Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 22 sold out

Chapter 22 sold out

[Feel like playing a single game in a person, but please come support point, so to see someone of bacteria has been accompanied by ah! ]

A full day, Lin Han spent in worry about the outcome, this is his first article written science fiction, even if there is "Science Fiction World" received a lot of editing, even if there are many science fiction author microblogging deleted from the move, but decided reputation with sales always readers.

Anxious to refresh the network, to see if there is the latest evaluation, and yet a little afraid to see, opening and closing, opening and closing, keep the cycle, is the quiet heart to no less.

This fear of the unknown deeply troubled him, simply can not write something, it can not read the novel, all day long unexamined.

Fortunately, this time, a text message sent to his cell phone above, this is based Friends of Wang Hao during his college sent a message.

"Lin Han, you are finally willing to back off, college writing you feel particularly good, should go to screenwriter, and now it really became a writer. I can see you write long novels in the fog here, very good, picture sense, than many novels have easily onto the big screen. "

After seeing the news, Lin Han found himself actually has been for some time no contact with him too, do not know this man Where a crew to go.

He quickly with a finger on the touch screen typing, replied:. "Among the total busy Hao had been able to focus on my novel, it really is love ah What are you doing over there in the fog-long film base, which recently joined the cast ? "

"Well, I am not yet joined the Chinese TV? TV Toupai result of" Journey to the West "in the shooting lack of people here, I was transferred from Yanjing came here did not even heating, thanks to cold body shake, cold I'm dead, do not know when to go back. "

Wang Hao small family background, he graduated from the university was the Chinese television stations to recruit in, but also full-time employees, backed by a good shade tree, so he's been all kind of comfortable easy life.

Lin Han saw his friend sent me a message, so awkward before deciding he did wrong, Chinese television film "Journey to the West" after rubbed his eyes, this is big news ah!

The world inside the Chinese television CCTV just about the same position, and even influence broader, "Journey to the West" has always been a big ip, previously due to opposition from the descendants of Mr. Wu Cheng-en, has been unable to shoot.

It is now estimated that the technology is mature, so just start up with a Chinese TV drama shooting, trying to create an absolute classic TV series.

Memories here, Lin Han could not help but began to sympathize with the young people from this world, even the TV series Journey to the West that have not seen, childhood really is not complete, just want this life, "Journey to the West" was still able to replay thousands of times.

"When you go back Yanjing, and we drink together, I have not come together." Lin said John replies with his friends in this life is not much, so do not want to lose any of them.

Wang Hao SMS followed, "Of course, you're a great writer, when I want to save the signature down. You've got the Nobel Prize, etc. can be used as a family heirloom, the director over there to start shooting,I have in the past to help, talk to you next time ah! I have to give the director a good impression, but also expect to directed one episode of it, I do not know Chu Yao Wuji country or state or Communication Arts Yuhua. "

"OK, you go busy, expect to see that episode you're shooting on the TV."

After the phone aside, Lin Han only smile together, that want to use science fiction to get the Nobel Prize, even if only a nomination than the prohibitively difficult.

Meaning can this difficult challenge it not through his own over where it?

If only to be famous, to make money, just copy the last generation that saw science fiction come out ok, find someone to a wave of publicity, the embodiment of the best-selling author is not difficult.

But human beings must pursue a little bit, now before Lin Han's will have a lofty and ambitious goals, won the Nobel Prize nomination, even winning!

The goal is not afraid far, as long as the step by step slowly toward the front of the development, will one day touch, followed by Lin Han figured, covered immediately filled with dry vigor.


"Science Fiction World" magazine Inside, the staff in charge of sales statistics are busy processing the data, so much up and down the country data collection here, most people simply do not understand something here display above.

"A little money, Tan editor so that you come across, you put the latest statistics bring it."

"Yes, soon past."

Holding freshly baked data, money editor walked into the office with a smile, after he knocked on the door and said: "? Boss, you come to me."

Covered refined middle-aged man turned, he smiled and said:. "You sit first, then talk about the sale of this issue of it."

"It was the last time less than a day, but now, with the 10 monthly sales increase compared to the same period sales of more than 5%, statistical data is currently sold 450,000."

A monthly magazine type ** can sell a total of one hundred thousand, which will occupy half of the previous two days, followed each day in descending form, which is the norm.

Of course, there is the route to go word of mouth, if there was science fiction God made the article, it will be the first day of sales of the outbreak, but also more long-term selling, it is possible to break one million.

Now the first day of sales in this issue of "Science Fiction World" but also an increase over some statistical data is 450,000, there are not timely feedback data back to a place, a rough estimate about, and that is exactly fifty million copies.

"Sales is very good, the dealer called over there, good

Several cities have emerged out of stock situation. Now let's do an emergency replenishment. "

As if the thought of what little money, he added: "In fact, we found that large statistical data results, where the first sales of light are in the vicinity of schools, stalls near the school are generally the most adequate supply amount, but they It has chosen the first sold out, so strange. "

Is Yuehua Jian, another staff member knocked on the door in a hurry, then breathing heavily answer them: "editor in chief, at present we have received quite a lot of feedback, a lot of places to redouble our supply, is said Dongyang region, Xinhua bookstore Yanjing region are sold out."

"? So hot," Tan Lin frowned, he spoke and said:. "You notice it all the members, we immediately opened a short meeting, after the meeting determines the number of printed, and now first stabilize these dealers"

"Science Fiction World" printed every time the amount of eight hundred thousand conducted in accordance with the situation of rare printed, only two or three times a year also, now in the November issue of the absence of God attract large, but tenacious get more orders, this had to be a small miracle.

"A little money, you go back ready to meet, remember always monitor the change in our sales."

Tan Lin seen the storms did not rush, printed matter must get a suitable figure it out, not too much nor too little, we need dedicated staff given sales expectations for the job.

On this day, "Science Fiction World" in many bookstores, newsstands are selling off stock, and the purchase is precisely the main force of some young students.

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