Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 15 tun

Chapter 15 tun

Now I guess with all inferences are false, not seen before really works did not say. For the writer, the work is the most important thing, even before the crash on something more, so long as to be able to write good works, what people will not be too forced.

Regardless of how users are talking about, but Lin Han attitude is very clear, to spray the first to buy the book I say look at the contents, and so on all 20 publications out again to see the outcome.

Pseudonym breaches does not seem to cause much impact on Lin Han, but rather increased people's curiosity, want to see the director Lin Han community who fail to rural teachers how to write a sci-fi feel.

Read the novel content editors naturally pleased to see, had this little science fiction magazines of God issued a document, but also thought sales would reduce the length, but there is this new force in Lin Han, the sales might even pull up.

No shortage of attention, no shortage of quality, this is obviously a very favorable sales, everyone is waiting for the arrival of October 20, monthly sales are generally ahead of time, such as after the 20th of this month will be able to buy the next the latest version of the month.

November issue is on sale nationwide after October 20 and does not really need to wait until November 1st for the job, which for readers is naturally more comfortable thing.

Suddenly, time is already past five pm, Lin Han touched somewhat deflated belly, he had to reward yourself gastronomy job.

But opened the fridge and saw the day before yesterday to buy the food basically have been eaten, leaving only fired several eggs on the shelves inside.

"I have to go grocery shopping, which royalties in the end what time."

He is now in a rest on its laurels state budget more than eight thousand Although the royalties, but they still own is not enough to pay the rent, do the authors really want to move out of this place?

He is not considered to be another time, place to live, knock rhythmically rang.

Close the refrigerator door, Lin Han frowned thinking, in the end is who will find themselves at this time, few friends, neighbors wicked, which will not come to sell it, so polite.

However, when he opened the door, a familiar smiling face is the "surprise!" Appeared in front of Lin Han,

If you can add special effects, it must have come up with several black question mark on his head Lin Han, which What've? ?

Dragging two suitcases, Qiaosheng Sheng Chen Jiaxuan standing in the doorway, she smiled and said: "? How, enough to surprise you."

"No surprise, a little frightened. What are you doing?"

"Rest assured, you are not looking to spend the night. I was moving it, after we are across the neighbors." Chen Jiaxuan pointed across the wide open door, I have spoken very clearly.

Hey so to move to the opposite side, Lin Han mirror-like mind with himself any good, actually deserves to be this treasure guardian.

Why did not ask to move over, Lin Han looked at the front of the trunk, and brought him directly and said:. "I can help you go into this residential environment is also good, you should come on like"

Lin Han looked back, Chen Jiaxuan surfaced a smile to his face,No not melt ice, proximity and easier in the world, do not believe Nabuxialai.

Chen Jiaxuan house structure with Lin Han exactly the same there are One Bedroom small apartment house, it looks small and yet cozy. Just a few cardboard boxes inside the room there is placed a mess, Health did not do anything, above the sofa also arrayed several packages, but fortunately did not intimate clothing appear.

"Now almost dinner or we go out to get something to eat, let him give you Jie Feng welcome home? Way to celebrate my hair royalties, officially transformed as a writer."

"Really? How much hair, I thought you were bragging, trying to come supervise supervise you." Chen Jiaxuan here is not clear how the magazine to pay, though she knew that the Internet was the exposure, said Lin Han published novels under a pseudonym , but I did not expect to sell much money.

In the eyes of the big brokers, money seems to be just a number, after all, her hands several famous artists, a possible endorsement fees in the tens of millions of millions.

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan watched with excitement, my heart actually has a faint sense of accomplishment, he smiled and spread hands and said:. "Liangwan Zi, sold a thousand dollars, the result of more than a thousand of tax deducted but barely enough we go out to eat a meal, and so really after the publication of the novel and then you go to a fancy meal. "

"Ten thousand money income taxes than a thousand dollars, it's horrible?" Chen Jiaxuan mouth twitched, she did not expect just entered the circle of the novel Lin Han how much money, the million dollars is already full It surprises.

"Relax, so after I make money, you will find that the tax rate is lower than some of your personal income tax. You do not say what to eat, next to the district a lot of places to eat, Chinese Western barbecue hot pot everything."

Wang Hao Chen Jiaxuan stared at, "You just earned a thousand dollars, we will solve it at home, to buy a la carte to buy two cans of beer on the line."

She is not a sentimental man, Lin Han know the economic situation is not optimistic, straightforward proposal forward. At this time, Chen broker net worth can be a lot of money, men artists to make money, she could get drawn into, if not what a vampire-like agent, but two years down can still buy a house in Yanjing.

Lin Han heard this, he had already prepared for the slain of the meal, I did not expect Chen Jiaxuan go so considerate, he smiled and spoke and said: "Then go to the supermarket to buy a la carte, and I do not craft good, but still eat. "

"In order to prevent not you let me eat dinner, or I'll Chef

It. Do not try to be my signature dish braised lion head? "

"Of course, and I have the impression that you can not cook ah."

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan white look, very silent, "I usually have to bring artists, where there is time to eat slowly, basically called take-away or let the nanny to cook."

Brokers also a busy industry, need 24 hours a day, handling all sorts of things, unavoidably have to personally intervene for the job, not only to fight for good roles to good works, but also to get a better reward and better publicity.

Negotiating, listening, fire-fighting, the statement requires brokers to do,Not only steward had to manage people, manage money, wake up every day is a new war.

After the door closed, Chen Jiaxuan carrying a small bag Lin Han told the two men walked toward the area outside the supermarket, then it is time to work, the supermarket is actually a lot of customers coming and going.

They were pushing a shopping cart walking in the agricultural area, pick up really serious, it seems very tacit understanding with the surrounding environment is not unexpected, just like ordinary people in general.


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