Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 17 have questioned

Chapter 17 have questioned

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"That deal, but also the future of your concern."

Lin Han stretched out his hand to, Chen Jiaxuan originally wanted to hold it, she did not expect a direct hit in the palm.

"Then, and now we continue to run in the afternoon when I come back employment agreement will take over, do not worry now you sign."

"Moment not to worry? Who is just to be laid down in advance?" Lin Han said with a smile, his eyes looked at Chen Jiaxuan body, and hate now is deepest winter, if the summer just fine.

Two people return to their homes inside breathing heavily, Lin Han almost feel the sweat to wet clothes, he Gudonggudong saliva after drinking two to rush to the bathroom a hot shower, so that was freezing cold .

The cold wind outside for so long, when boiling hot water from the shower head inside pouring out, all the whole skin shiver, very comfortable, do not even want to leave the bathroom, I can not wait to wash more than two hours inside.

After wiped away the drops of water with a towel, Lin Han mirror above the water vapor erase, carefully observe them, their appearance does not look like the kind of guy entertainment, but more than a normal person or a good part of it, be regarded as public version of the guy, threw even ordinary people in the entertainment industry.

No shadow on the flat stomach abdominal muscles, the most recent year for chronic alcoholics smoke, even the best foundation did not have to toss, only by adhering to exercise to practice figure of the past come back.

Beautiful morning so in the past, before Lin Han took the bread and yogurt sitting at a computer, he landed on the micro - after Bo, readily forwarded the help of two micro - Bo, to help those people made a photo identification of insects with foreign currency, daily helping others to complete.

In fact, at this time of micro - Bo is very lively, but basically nothing to do related to Lin Han, to discuss the amount of the singer days quickly derailed the hundreds of millions, but in some specialized areas, someone questioned him.

"Just to see you online, especially come to you to say sorry, I do not know them so embittered rejection you obviously know it's not your fault, yet they make these things to really chilling."

Li Wenyuan from the micro - Bo made the above article private letter, he actually just ready to put the phone aside and did not think Lin Han on the last line.

Lin Han looked at the inexplicable private letter, could not help but reply and said:. "Nothing, they blow off steam is understandable in the group, and who has this thing wrong, I also have a reason."

In science fiction authors of which, those authors had to pull to stand together and partisan, almost to the isolated Lin Han, and whenever he wanted to discuss what topics together, the entire group quickly deserted down, get in a word with him is that so few broad-minded person by nature.

Over time, Lin Han simply put the group to shield, to save those who talk positively bubbling Hey when people clogging their own, since people do not welcome, why should stick to hot ass cold face it.

"You do not know it yesterday?" Science fiction world, "the official micro - Bo released the news of you after, following a lot of people forward, but this is a small minority of our literature, basically did not how many people are concerned."

After seeing these words, Lin Han'd have curiosity,He found "science fiction world," the official micro, after those remarks released yesterday found, found below with a lot of yellow v-certified science fiction author forwarded this a micro - Bo.

These authors are basically considered a minor celebrity, published or published several works of science fiction in the magazine, but due to the type of niche so that they are not selling author so high popularity.

Zhang Heng: "is not science fiction children's literature, casually write will be able to write out, this is not science fiction if respect for everyone because of his fame and casually mess, novelist circle has long been hell broke loose.."

Lishi You: "three hundred and sixty, very best forest guide or go back to the entertainment, science fiction is not anyone can Dezhuan magazine reviewers now is not tight, but also hundred percent praise. commercialization is too strong, this is not good. "

Hanlin pay: "I personally do not have any prejudice against Lin Han, but could not bear to see the science fiction community foul situation, I hope," Science Fiction World "magazine editors fiction seriously, do not let each like science fiction reader disappointed."

Hu Tian Note: The "hand forward, to support Zhang!"

Jiang-ho: "To be honest, now science fiction is a need to inject new blood, especially in our country with such a huge gap between the foreign situation, but I really do not understand why a director or do not write romance palace fighting for such adaptation fiction, is it like where to fall on where to get up? "


Similarly there are many people, it seems half of the science fiction world are alerted to this end, the real big names due to the identity and fate does not tear open, but this is for those who like science fiction netizens who had been regarded as a shock.

After Lin Han people see these comments forward, he could not help Tucao up against Li Wenyuan: "Mosquito, these people are not out of my mind Do they have read my novels, I like to put one disaster? Star came into the world in general, just so funny. "

"I also think so, as one of the judges of the Galaxy Award, I have read your novel, which is very amazing. Can combine realism with fiction together, people really did not think that this last lesson to save the human race. the best work is never a novel, able to write the most profound mood is king in a limited space. "

Li Wenyuan able to get such a sci-fi master praise, Lin Han very happy, this is the real charm of science fiction, even across the barriers of time and space, but it is still capable of emitting light, you can get people to agree with the favorite.

"See you say so, I suddenly

With confidence. This is probably the legendary writers who, right, can not see each other eye. Today you have the time? We find a place to go into the details of it, some things I would like to consult you. "

"I'm afraid not, I was on vacation with his wife in Hawaii, and now soon to be out of the hotel, so I came back to say, how?"

"No problem, play feel better!"

Talking, Li Wenyuan micro - Bo's picture becomes dark down, two private letters chat with a lot of content.

And this time, he stuck his qq is a group message, the original just off the assembly line Li Wenyuan everyone in the group inside,"I've already seen the" village teacher "of this novel, personally feel pretty good, we should be able to find a relationship with the world of science fiction electronic files to get over there, you can take a look at before you speak, get free time beaten face, painful. "

The news immediately became noisy group to chat, whether it is often chatting and killing or diving glimpse screen are drilled out.

"I immediately went to Zhang Yan to electronic files, to share in the group when the file inside, we do not spread out ah!"

"The same to go with, I'd like to see in the end how the mosquito force recommended the novel."

"Silently say, I just want to to electronic files, to share to everyone at once."

"Mosquitoes, do not because you are friends with Lin Han favor for him, it may have to end flat bowl of water."

"Fuck you, punk is not authentic, did not even tell us."

"Come Fly Lord, I am waiting to read write book reviews it, in the end how Lin Han that book?"

"Represents very good looking, we have the wind being uploaded."

"You are not invited him to shore, do not wear grumble, and I am waiting to see it!"

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