Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 9 notorious

Chapter 9 notorious

Back to science fiction from science fiction movies, if it can be considered to return, Lin Han is happy with that. To really own a popular director, I am afraid not know how to shoot a movie, and now write about how great novel of life?

Meet the next after drinking together, two of them were in the coffee shop, because there is a book signing Li Wenyuan, was first past the Zhongguancun Book Building, after all, Yanjing city traffic jam is very serious.

Carrying two books slowly leisurely way until the subway, Lin Han'm looking forward to myself that one day, not only to publish their own science fiction, but also readers to signings, I believe this day will not be too far away.

But he did not expect a storm quietly in the "science fiction world," the editorial department brewing up inside.


Intern Wang Yifan Lin Han get the ID card information, is preparing reported in the past to the Finance Ministry, but one look at the name as well as photos, the people are not good.

He took a deep breath a few breaths, then his master Chen Chu River to pull over, "Master, you see this" village teacher ", also known as the author of Lin Han, is not that the" out of the solar system "that Lin Han made into bad films ah? "

Baron Chen suck down a cold lump before him seeking only to look at the quality of this science fiction that she did not think would be the infamous "director" Lin Han works.

Quickly open the search engine, and then enter the name of Lin Han, the results are displayed in the search results are all inside a variety of negative news.

"How to ruin a novel, Lin Han to show you!"

"Science fiction shame, Lin Han ******** get out of the entertainment business."

"Inventory those novels have been destroyed - as" out of the solar system "led"

"Lin Han was traced to drinking all day, brutally science fiction writer boycott!"

"Interview Huaxia Film Academy, Lin Han name was removed directing!"

"A person ruin a film company, in addition to Lin Han and no one else."

From the many headlines, Chen Chu I finally found a photograph Lin Han do publicity before the film was released, he carefully compared the photos with photo ID propaganda, the people are spent.

"Village teacher" so good novel, turned out to be the notorious director to write out? Could it be to find someone ghostwriter?

"That's him, that people do not look corpuscles, came to our submission doing, which under the miserable, and in the end made not to publish it?"

Wang Yifan thought he had dug up a piece of gold, now booing, yam into a hot, how feels right. If the manuscript Lin Han put up, in case the reader boycott "Science Fiction World" how to do?

Chen Chu He thought for a moment, he told Wang Yifan:. "You being asked not to take the matter to the financial information over there, I went to the editor to communicate to see if his idea, this is not something that we can determine the"

Honestly nodded, Wang Yifan think the world is too cruel, hard to find a good article, the result is that Lin Han wrote, is like a layer cake rubbed ****.

He is also "out of the solar system," the fiction fans, long before the movie release from to look forward to, but the thought of the film before release, media preview, limit point mapping reputation worsened,Scared he did not dare cinema tickets. And after the network above the download resources, he looked angrily over twenty minutes on the video to be deleted, simply subvert the entire novel.

That single-handedly destroy the people of science fiction, has now himself to write science fiction, but also another irony about it?

As Chen Chu side of the river, then knocked on the door of his office of editor in chief, he heard a "Come in." Thus it uneasy screwed open, went, sat editor desk chair opposite.

"Tan boss, we just found a very important thing and want to report it with you."

Are busy communicating the advertising department of Baron Chen Tan editor looked up, and he asks me and said:. "What is it, I said to listen to."

Chen Chu organized a little language, and then things just happened to say a few words to put up a clear: "Author" village teacher "is the story of Lin Han, the whole science fiction hated Lin Han."

"He will actually write the novel? You're kidding, who does not know Lin Han is a idiot, making things veered toward fiction, this" village teacher "obviously masterpieces, did not he ask people to do a ghostwriter ? "

Tan Ming also scared by this news, before you see the "village teacher", he may even feel that this novel won the Gold Award of the Milky Way, but after the clear identity of the author, but he wants to rejection, and this manuscript It is simply very difficult existence.

"Boss, this is not a temporary ghostwriter is unknown, but how do we do now, I really want to publish this up, I think the news media take us to bury those science fiction author will on our resentment."

"But we can not lay such a good novel is not published, right? What if he put the novel on the internet, and that is a huge blow to our professional, this man really is to us out of a problem ah!"


"Sci-fi magazine" editorial continued headache, and Lin Han had just returned home, his qq appeared Li Wenyuan news, "I put you into a group of science fiction, you quickly agree to it, then play the sound with you hello, I quietly signing will take advantage of when you made using a mobile phone. "

He looked beating prompt: "Li Wenyuan invite you to join the galactic nebula group, Agree / reject"

Lin Han hesitated, he does not want to live up to the kindness of others, so we made a point of consent, and then into the galactic nebula inside the group.

"Hello everyone, welcome newcomers Lin Han added,

I believe you have heard his name, and now Lin Han began to write science fiction, you have any good ideas can communicate communication in the group inside, thinking of the collision sparks coming! "

Li Wenyuan management as one of the first to put this passage, he put Lin Han introduce to you.

Nebula group which has more than eighty people, everyone is a leader in science fiction novels sector, the group is the minimum standard published his novel, but only by the person into the group.

Write novels, most of otaku, the number of online actually up more than thirty, had a positive talk Hey group of people suddenly dumb words, Lin Han actually joined the stronghold of science fiction writers?

"I went, it really is that Lin Han?He would be willing to add to the group, which led us so badly. "

"Mosquito, the water in your head? He ruined your novel like that, you gave him something good to say, when you can do so generous!"

"Lin Han? Is that we know that Lin Han? He turned out to be writing a novel, which is not the kindergarten level sci-fi it."

"Ha ha ha ha ha, Probably, that scourge of finished goods to the film industry, and now again the scourge of our fiction circle"

"Hush, people have been into the group, and you do not do this."

"See saw, Ming Lin Han did not say dark words, you put the mosquito." Out of the solar system "made the dog - like feces, also came out disgrace, pretend to be intellectuals, and quickly re-create recycled too.

"That is, I just talk about the film adaptation with the film company, soon signed up, you touch a result, the film ended up that way, people immediately breach of contract, do not buy! No other film and television production company now dare to invest shoot sci-fi film, these are your victims! "

Li Wenyuan are signing will not even think of these sci-fi authors have so much anger, he quickly for Lin Han in the group to explain it: "Everyone misunderstood Lin Han, the film looks good, not his personal fault . Besides, how can there be so much of his influence will affect you? blacksmith must own hardware, copyright did not sell Lin Han is not harmful. "

If not rough rough handling, it is all very right, Lin Han shot at best a bad film it, how can there be so exaggerated influence, but these authors put their anger on the failure of the body to Lin Han, to find an excuse .

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