paper edition of "Science Fiction World", so will this surge in sales of the electronic version of situation occurs, not only to readers surprised, and even some of the industry's heavyweights are surprised endless, have called to ask insider.

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