Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 19 Offer

Chapter 19 Offer

In the sci-fi author's noisy silence with the readers of the novel, the time quietly came to the "science fiction world," the release date, from printing to bookbinding and then to National Distribution, the magazine orderly busy, everyone is looking forward to this sales with the evaluation period.

Until students carrying a bag to go to school, when adults who walked to work, with the kiosks in each city bookstores have quietly put the latest issue of "Science Fiction World" placed in a prominent position.

China's cultural development very rapidly, reading is a trend, on the subway, on the bus, holding a magazine or a book to read no longer a minority.

To choose books very much, with the development of various types of literature, it seems that it touches on science fiction literature has become a short board, Chinese science fiction still in its infancy, only one-tenth of the US audience.

Science fiction is mainly to expand the scientific literature and art conceived by the way, giving inspiration in the ideas above, incentives, so that readers can learn about some of the realities of science and technology as well as development trends, leading the reader to this vision for the future and innovative.

This is also a work of popular science in the "rural teachers," which Lin Han just write novels, will allow readers to feel content three classic Newtonian mechanics, feel the vastness of the universe and its own scarce.

The classic science fiction novel ring mostly in Europe, have a variety of themes emerged, artificial intelligence for reverie, thinking about the universe, the stars, reflection on the end of the world as well as anti-utopian ideas that can open the spaceship with aliens war, the destruction of Earth can also Imagination, whether robots rule the world hundreds of years later, after hundreds of years of human will lose language skills?

With the progress of the times now, it seems science fiction writers have imagined the world has finally arrived, from a few years ago, people did not understand what in the end is science fiction, but now more and more like science fiction readers.

Many science fiction magazine sales are not bad, some of the top science fiction writers can barely among the best-selling writer.

There is even a saying that people are carbon-based life, but people like science fiction but it is composed of silicon, this generation tightly bound together with silica, modern products, modern ideas revolve around the silicon.

Now most of the things we use Western invention, crazy group of people had asked the ultimate question, this has been the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, the development of science and technology to stimulate industrialization, appeared awkward phone, the Internet, which appeared in science fiction future life may also occur.

Many years ago, when Verne wrote Haideliangmoli, from the moon to Earth, around the moon and many other works, he put forward the idea many have been implemented extraordinary imagination combined with scientific thinking, was praised as prophet scientific age.

Now is the best science fiction novel of the era, the young people are the future of the Imagination, acceptance of science have reached an unprecedented height, creative garden Chinese science fiction novelist is attracting a lot to open up, to work!

In this era inside, "Science Fiction World" sales of each issue are more than eight hundred thousand copies, and - sales of the magazine "science fiction show", "science fiction King", "World Science Fiction Expo" and so is not small,Together, they prop up the backbone of Chinese science fiction.

Long-term buy "Science Fiction World" readers had long been looking forward to the latest issue of the sale, on the 20th morning, these people get this issue of the magazine from a nearby newsstand, then read up intoxicated.

Lin Han here is the annual edition of the book directly with the postman delivered logistics management at district, do not go out to buy, is quite convenient point.

But in order to get first-hand information, Lin Han scarves tied around it out of the district, the area outside the newsstand with the boss sets from a near.

"Boss, here you have to ask one of the latest" "No?" Sci-fi world

Newsstand is not large, small room inside a small very bright sun baking oven, all kinds of magazines are placed in the shed outside the newsstand, rows and rows of very neat.

Boss sitting on a chair looking at the magazine positively ecstatic hands, Lin Han did not hear the words, completely immersed in it, not afraid of people directly took a book gone.

Most like to see selling magazine, every issue they are the first to get our hands on, and then sold to others after reading such a happiness far more than just imagination.

Helplessly looked at the boss, Lin Han knocked on the wooden desk hand, increased its volume: "Boss, you have here," Science Fiction World "to sell it?"

"Ah, on your left, look up, 8 dollars a, do not bother me."

The boss does not take the unusual way that did not mean sales, but Lin Han stare at, full of angry disturbed.

Lin Han touched his nose, and began to search in earnest, when the sci-fi world in large letters is met his eye, cover probably find a special about the artist, looks very elegant, full of sci-fi futuristic.

In sharp contrast to the huge warships and abjection classroom is very eye-catching, one side is so powerful alien fleet, while the backward rural schools, both of which intersect in the end what is it?

This is shocking for the "village teacher" and specially produced out of the cover, presumably also spent a lot of thought in it, this attention to Lin Han feel very comfortable.

After thumbed through a two, find the directory, Lin Han found that he was "rural teachers' share of space impressively is the largest, full look seventy-eight of breath gave these twenty thousand words published on There's nothing out several issues of serial.

When the wallet to pay, the boss took Lin Han, handing me 10 dollars, and then the hands of the magazine together, revealing a familiar by its cover.

"Come on, you find two yuan, please walking."

Can not wait to sit down and turn around, the middle-aged man ready to continue reading them, then directly asks Lin Han said: "?. How do you like this issue, good or bad," "Boss, you also see the" science fiction world

"Fine, each of which has a good article, in addition to" village teacher ", but I still prefer" cat on the moon "with" future Capriccio ", you can take a look."

"That" village teacher "good or bad, I think before the microblogging many people are cursing this novel yet." Lin Han want to get a real evaluation of the real audience mouth.

Asked what interests after,Indifference swept away before the boss, he was very excited and said: "Big Brother, I tell you, this novel incredible ah, I have not seen such a good feel of short stories this year, and let me read the disposable. write great, I'm watching it a second time, before I was a rural teacher in the end think there is anything to do with science fiction, now we want to take a look at those books again mechanics, so I was drawn to answer aliens question, it is not will kill all of you? "

"There are really so good?"

"That is, I do not brag. You see to understand, this author regressed a bit, reportedly also nominated for the award rematch Galaxy, the night I shut the shop and went back to his vote."

Boss fiercely hear praise, Rao is Lin Han want to calm down, his mouth slightly raised have shown their feelings, "Thanks ah, I take it back slowly to see."

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