Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 8, he came back

Chapter 8, he came back

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With the flow of e-mail inside his contract download, Lin Han moment stood up and began to read seriously the toilet door, he did not have legal expertise, but the surface seems to be no problem.

Wanted "Science Fiction World" magazine is not so much a copyright for a ruined reputation, it is simply self-defeating approach, Lin Han believe these people can look at the pros and cons.

But in fact only because of lack of money just can not afford a lawyer, to Lin Han tickets in his pocket, no matter who the contract will take repeated examination, this stuff can not just contract signed, the author is long pit.

Wrote in his electronic signature on the screen, then press the fingerprint, Lin Han hit send, let Wang Yifan to deal with the latter problem, but he endured after the baptism toilet ammonia, and finally walked away.

Lin Han returned to his position, he carefully looked around the table and people on the shelf next to the open book carefully, heavy sense of history here so that we have a strange feeling Road, unknown, seems to loud noise is the original sin.

Different state of mind before and after reading also some impetuous, lively text originally kept flying around, so that he can not quiet down.

"Just more than eight thousand dollars only, now sit still, if the copyright to sell hundreds of thousands how to do?"

In psychological self-deprecating saying, Lin Han stood up, holding the hands of two books that he went straight to the local library card to handle, and he intends to go back and take your time to borrow.

I do not know how, where registration information library of waiting in a queue, waiting for a lot of people are holding a book in which Lin Han had become one of them.

Although the original owners of entertainment gossip was a frequent visitor to ridicule, but as a meteor-like across the entertainment director, really remember his face, not many people are not likely to be recognized on the road.

But suddenly someone behind him patted him on the shoulder, while the familiar voice drifted down, "Lin Han, I am not wrong, right? Actually see you in the library, I was just surprised."

Lin Han met an acquaintance to know, so he turned to look, just this big back head giving her lanky consternation, that "out of the solar system," the original novel author Li Wenyuan!

Although the original owners Li Wenyuan novel looks a mess, but the strange thing is that both of them actually became friends. Original owners liked science fiction, shooting "out of the solar system," is to let him realize his dream, Li Wenyuan often chat with the original owners in the studio as a freelance writer guidance, they do have a common language of science fiction, it is still a lot of contacts.

Lin Han people even if it is to be cast aside when Li Wenyuan in the face of reporters, even behind his friend, said the wrong movie shooting is not ideal is not the director, should not put all the responsibility on one shoulder on the Lin Han on.

But self-pity, shut ourselves up Lin Han day in addition to drinking, simply ignore the outside world, at first glance now after Li Wenyuan, the body also affects the remaining memory Lin Han.

Lin Han struggled to control his emotions, he raised his two books on hand, then spoke and said: "Mosquito ......"

"You finally willing to come out, we went to sit right next to the cafe."Li Wenyuan opening the proposal said, but he was delighted to Lin Han change, at least their friends no longer so decadent, not cynical.

After complete library to handle registration, Lin Han two of them side by side next to the cafe came to the library, the cafe at this time is particularly quiet, occasionally with a couple sitting together Niwai.

Put the book aside, Lin Han solemnly said:. "Mosquitoes, although I know a bit late now, but I'm really sorry, the adaptation of your novel into askew"

"Nothing can be adapted very good, there are a few people can do the film adaptation?" Li Wenyuan actually very open, he sighed, "it's not your fault, do not give you the right clip, released after you give them all to make a scapegoat. "

For this, Lin Han can only smile about the failure of a movie, just to be on his one toss, how are limited. But when the movie drops word of mouth, the whole crew of people move against the spearhead of origin, for the first time alone directed the blockbuster new director has become a scapegoat.

Li Wenyuan Anjiao not good, if they hit their own scars to a friend, he hastened to change the subject: "? That you're busy mainly in what it actually borrow science fiction point of view"

"Those things have disappeared, but I do not have to live?" Lin Han was very relaxed, said, "There is no television crew or have me, so I wrote a novel issue" Science Fiction World ", use this to make money, right . "

"" Science Fiction World "? I am familiar with this, ah, my book," out of the solar system "is serialized in this magazine above before publishing. What is the name you that story, I'll give a familiar editing make a phone call, let he take care of take care of you. "

When he finished, Li Wenyuan took out the phone, ready to find a phone, an old friend to help themselves through this crisis. Director of a science fiction movie, actually come down soon to write science fiction, if rejected draft, and his heart will be much blow.

Lin Han Li Wenyuan quickly reached out to stop the action, he smiled and said:. "No, no, I have passed this manuscript, had just signed electronic contracts, the price of 500 thousand words, just Liangwan Zi, only eight thousand hand"

"500 thousand words? Good this price ah, the couple inside the highest price, had more powerful than me. It seems I'll have to go back and read your book about the job." Li Wenyuan was very surprised, he did not think could be so much Lin Han powerful, easy to get the highest price.

"Next month" Science Fiction World "on the release, you went to buy a copy of the sales rush it."

"Which of my

did not buy? Every time annual subscription together, it seems you do not make a movie, then, can be a best-selling author, wait a minute I have to draw you to our science fiction writers group chat, everyone get to know each other. "

Li Wenyuan really admire Lin Han, can come out from the huge shadow inside, and obtain the corresponding success, this is a very difficult thing.

Lin Han took a sip of coffee, he smiled and said: "Now the biggest hope is that the Galaxy Award, and if you can get the Galaxy Prize money buddies do not have to worry about rent, secure in Gaochuangzuo, when a young artists."

Upon hearing this, Li Wenyuan special tinkling Joseph laughed, "Do not you care about the Galaxy Award judges lineup it? Hastened to bribe me, when I let you into the semi-finals."

"You are the judges?" Lin Han whole people are surprised them, but think also, as China is now one of the most popular science fiction writer, Li Wenyuan of several novels are selling at home and abroad, have a vast readership, also take under American nebula Award nominations, it can be said that the world of science fiction supreme honor, otherwise it will not select the shooting "out of the solar system."

"Before they deliberately let me be the judges, rejected the previous few years, and this year it is not itchy? Did not think lucky hit, I'll go back to see your novel." Li Wenyuan exposed with a huge smile, he stretched out his John shook hands with the forest, and very sincere, said:. "Welcome back."

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