Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 13 seeking collection villain mischief []

Chapter 13 seeking collection villain mischief []

Lin Han sat in front of the computer, his eyes did not seem focal general, looked dazed in front of their minds thoughts turn to fly. Now he wrote his first short story, more than eight thousand dollars in royalties can be enough for him to sit back and relax, have to continue writing job.

It would later write a novel for the job, the magazine serialized some time be invested in social accumulation of popularity, then go publishing route, this slow and steady way to lay a good foundation.

Read science fiction full of thousands of book, which book to write or take over the problem, choose from a broad array of content, each book is so good, it was hard choices.

"Is this not a happy trouble?" Lin Han self-deprecating smile, he built a desktop with the right mouse button to a folder, but is determined not to write down what in the end.

"Well, wait a minute to find someone to talk about, ask the opinions of others."

In fact, Lin Han is still in a confused period, own so many classic novels, if the fall were thrown out, seems a bit too wasteful, it did not play its due role.

Open a chat, find the buddy list, Lin Han Li Wenyuan opening the name, get ready to ask the big sci-fi community, chat under their own idea of ​​the book.

May just as he prepared to enter their own problems, notes the editorial department of the phone calls came, this is to inform yourself over the phone before the draft.

"Hello, is Mr. Lin Han it?" Wang Yifan lowered his voice, he did not want everyone to hear the office.

"Yes, I was."

Wang Yifan know this saying go out to offend some people, but in order to make the "village teacher" published up, he had to open: "Well, after discussion of our editorial department, this book that you think quality is very good, but in order to avoid Some people suffer from malicious slander, we want you to use the pseudonym to publish the novel. "

Lin Han after hearing this, suddenly gains, the original "science fiction world," the editorial people are afraid of their own identity after exposed to, let others suspect all sorts of things.

Since it is trouble, it would address the root causes, through a pen name that no one knows to send the book really is a better choice, and so they would want to consider later peeled off the vest.

So Lin Han reply and said:. "No problem, understand your concerns, I will be fit."

"What do you want a good pen name? We will wait a while to take the comp art group, so please slightly faster."

"Aliens called it."

"Aliens? Yes, thank you for your understanding, royalties have been among the treatment is estimated to be credited into account within two hours, goodbye."

Wang Yifan did not know what aliens under the pseudonym meaning, but Lin Han is concerned, it is in memory of himself, he is not the place of people, but in addition a parallel time and space.

After Lin Han got the pen name, Wang Yifan quickly put the feedback in the past, people waiting for the art department here, and added to it after a take it directly to Tan Lin audit.

In this issue because Lin Han's "village teacher" a full Liangwan Zi, the overall layout a lot more, had they thought about this novel is divided into upper and lower parts,But after separation they found lost all charm.

The upper half of the novel is a complaint about rural teachers last lesson, like most of the realistic novel. And the second half is a complaint about Star Wars story with the students to save the Earth, in front of the text closely related.

Generally speaking, the only famous writer would enjoy such a right, the two or three million words of fiction published directly finished. A magazine paper is limited, Lin Han occupied after so much, we can only cancel one another, and this is no way of things.

"In this way, this document sent to the printing plant began printing and binding, and see sales next month will not change." Tam Lin did not have questions about the final draft, he was soon down instructions.


Lin Han at the moment not in the mood want something new book, after his nostalgia hook up to that point, the people seemed unsettled.

This time, you can not let yourself think too much, simply pour point about sweat tired, physically tired to conceal themselves.

Long-stalled dumbbell finally come in handy again, this pair is alcohol hollowed out body soon soaked with sweat, muscle aches covered up, but Lin Han did not stop, he wanted to push the limits.

Tired paralysis on the ground, Lin Han felt fingers do not want to move about, clothes wet da da's very uncomfortable against the body, in order not to cold, he struggled to his feet, rushed to a hot bath.

Scalding hot water from the sprinkler drilling out and landed on his hair, shoulders, to disperse the chill with tired, the bathroom mist-shrouded, crashed water ringtone to cover up the sound of the past.

After leisurely dry hair, put on clean clothes, Lin Han was holding a cup of hot water went to the edge of the couch, he felt negative emotions inside the body follows the sweat flow out together, now refreshed, full of dry vigor.

Out of cell phone ready to look at the time, the results of several missed calls from Chen Jiaxuan made him quite a headache, do not know this woman find their own what is urgent.

After dialing back, Lin Han will be familiar opening asked: "Xuan sister, just on exercise, did not hear the phone rang, what could you?"

"I thought you were drinking it again, you should exercise more exercise, early to get six pack abs back." Chen Jiaxuan jokingly said, she worried Lin Han perk and then back to normal, but now I find that fear is extra.

"Well, well, or that serious things right." Lin Han some headaches, how she knew she had no abdominal muscles, which is very thin Si fear ah!

Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan hear the words inside the dodge, she did not care, will find themselves always stay behind when the man back one day, "is also about you, or bad news. Informed sources, you use the pen name alien wrote a science fiction novel, to be published next month out, the name is called rural teacher? "

"Yes," village teacher ", the content should not leak it?" Lin Han very concerned inquired, he was told newsroom people the pseudonym determine good over the phone for over an hour ago, and now it was exposed out, if the editorial department inside no inner demons, he does not believe in killing.

"Content did not make the leak, but it caused some concern,After all, you're just a has-been director of small, even your black powder were not who ignores how this thing. I am afraid that in their view, as long as you do not go back to their evil god goddess like, whatever you toss fiction. "

Chen Jiaxuan tone which is full of relaxing, as if this is not a thing worth mentioning.

But Lin Han know that things are not so simple, or busy Chen Jiaxuan will not even make a few calls came, what he did not ask, wait a minute see for yourself to know.

He spoke and said: "I have never been red, but has become a blot on your broker career, its the only one who is not red, but also forced the withdrawal entertainment world."

"I had not thought about it, I am glad to have met you."

It's almost a blatant tone, Lin Han I really do not know how to reply to this silly woman, he opened his mouth, thought Chen Jiaxuan concern rushed to his home, the way she thought of using a variety of methods to make their way to cheer up, and if rejected , and it will not be too cruel?

After a few seconds of silence, he spoke and said: "meet you, I'm lucky."

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