Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 21 to learn physics, save the world

Chapter 21 to learn physics, save the world

Driven by Chen Yang, and this one, "Science Fiction World" in the hands of the many boys class squirming, kept urging them one by one in front of people to see quickly, quickly let himself take a look what it's like science fiction to the text so attractive.

However, a short class period, after all, only a dozen people in the class to read the rest were eagerly waiting for Chen Yang, Li Yideng people described.

"Chen Yang, you are not stupid? Now class, rushed to the school gate to buy it, late may not buy." The same table female students could not stand, she could not help but remind these stupid classmates.

"For ah, I though that this teacher pay, but also to buy a big deal Well do not eat breakfast tomorrow." Chenyang quickly stood up, he cried in the classroom: "There is no brothers with me go to the school gate to buy a sci-fi world, off to team up together! "

"I am! I'm going to, and so have not reached a lesson for me, and you too much."

"That is, pass the pass was cut with Hu, I simply buy their own."

"Bleating, go with go with, we hurry up, otherwise the next class will be late."

"Mo Yama next class is class, fast punch!"

A group of boys wearing uniforms ran screaming out of the classroom, one by one out of the classroom building, a race against time to go to the school gate, across the door to let the boss newsstand took several of the "science fiction world," Come, then quickly turned around and running back.


Teachers in the office at that time, South Korea will pay to fly over the "Science Fiction World" aside, with my colleagues across the desk Tucao said: "Today's students, is really not as good as the next session, the class also look at these magazines, this is how Well, coming up next year the college entrance examination, not to mention scores go up, people really worried. "

"" Science Fiction World "? They also look at this stuff ah class, would be a good beat, I saw a lot of dots are arranged a job on the line, they ah, that is too busy."

Physics Group of the middle-aged teacher readily to take over the magazine rolled, high school science class faculty offices are here, so we are all acquaintances.

Just no class sections that follow, the bald physics teacher will not stop at all, from the top of the magazine has seen "village teacher" over there.

"Laomo, you take a look at this science fiction, really interesting. Before his death, a village teacher taught the students Newton's three laws of mechanics, the last of these three laws with students memorized save the planet."

"What do you mean, I will be back this most basic laws will be able to save the world, it is too pull."

"Anyway you look at it, I find it interesting, not only in these areas, about the reality of the kind of description is particularly in place. I have a student went back to the village to become a teacher, he could hear the previous year news, now flies did not know how. "

"Who did not look old, I think. Threw it, I'm too lazy to come."

"What is your name, I see what this author also wrote science fiction, very interesting, do not look very good development of our country now, but in mountainous areas with poor people still have this quiet dedication own."

These idle no class teacher slowly being circulated,Each note down the name of the novel, they always had a sense of empathy on the inside.

There are other species of the universe directly dissemination of information, only people on earth with teachers choose this profession to deliver knowledge, no genetic memory.

As transmitters of civilization Eternal Flame, teachers act as knowledge transfer between the two bags of life on the media, let the aliens with the highest Senator consuls were astonished, this is the era of the words Galactic Civilizations Pacific.

This allows every office inside the teachers are truly proud of, there is a feeling of being recognized, they naturally pay attention to the rest of the contents.

"You do not find this authors understanding of physics is quite comprehensive, not the rest of science fiction as casually Luanxiang. Which involves the Milky Way war, with stellar fuel when flying, including culture tests questions are evidence-based . "

"Composed of the smallest unit of matter, energy flow characteristics of objects, as well as the ratio of the circumference of a circle with a diameter of sources star power, the basic principles of biological evolution, on the interpretation of mechanics is also in place, the example just cited is that it gives students I can understand. "

"This is the real science fiction, both linked to imagine any connection with reality, although I see much, but this one is definitely regarded as excellent."

"Wait a minute class, I recommend with our class kids and let them see the importance of physics to learn."

"Ha ha ha ha, good idea, I'll try. Now I began to doubt it, that the author would not be a physics teacher countryside it, write so close to reality."

"Internet search, a search of it, people can write this article, most of the already famous, I want to go now before he wrote those books bought a look, do not know if I have a collection."

"Xinhua Bookstore to go after work, and I Shunpian Mai two books to prepare lessons."

It's that moment of effort, these teachers was to circle Lin Han powder, and even willing to go to him and see the rest of the book, but these people are doomed to disappointment, he could not be a new new new.


Dingding Ding quickly the bell rang, bald physics teacher Dian took their lesson plans came marching bells, sophomore class eight students one by one to straighten the back, and waiting to class .

"Okay, class."

"Hello teacher!"

"Students, today in front of the class, I would like to tell you that story, I do not know there is no class

Students see the latest issue of "Science Fiction World" it? Yes, please raise their hands. "

Li Dian usually very less nonsense, he uncharacteristically stood on the podium today, with the patience to communicate with these students.

After completion of these words and asked the class students who have laid their heads together, do not understand Dian in the end what it meant, these days are gone for a while no one raised their hands.

"No one? I do not want to collect your books, but want to talk about one of these articles book review it."

At this time, sitting next to the window wearing glasses chubby pier with weak raised his hand, look look a little scared, "Li, I read, but I always use their spare time to see."

Dian smiled,"Nothing, which has a novel called" rural teachers' complaint about a group of students to learn the physical mountain rescue story of the world. If one day you copied later by aliens, you can guarantee themselves through their civilization detection, let the Earth will not destroy it? do you remember Newton's three laws of mechanics do together to say I listen. "

"All unrivaled in the absence of external force, is always maintained uniform linear motion or stationary state of the object and the object acceleration suffered engagement force proportional to, inversely proportional with the mass of the object, the direction of the acceleration in the same direction together with the external force. with reaction force between two objects in the same line, equal and opposite direction! "

These students rushes to recite these three laws, one scrambling, inside the classroom and some mess.

Dian heard, was very pleased, he said:. "Well, at least you have the ability to save the world, let's return to the textbook, start learning today, turn to page 76"

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