Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 16 literary agent

Chapter 16 literary agent

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The next day, when Chen Jiaxuan holding a carton of milk knocked on the door of their own, Lin Han simply did not react, he stumbled to open the door to her and said: "? So early, what are you doing"

"One day the morn, hurry up and running, you finish step all day spirit of the times." Chen Jiaxuan show up to show off her sportswear, Lin Han then pushed inside the room, "quickly quickly, quickly change clothes to go . "

"Do not go, I want to sleep last night to read the novel to two or three in the morning, too tired now!"

Then, Lin Han to yawn, he did not bother Chen Jiaxuan, self-serving and turned and walked toward the bedroom, warm rooms have heating supply, he slept lying up in bed.

However, Chen Jiaxuan but will not so easily let go of him, "Whether you are writing a novel or a movie, the job must have a good body, the body is the capital of revolution, after two laps to go on exhilarating, come back breath can write a lot. "

"Do not go, you go." Lin Han put his head in the pillow, growled about her, and now only a few will go for a run in the morning run is not what a wise choice, especially in the cold winter.

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan bent should get up, she was ignoring the difference between men and women, the quilt will be opened directly, and open the windows and let the cool air rushed in.

Sleeping Lin Han immediately curled up into a ball, he was confused by this sudden cold air to no sleep, so I had to get up angry, then he spoke and said:. "Aunt, afraid of you before you go out, I change clothes. "

After reach the goal, Chen Jiaxuan like a winning general-like heads held high and went out, leaving only Lin Han shivering in the cold.

Lin Han put on sportswear hides after the key, to follow Chen Jiaxuan together out of the district, which began to warm up next to the park, then jog up.

"You know what? Actually, I have been very guilty if I did not refer you to shoot" out of the solar system, "you will not go to the point where now, maybe you can direct a movie alone, do not back these bear the blame. "

Chen Jiaxuan after running for a while, hands propped on his knees, panting said, these days she finally figured out "out of the solar system," the film inside the transmission of the disease, may look big big investment of the crew actually hiding sewage contaminant.

Lin Han saw next to a bench, then come sit down, surprised asked: "? Can you tell me how in the end it's going."

Chen Jiaxuan leaned back, looked up at the overcast sky, his mouth whispered: "In fact, this crew is a purely for money laundering, with a large ip, good actors to cover for them, saying that 300 million investment, an estimated 250 million have been washed up into individual accounts which, had not any wonder a director willing to take over, as far as we rushed to the silly disk access when the Man. "A way to make a movie of money laundering, which means Lin Han on Earth see more, is the latest example of a starring Donnie Yen "Ip Man 3", which even when a typical SARFT to catch.

300 million investment known as "out of the solar system," the actual cost is very small, few and poor special effects picture, dubbed five cents of special effects, there is not much science fiction scene, does not require much props, as long as the payment of the cost of several actors and then deliberately increase the cost of a publicity release here, the left hand, right hand out, with real money in the movie above is probably only a few million.

Film Board has a Web site with a list of directories with a lot of overseas co-productions, but many simply do not see the film on the market, it still continued annually. The movies make money to make money, lose money that lose money, and now in order to film a hot blood rushed certainly lose money, not make money say.

So long as the film can be released even if the cross, whether it be how high the box office, so "out of the solar system," released at the beginning encountered negative feedback, investors do not have the slightest reaction to emergency measures, but is despite developments do not public relations crisis.

Entertainment sophisticate who are reluctant directed this movie, and investors to finally be able to bear the blame thrown out, new director is the best choice, because the trust will not struggle for power within the crew, directed not give a high price, Later also when the back pan Xia, Lin Han can be considered the best use.

Money laundering is not uncommon in the entertainment business, but at that time with Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan joy to have been carried away, just graduated not long be able to direct a film so well-known, where there is energy remaining tube thing, my head would be come out of the pie was knocked unconscious.

As it turned out, there is no free lunch in the world because of the failure of the crew are all summarized in Lin Han a person, not simply does not wash white background.

After the clear truth of the matter, Lin Han also not too surprised, but rather he comforted since Chen Jiaxuan up: "things have happened, we can not do anything, after you pay attention to points on the line, I probably would have been writing science fiction, right . "

"You think you do not need to write a novel agent yet? Copyright your novels who can help you to expand who can help you talk to publishers bargain, I specifically went over there to find out about American literary agent system, it is suitable for you. you quietly writing a novel, what the rest comes to me, I can find the right publishing a book, but also for marketing, even if you later want to translate the novel into the rest of the text does not need to bother you. "

In fact, the country is still sprout among literary agent, book writers are basically own door to find the publisher or book reviewer own contact with the media

To do publicity for the book.

Lin Han touched his chin, he really did not expect this, Chen Jiaxuan indeed the best candidate for his own agent, she was originally entertainment circles, particularly comprehensive in all aspects, not only understands but also understands the publishing and television, and even animation , games, Internet as well as legal knowledge.

"It sounds good, I believe you can fight for the greatest benefit for me. But now I can not afford to hire you, so after I became a best-selling author say?"

Chen Jiaxuan shrugged his shoulders: "I now want you to sign,10% commission, my eye for excellence, anyway, sooner or later you will fire, so after someone grab me, to settle down to say. "

10% commission is also not that much, or even be price conscience, after all, literary agent to fight for the best interests of the writer, when his work appeared piracy, but also the rights for the writer, the value of a work of channels to achieve at least there are 20 kinds, such as digital rights, television, films, theater, drama adaptation rights, Selected magazine serial rights, etc., which can not make a writer themselves busy, so how could he also thought to write a book it?

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