Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 20 Huobian campus [seeking votes in seeking collection]

Chapter 20 Huobian campus [seeking votes in seeking collection]

In fact, the magazine of the National Distribution will never be completed within the same time, on the 20th but the vast majority of the city's newsstand cover, and the remaining few days to continue the rest of Distribution, but people everywhere are on the 25th able to buy the magazine.

In strict copyright protection now, but reading the trend is particularly fierce, fundamental sales 800 000 less than in the first three rows, and even the top ten are very difficult, even some magazines to sell millions of copies go.

Now is too early to sales statistics, the magazine concerned or in the evaluation of this one, draw some conclusions, take a look at the layout is the next issue or need to improve the feedback from readers, the repercussions of which types of articles than well, we asked him what the author can continue.

As a student and a youth-oriented magazine, "Science Fiction World" readership are biased younger than what readers meaning forest, Concert which is a little younger, readers coincidence rate is not very high.

Chen Yang is a second high school sophomore student of Dongyang City, his biggest hobby is to read in school, each issue of "science fiction magazine" did not fall, the annual Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster are also contributing to the cinema box office he did not know about the network above quarrel Lin Han's.

Usually every day, so much work, seeing to the third year, where there is free time to brush it, and taking the time to look at science fiction is the greatest fun.

The school gate stalls selling magazine a lot, then took the magazine from the familiar hands of the boss, Chen Yang can not wait to open the road to read, or even have therefore been hit utility poles, but never wanted to turn over.

Open directory, all the contents of this issue appeared on it, "Centaur signal" that looked interesting, is only a few pages, a little short.

"Star Cruiser" is finally out in Chapter 8, can be serialized to now a bit tasteless, these can not attract his attention.

However, when he moved to the back of the eye, but was taken aback, "village teacher" This article is actually sent to the "Science Fiction World" magazine above, and returned to the nine-page layout, this is simply a miracle!

"Alien? Who is this pen name, ah, actually talk to God a big sci-fi treatment, wait a minute certainly a good look."

After Chen Yang came into the classroom, it will open the bag, took out a book on the table to be taken to cover up while "Science Fiction World" on the desk below, pretending to watch the bio book, in fact, quietly reading a magazine.

This set of actions to practice for several years, he has never been caught before, the ability to do two very strong.

This does not, the teacher lectures in the above, he was quickly put in front of several novel read, and now finally turn to the "village teacher" is here.

"He knows that this last lesson to be told in advance.

There was another pain hit from the liver, so that he almost fainted. He had no energy to get out of bed, they struggled toward the window beside the bed.

...... "

After Yang-read a text, could not help but eyebrows, which came on the goods must refuses to live, which in the end is not science fiction ah? Hard to force a rural teachers, going to die soon, the students have begun burning paper to his prayer,The pain is still there in the teacher recollection of events.

After seeing more than one, chenyang patience deceives almost gone, this is where tm science fiction, obviously realist fiction, showed that older people should see, rather than into the "Science Fiction World" inside Come.

"This in the end is what ghost." Chenyang softly whispered together, he readily rolled back, there are many pages did not see, or else forbearance and tolerance is over?

As we continue reading, novels finally moved from rural teachers recalled inside the vastness of the universe, but it also allows chenyang relief.

"In the fifty thousand light-years distant from Earth, in the center of the galaxy, Liang Wannian, a continuation of the interstellar war was drawing to a close.

Milky carbon-based coalition of Starfleet, completed this first transition time and space cruise. "

Turned out to be carbon-based alliance with silicon Empire completed the war, and carbon-based coalition won the final victory, describing generous, detonated a war thousands of supernovae, all kinds of chaotic space-time structure, chenyang see direct ecstatic.

Human is also a carbon-based organisms, but are not eligible to participate in the Star Wars games inside that carbon-based coalition, but now the crisis come to be the highest Archon carbon-based coalition under the command of Parliament, began in the buffer zone star civilized detection.

Lower sacrificed life of isolation zone around the star, so the use of silicon-star Empire when the resurgence of interstellar jump, what kind of civilization is the low level of civilization, and that is lower than the 3c standard.

Unfortunately, Earth in the carbon-based Union set inside the buffer zone, if not detected by civilization, then all life on the entire planet will destroy them together!

Yang-heart pulling up at this time, in the end can not be reviewed by these alien civilization it!

"Chen Yang, Yang-!"

Great sound suddenly rang, Chen Yang was thrown into the desk inside his own at the same table with his elbow after the panic will only remind the magazine above the knee, then quickly lifted their heads and looked gravely biology teacher on the podium.

This young biology teacher slowly walked down from the podium, he knocked chenyang table, "To be honest, on the podium you can see all the little tricks, play phone, chat, daze, look in the mirror, I just hate to say it. Chen Yang, you see that book to me. "

"Korean teacher, I will not, and can not fail to get their Yeah, I have not read." Chenyang pitiful said, to deal with the young teacher's method is more useful for mercy, you do not have much gap


Just behind him that sentence so that the entire classroom of students burst out laughing, not read, What the hell!

"Ha ha ha ha, Chen Yang, you go to the office after class Korean teacher to see chant!"

"Otherwise you have read again and so pay up?"

Young Han teacher turned and looked a group of students to make trouble, "I'll help you keep, look at the situation again back to you."

Chenyang reluctant to "Science Fiction World" out, reluctantly handed Han Fei, like a piece of meat cut from the heart, I had just seen the most important place, after the detection of a few civilized planet because failure has been singularity bomb to destroy,Now found Earth, the Earth's fate is not known, the magazine will be flying to South Korea away.

After class, Chen Yang slouch hung his head, "Well, if I let a few minutes to see just fine, that was right **, I'm feeling uncomfortable."

"Bleating, what magazines you that, really that good?"

"Yes ah, to class so ecstatic, I can kick your stool several times no response, themselves seek death."

"Hello old Han gave a few chances, the result of so many people around to remind you, Leng Shimo feel, if the class teacher invited to tea, we are waiting for you to remove it."

"We talk about you in the end to see what chant."

Chen Yang raised his head to quickly enter the Amway model: "I was watching" Science Fiction World ", which has a novel called" village teacher ", written super nice, got you a son of a bitch I thought wait a minute lunch. Do not sneak time to go back to reading the magazine steal, now completely not in the mood to class! "

"" Science Fiction World "? I bought ah, but I plan to nap time quietly watching." Another boy opening the classroom saying, he whipped out an identical magazine from the bag inside, which makes Chen Yang quickly revitalized.

"Ho brother, lend me not to? I promise next time to help you when on duty, under the line next time!"

"I need to see it in the end what is good, show me the pictures."

"Do not worry, you read this section of the political class quietly to me, anyway, we science students are playing the political class."

"Li Yi, Ah you do not jump the queue, I came in behind Chen Yang, give me!"

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