Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 12 under the pseudonym storm

Chapter 12 under the pseudonym storm

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For some people became popular, according to hesitate to admit bed or create scandal, but it will not lead to a news report, splashed water Huadu no shred.

But there are some other people, it can make something palm-sized media felt crazy, but posted a FAQ to help people micro - Bo, Lin Han it among the popularity list, but these are out of the curse.

The next morning, just running back Lin Han stood outside the cell door of the newsstand, he wanted to buy the latest issue of the magazine to see the results to see his name in the tabloid top side.

Although not a tabloid cover, but it can appear as text in the "Daily Express Entertainment" home, which is how many starlets spend money to buy a place.

"Lin Han staged return of tens of thousands of users allowed to get out of a joint entertainment, how far lackluster sci-fi director, inventory details, see the third edition of"

There are also "Star factory", "Star", "Variety" and other newspapers are more or less refer to Lin Han micro - Bo is black event, have to be laughed at.

Standing books Ting Wai, Lin Han stopped in the eyes of the boss wants to kill in the read operation, he felt that if he look down, the boss will be in for the kill, so he spoke and said: "Boss, help me get a the latest "Science fiction World" right. "

Will be published in the next issue of "Science Fiction World" has its own novel, this really is exciting to think about, he will give the money to the owner and then leave, ready to go back to take a bath, and then with Chen Jiaxuan to discuss how the operation is more behind it is good.

In fact, Lin Han hacked message has been nothing surprising thing, he just died down for a long time to re-take hold of it, no one cares who Lin Han in the end tomorrow.


But let the message "science fiction world," the editors think got hot potato, even the editorial department held a special meeting to discuss a small these things.

Tan Lin will be on hand to throw the stack of newspapers on the table, he sat on the front of the chair, and spoke and said: "Now there is a problem put in our hands, you believe that Lin Han written novels ?"

"To be honest, I now feel a little shocked." Rural teachers "have so much content, but also a very good framework, and nothing like a idiot wrote it. If he would write science fiction, but also ruin the book is called mad magic?"

"It will not be a ghostwriter?"

"Anyway, I do not believe this is Lin Han get out of this article, there is not enough precipitation with strokes, you want to write" village teacher "to such content, he has not served as a rural teacher, how can depict the significance of the teaching profession out to change the fate of knowledge of the truth complaint about science fiction, Passing the torch complaint about the history of human civilization, this is definitely not a simple novel. "

"This story is written very sad, extending interpretation of human nature in reality, even if the reader is not really know how to describe science will not affect the plot is very interesting, this entry-level sci-fi books true test of strokes."

"But you thought not, people have the ability to write novels of this level,How someone might go to ghostwriter? This is the nation's top science fiction, and what people are willing to give up everything, to give the reputation of others? "

Directors of these editors you a phrase I discuss together, they could not write, "village teacher" and author of the infamous Lin Han link, which is totally not the same person of the world.

Baron Chen as people discover novel, he wanted to secure this novel Lin Han, then he spoke and said: "In fact, we can communicate with Lin Han look, see if you can use the pen name published in our magazine, this If the missing book, that's a pity a little. "

Wang Yifan in the side desperately nodded, but he is not qualified to speak as an intern, really powerful master himself, the rest just being Lin Han did not want to publish the novel, then do not Lin Han name, pseudonym find out.

Engage in literary creation in this area, take a pen name is a normal thing, most people are not going to get to the bottom in the end is what people behind the pseudonym, unless particularly famous.

Tan Lin touched his chin, he agreed, said:. "? This method is also good, if Lin Han agree, we can use his pseudonym to publish you feel it."

"This is not right, if he was picking out plagiarism or ghostwriting, our magazine unlucky not to follow it?" A bespectacled editor openings saying, he considered competitors with Baron Chen, both want to look at competition the position of deputy editor.

"Village teacher" is Chen Chu River team uncovered high-quality fiction, in case the top prize in the Galaxy spoils, then it is definitely an important bargaining chip promotion, we can not let this story be issued.

Chen Chu He looked at the old Zhang Yan with their own against, he grimace said:. "We have confirmed before, this novel is absolutely original, not a copy, not the English translation of the article perhaps the director Lin Han community It is a fool, but maybe in the science fiction community is genius? "

"Can you prove that he did not find a ghostwriter do?" Zhang Yan and not be slow about her, anyway, he emboldened, Lin Han notorious, most people will be the same idea, though he is a magazine for the sake of appearance, In fact, Chen Chu River just to suppress it.

"Can you prove that he found a ghostwriter do?" Wang Yifan suddenly blurted said, "people would say the police are not guilty inference do, how we do not ask indiscriminate charges to put Lin Han set up."

All eyes focused on the young and reckless little youth who stands to reason that they should intern holding a notebook silently record meeting content on the line,

But this happens people dare to talk back to a senior editor.

Chen Chu He knew this little apprentice has not been to sewage contamination of the workplace, he immediately embrace the words to their side, Wang Yifan help reduce stress, "This is what I think, unless he proves that he found a ghostwriter, otherwise such a good article it should be sent. do not you think the development of science fiction has entered into a bottleneck? we need to develop new content, and this linked with the reality of science fiction is very rare, no reason to let go of it. "

Now the situation into a stalemate, Zhang Yan Chen Chu River with two diametrically opposed,This is not simply made not to publish, but two of the momentum of the dispute.

Discerning eye can see around the "village teacher" excellent quality, as long as the novel was published, it will be able to prevail Baron Chen, Zhang Yan, which is in any case can not be promised.

Tan Lin naturally clear the middle of the two curved round after round, he did not point out, after all, he is the master boss right decision, despite the two men also broke his head or his subordinates.

So he looked Wang Yifan one, he said: "The guy who, you give Lin Han phone to communicate and see what good he took the pen name, use the pseudonym to publish even a ghostwriter, it should also be smelly Lin Han reputation. , with our magazine have anything to do? "

"Yes, I'll go!"

Wang Yifan excited to close the laptop, joy of waiting for the end of the meeting.

Zhang Yan did not reach the goal, he saw some resentment Baron Chen both teacher and student, between faint heart out a plan.

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