Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 11 comeback

Chapter 11 comeback

Almost all of the more than one million fans is the real deal, Lin Han did not spend a penny on it, so the user's activity is quite high, and now Lin Han forwarded micro - Bo came out, immediately aroused the black powder were carnival .

"Yo, this is not a dream life for many years director Lin do now actually in the micro -? Banqi science on it, and so funny."

"And face it, how Zuisi did not drink it!"

"Get out of the entertainment Lin Han # #"

"We have always resisted Lin Han Chinese fans all works! You caused us down so much popular Chinese brother, you actually dare to come out."

"Chinese fans arrived at the battlefield, turned dry Lin Han."

"+1 upstairs, Chinese fans never compromise."

"I am not a fan of anyone, I'm just a reader, you tm ruined my favorite novel, you actually put" out of the solar system "made that j8 look, I black your life."

"Lin Han version indifference .jpg you are not good stay at home, ran out to do what the demon."

"Qian fans expressed irreconcilable with Lin Han, please get out of the entertainment business."

"You ruined my Obama, and then he ran back Pidianpidian, how can there be a good thing. Sisters, turn up, do not let him washed up."

"I am the only person looking at this micro - Bo do so much content a glow worms in the wild looks a bit penetrated?."

"Do not crooked floor upstairs, and boycott Lin Han. Oh, film master came back to help you on headlines."

"Lin dog rolling roll, the majority of users will not forget your black point."


Obviously only over one million fans, but lively degree than those tens of millions of zombie powder star micro - Bo lively more active, but would rather not active in this well, almost no one to help him speak, all personal battle pinch frame, these insults are just a mere trifle, before more of a personal attack or related to the family.

A micro - Bo, a short period of time inside there are nearly seven thousand responses, the vast majority of people do regardless of micro - blog content is an insect in science, anyway Complain say.

There is just such a punching bag, we are scolded, it is also good to vent about the past, even if it's been a year's time, this nightmarish sci-fi movie still retained in people's whereabouts, can not erase.

So much black powder, the vast majority do not because I like science fiction, or like the original novel, but because Lin Han ruin their idol with the goddess, so he had been biting tightly.

"Out of the solar system" as the investment of 300 million blockbuster, go to the actor is naturally a prime, top actor actor Fang Zhenhua known as the entertainment, starred in too many hot movies, acting and appearance both, very popular exuberant.

The actress Zhao Qianqian also had a first-line star, beautiful appearance, solid acting, had even won a foreign film festival after film, also starred in national television series "Love were reincarnated", so many fans.

Brings together the top stars of the three places science fiction film did not become a box office bomb, but these actors to put them blew up, one by one undertakings have dragged the hind legs, not only did the rising trend, but fell a lot.

Fang Zhenhua, played by actor known as the biggest blot on his career,The original actor was the top investor questioned the box-office appeal, more than a year later, still does not appear in any large, only pick up some moderate investment cost of the film, this is simply not consistent with his position.

Zhao Qianqian also not good to go, when to join the original "out of the solar system," the film, she's a studio bursts through numerous drafts, buy the n headlines, micro - Bo marketing numbers have also forwarded, much as actress in the same generation of leaders.

Just when everyone thought she firmly Dangdang to enter the four rising star when the movie box office reputation big rush, investors filed for bankruptcy, become box office poison, become the laughing stock of the media, is to seize the opportunity to overtake the rest of the actress, and the four artistes missed the title, the overall career stalled.

Although Lin Han back the movie failed to bear the blame, and the rest of the actors being affected is not small, that Lin Han not only ruin a film investment company, also destroyed the Chinese entertainment industry's top actor with a big rising star.

These stars are fans hate him, insulted him, the reason why.

Lin Han was hacked so badly, the two stars of the brokerage firm is not a bad idea Tie Jiehen in secret, but now that he does not intend to mix entertainment, and these insults did not mind altogether.

He is now just a writing fiction only, estimates have higher visibility than those of fiction, but this popularity is negative, it seems the whole world is against him.

Turn off the micro - after Bo, Lin Han rose from his chair, he looked at the number of messages themselves constantly beating bottom right corner of the desktop, the group of science fiction authors do still call yourself?

In order not to give himself clogging, tomorrow he intends to look at these messages, anyway, it is not something important, if not invited Li Wenyuan insisted, he would not join in.

Bath, whole body seems to have a fresh, Lin Han wrapped in bathrobes sitting on the sofa and began to read from those two science fiction Today, he borrowed from the library, to know ourselves and know yourself.

In the dim light illuminated in the book, bringing experience the feeling of a quiet night, no one disturb, no one spoke, only his soul and inner dialogue as if it were a paper on a Chinese character has a life in general, this is a kind of beauty to enjoy, is the spirit of relaxation.

But this puts a phone call to break the clean, Lin Han bookmarks put away, then turned on the phone from Chen Jiaxuan, "Chen beauty, why so late to call me?"

"I would like to ask you is

Not micro - Bo number stolen, Xiao Yang just tell me your popular micro - Bo the tenth. "Chen Jiaxuan voice sounds tired, she does not think there are any good black and red black and red.

Lin Han walked over to the computer, he shook the click of the mouse, looking at their own micro - Bo page, everything seems normal, they answered it and said:. "I micro - Bo is normal ah, not stolen."

Chen Jiaxuan patted his forehead, sighed and said:. "Then why do you take things too hard, going to explain to update a micro insects - Bo, but with so many people call you forward, others began to wonder whether you want to back up."

"I think that man needs help, others did not care for her, I readily forwarded commented,Do good only. "Lin Han I did not think there was anything wrong, anyway, no matter what group of black powder hair should criticize, let them criticize enjoyment.

"You can now back netizens line of sight, and a micro - blog on the popular micro - Bo standings last one, by the way also help you to get out of the entertainment this topic brush to the fifth, others admit scandals not so high degree of concern. "

Lin Han said helplessly: "Ok, I understand, after the low-key, not only to forward comments, okay?"


"Then so be it, you go to bed earlier, do not stay up too late, staying up late is the biggest killer of women your skin."

Chen Jiaxuan do not know how the conclusion, why do people always want to comment micro - Bo it, hang up until after she remembered, forget to ask Lin Han know from where these insects information, some of it seems too remote.

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