Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 14 works speak

Chapter 14 works speak

Hang up the phone, Lin Han took a deep breath, he knows he can not be so smooth path, if no point of twists and turns, it really is boring.

This work reveals his own name with the pen name of the guy in the end still have a sense of proportion, do not advance the content of the novel to the publisher go out, I do not know where to offend him.

After much deliberation seriously, Lin Han have not figured out what they were, he simply called over there to the magazine, ask in the end should be how to do, they want out pseudonym so that would not destroy it?

"Hello, is" science fiction world, "the editorial department do?" Asks John Lin, and he did not want to give here all day long call, others not upset, pour yourself feel embarrassed.

Wang Yifan looked at the caller ID, he Leng Leng said:. "Yes, Mr. Lin."

Lin Han have nothing to condemn or blame the meaning, "Do you know the network above about" rural teachers "Things have been exposed? This time people know that I would publish it under a pseudonym to protect the results almost did not."

"There is such a thing? I do not know, now 11 issue of the Journal of the sample has been sent to the printers to go, no time to revise, how this can do just okay!" Wang Yifan recite, he did not expect to others discuss the results come out, so quickly leaked out.

Encountered such a trainee editor, Lin Han also some headaches, he had comforted and said:. "It does not matter, since it has been exposed, it is altogether fair and square fight it you should believe the quality of this book, then picky people Can not find what the problem is, unless no intention of reading. "

"It makes sense, too, must be our editorial department leaked the news, I'm sorry, we would surely processed."

"It does not matter, might even stimulate people '" concern of this magazine. Besides, it is estimated crowd scolded me after a few days, now not much fighting. "Sci-fi world Lin Han actually see very open, those black powder were long standing grievances have erupted, right now, it has been time-consuming himself.

Is preparing to hang up the phone, Lin Han suddenly thought of something, he asks: "The? I would like to ask the Galaxy Award Essay thing in the end when it ends."

"Galaxy Award ah? Deadline soon arrived, and now the judges are looking at the manuscript of it, the semi-finals finalists will be announced with the next issue, is the" village teacher "of that period. But do not worry, our magazine has already recommended you go the semi-finals is no problem, you do not know could get the first of several. anyway, the December issue of the final results will definitely release out before the end of the year should be able to get a bonus. "

"That's good, thanks."

Galaxy Award finalists have even just to get a bonus, not to mention Lin Han's ambition is far more than that. He will "village teacher" so good novel take competition, the goal is the highest level award, rather than the most basic.

Among other things, "village teacher" Liu Cixin novel was one of the classic short story, by virtue of the novel, Liu got the big prize of the 2001 Galaxy Award nomination readers,And respected by many science fiction enthusiasts.

Even if it is a reprint of the novel in 2015, is still very popular, high quality fiction is not to say, the value of copyright is also evident, Galloping Horse Pictures has begun on the "rural teachers" to invest in the shooting, the director Ning Hao is the candidate .

I'm just sorry that John, when in front of their crossing, still did not see the "village teacher" on the big screen, even Toupai Kong Ergou crew "three-body" gave disbanded, Chinese mainland sci-fi movie still in which dystocia.

But now the world is not the same, if he can turn the novels moved to the big screen, then this not the general sense of accomplishment.

Idle without incident, the phone aside, Lin Han started directly with the mouse refreshes micro - Bo, look sprayer on the network can tell what kind of words.

Chen Jiaxuan said that he found a micro - Bo, was released a number of fans over two million marketing number "no entertainment circle" message: "According to reliable sources, a sci-fi director will be 'alien' in the next pen name magazine published novels in "Science Fiction World", called "rural teachers." after destroying a classic science fiction, he should hand himself to write, and you can guess who's calling? "

The news certainty, there is no concealment of the past when the rest of the star news reports, usually these marketing numbers of most of what Mr. Miss y or z instead are using digital actors, now booing, deliberately set up a little suspense, so as to attract netizens discussion.

A little understanding of the entertainment people know that in the end to say who is the director + sci-fi books destroyed, it's not Lin Han body tag?

So the following reply to users is also very much, a lot of people began to gloat over it.

"I guess I'm John? He finally put the hostility toward science fiction, I hope not to write **, that picture is so beautiful I can not see!"

"FML, which is what the hell. Enough teachers to rural sci-fi hook, this hole was big brain to what extent?"

"Contact with his pen name up, I think this is an alien village teacher, fortunately I do not watch science fiction, the" Science Fiction World "moment of silence for two seconds."

"Mom Egg, I am not a masochist property. I actually look forward to this little novel, I must be a psychopath."

"Aoao wailing, rushed out of the solar system, even if he ruined, do we still want this magazine science fiction world to ruin."

"Day of the Dog, the original such a huge game next Lin Han, he must be sent undercover US imperialism, we should kill our domestic sci-fi to clean, you did not think this is Lin Han!


"I think writing a novel brain Lin Han-dong may no upstairs so big, conspiracy theories are out. Anyway, I do not like science fiction, how he casually toss. By the way, how did not see those people who do black Lin Han , you are disbanded? "

"We are late! Sisters, topic brush up! # # Boycott boycott Lin Han Lin Han # sci-fi world to get out of the entertainment business."

"Rural teachers, killing me, this stock could write a book, it is estimated that the pupil composition. Wait for the science fiction world number 20 first issue, the money is ready, no one do not stop me!"

These comments are very interesting,They can be considered truly passers-by, and there is not much to Lin Han perception, basically holding the excited state of mind, but added the official micro "science fiction world," the magazine - Bo come forward to confirm everyone's views are now exposure, and also have no need secretive.

"November issue has begun to print, the estimated 20-day period to complete the National Distribution Aspect: Lin Han carrying at science fiction - women make." Magazine landed rural teachers, "the editorial department won praise hundred percent Galaxy prize essay preliminary results already. the semi-finals the list published in the magazine last page, congratulations to enter the semi-finals of the writers. "

In this micro - Bo also pay below a cover of the November issue, full of sci-fi feel of the stars look very mysterious, and even a "village teacher" the words of the recommendation on the cover, it looks like the main general.

Since they are official - the micro, Lin Han also openly forwarding, and said: "All the works speak, on the 20th we welcome the reviewers!"

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