Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 10, one million black powder

Chapter 10, one million black powder

Group of guys who write science hold back do not know how long, now finally taking it every chance, and began chasing Lin Han hammering away, they appeared to be to fame and fortune, and the result was Lin Han a stick to knock down their colors .

"Out of the solar system" huge losses, investors candy entertainment bankruptcy trouble, which gives the remaining film and television production company sounded the alarm, had a lot of science fiction being approached immediately stalled negotiations, a bad person the entire market, enormous power.

There are examples of this in front, investors are businessmen, they may not be willing to take such a big risk of loss to shoot sci-fi film, so more than a year later, the entire Chinese sci-fi film market very depressed, even with these famous authors did not to sell the copyright to.

Seeing the rest of the novel one earned windfall profits, the historical reality of urban fantasy novels can sell a movie adaptation of the TV series, games, animation adaptation of something, the only science fiction here nothing happened.

Ducks hand so fly, it is no wonder that these people not to face, straightforward spray up inside the group.

If it is in reality, they speak may not be so straightforward, but on the Web, we could not see each other, so the more daring.

"You bane actually came to write science fiction, mosquitoes, our group is very clear rules, right? His novel which was published in the magazine on top of it, as you manage to pull people, they have to meet the standards is it?"

"That Well, what Tun Town can enter our group, then what does that mean? Standard can not be broken into groups, Lin Han yourself Tell me, where is fiction in it?"

"Mosquito mostly refused to let go of his face, so I had to invite him into the group, your reputation will stink in this way, and we can not come to the scourge okay, Fantasy to write it, there is certainly welcome them."

"For ah, Lin director, why do you take things too hard to join in the fun fiction circles, chanting seriously you work inside the film industry, more than a few lousy movies shot on the line, so that we can have a curse thing ah."

"Chiang Kai-shek, what are you sprinkle salt in the wound ah, knowing that no one asked him to make a movie, it does not, come down too want to join us, as though writing a novel may make a comeback it? Serious science fiction is not what people can write you still more to learn from it. "

Cynical too many people, Lin Han did not speak to refute, depriving the original owners could not sell their copyright it is true, so let them toss a while, he himself is set to qq busy, comfortably stroll micro - Bo in the past.

Want to start again, you have to endure the strange looks, withstood the criticism, Lin Han is clear that even the appetizers are not really, and if the media knew writing a novel thing, I am afraid that a new round of media frenzy will appear .

According to Lin Han after the memory inside the account password to log in, found the upper right corner of the page there are a series of tips, the new 310,000 fans, 80,000 new comment number, forwarding number 110,000, the number of points like two thousand eight hundred, or even the number of private letter to more than twenty thousand.

More than a year, this is the first time he login micro - Bo, the accumulation of so considerable a considerable number of unprocessed information.Of course, he can not have true fans, these are black powder, black powder over one million are still far from constant close to Lin Han interviewed face pack made of screenshots, this collision Lin Han somewhat surprised.

Most of the contents of private messages are unsightly abuse, all kinds of clamoring, even related to the family and friends who. So many forwarding comments, praise is meager number of points, or a micro-blog latest in January last year released movie release trailer.

If a glass is the heart of man, the whole network was abusive, entertainment label even get out of the brush, probably already can not afford. But Lin Han now for the soul, look at these things like looking at other people in general, there is little sense of substitution, so do not complain.

All tips are complete eradication, and then set the person concerned can not be accepted private letter, Lin Han decided to start operating their own micro - Bo, at least they are not nothing, there are a million fans, even if it is all black powder.

His Watchlist there are only a few people are "out of the solar system," the original author Li Wenyuan, Fang Zhenhua actor, actress Zhao Qianqian, in addition to several small supporting role or something.

But so many of them, each with his attention only Li Wenyuan, the rest are afraid wants to pull him into the blacklist inside.

"So many people can be nasty, this is a skill ah."

Lin Han talking to himself, he does not know what to say should be the starting point, but do not want to see those messages inside qq group, are also writers who bitch about very little change, a little of both literature and art No.

At this time, when he refreshed micro - Bo, I found the corner I was surprised that a stranger has just released the recommended micro - Bo the news, a blogger named Hunter musketeers made a few pictures, and saying: "At night into the mountains, the discovery of new species, glow worms.'ve never seen, I do not know what bugs, seeking science! aquarium biological male Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunzhi herbarium "

In these photos inside, a bamboo-like appearance of large insects in the grass, when the flash is off, it can see the body sent to the fluorescence, very magical.

Worlds, full of wonders, many people were watching, but really has no answer, his two bloggers little reaction at all.

But after Lin Han look, immediately inside the minds of these encyclopedias insects with the correspondence, while crackling write down their replies, and forwards:. "Punctuation is female firefly light" female light / firefly ", meaning" only the female luminous. "it's not male light, but particularly large eyes, waiting for the night to see everywhere, where there is female light, he rushed past mating"

As a liberal arts students, this was originally in biological weak, but in order to be able to read those terms with which science fiction concept, Lin Han their understanding of all aspects of knowledge, once the various encyclopedias have read it again.

On the past, he certainly can not remember the name of this insect, but now crossing over, bursting with memory, recall it very clear what is the content of the page to see, so return them no pressure at all, is entirely learned the knowledgeable.

This micro-forwarding - after Bo, who belong to Lin Han's fans suddenly excited again,Sample, you actually dare to fraud dead, I do not have to delete the number you spray open vest!

Black powder are loyal regardless of this micro - content-Bo, Lin Han caught on the open spray, accumulated more than a year of fire suddenly poured out, wait for them to morph into a code word Avalokitesvara shouting.

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