Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 7 Thousand five hundred royalties

Chapter 7 Thousand five hundred royalties

Wang Yifan did not expect to master the evaluation of "village teacher" so high, that he can deliver on it, "Science Fiction World" is the limit, can actually still further, to participate in competition for the Galaxy Awards.

Chen Chu sighed: "Unfortunately, ah, this novel is too short, only Liangwan Zi, if more points, no problem publishing directly."

Then they became high spirits up, "I take the matter to see if they Yang, Gee, this is our group uncovered novel."

Magazine manuscript are cross-audit, must be approved by two editors to publish articles to magazines top, so this "village teacher" spread quickly among edit each other up, prompting discussions of these Bookworm.

"This will not be the old willow vest, writing style more like it."

"Should not it, that he was not old Liu was writing" memory time "? That there is the usage of words and sentences, are not new. Earlier estimates of other types of writers is to write about it and want to transition, realism too strong a. "

"Now so many science fiction author, to write such a framework of very few people, the reality is simply extremely comprehensive with extremely romantic."

"It's great article, will be issued to people involved in the discussions inside, maybe even make a special master to write book reviews. Gee, can actually combine rural teachers with science fiction, this skill is by no means ordinary people. "

"You This author who has information? Wang, which signed up yet?"

Wang Yifan accidentally become the focus of the editorial department, he swallowed, he spoke and said: "? Has not signed, but the other contributors to us, not on behalf of his recognition of our manuscript published it."

"You have to put the royalties to the people, and I think this could give the level of four hundred thousand words."

The price for four hundred thousand words a newcomer is considered a very good price, usually newcomers can only get two hundred thousand words, Chen Chu He may want to lay a good relationship with Lin Han, maybe this is a big sci-fi future does God now become attached to account for the initiative.

So he spoke and said: "Yang, this is not your typical bar," village teacher "obviously compete seeded Galaxy Award, one thousand thousand words is not too much to give us a new five hundred thousand words the highest price? , do you want him to such a person went to the rest of the magazine? Liangwan Zi, also only five hundred thousand words a thousand dollars, as so stingy it? and not to make you pay. "

"Yes ah, if he went to the fire when the results go over how to do the rest of the magazine, a thousand dollars to get such a good script, and that was the magazine we make of it."

"It's true, so authors can write high-quality text, and certainly do not care what a little money, we still show his sincerity about it."

While quietly finished reading the novel's final decision immediately editor, he said: "If you are saying, according to the price on the five hundred thousand words to it, in addition to this novel immediately proofread, and then to the art department re-publishing the next let it be published monthly up! "

Once you have edited this sentence, Wang Yifan immediately answered and said: "Well, I'll call the communication to the author!"

Excitement back to his desk, which is immediately to the lucky interns Lin Han called the phone,The phone number in the submission of additional documents inside.


Being careful reading of Lin Han suddenly felt shaking inside cell phone pocket, he took a look, turned out to be a strange number. This is not just a place to answer the phone, he quickly ran towards the men's room.

"Hello, do you want to speak?"

Wang Yifan thought no answer yet, he intends to press the replay, and now after hearing the sound of excitement immediately said: "? I ask Mr. Lin Han I do" science fiction world, "the staff member, editorial board unanimously found that after you the novel "village teacher" will be published next month in the above "Science Fiction World", will also shortlisted Galaxy Award essay contest. "

Lin Han after hearing the news, the first reaction is not a surprise, but the alert. This is not what the organized fraud manuscript was sent to it, so soon complete the trial manuscript, most of what you want to pay their own costs, is about a poverty-stricken themselves can not be fooled.

"It sounds very good, but the speed of your reviewers seem far more than expected ah."

"In fact, you know, mailbox contributor general quality than the poor, it is easy to filter out. Price is our editorial thousand words given $ 500, which is the highest price of newcomers. If later you have a good work to contribute you can contact me directly, when the price will increase to a thousand words to the point where the highest thousand dollars. "

Silently inside the heart calculation, a night time to write out their own novels, earned a thousand dollars, Lin Han said that it is not bad, just they need money, ten thousand, although not completely so that the financial deficit disappeared, but whatever the outcome, You can also deal with urgent needs.

Wang Yifan aware of each other and there is not much joy, is quite firm in his judgment that Lin Han is an accomplished people in the rest of the field of literature, not purely newcomers.

"Mr. Lin, please send your bank card number as well as Bank ID card information to me, I am here to contact your financial payments. By the way, the royalties withholding tax is carried out directly by our magazine, so help you calculation, a thousand dollars in royalties tax is 8880 yuan. "

Evil royalties tax, single full 800 yuan royalties began to tax, much lower than that of the personal income tax threshold.

"You here are responsible for withholding it?"

"Yes, another thing to remind Mr. Lin from the date of the formal submission of you, your work is equivalent to copyright recognized by our proxy, whether published or film and television, game adaptation, we will do our

Force to do the promotion, and it will collect royalties of 20% when the agency fees. Of course, if you do not finalized the signing, we have no right to sell the copyright. "

"There will be a formal contract yet?" Lin Han had known before posting on this comparison deceptive rules, but people had to bow under the eaves, just do not have any own resources to the promotion of copyright, if copyright can sell out, In fact, 20% would be acceptable.

Just after work, agency fees not possible to give such a high, Lin Han is not a fool.

Lin Han could not help but start Tucao in mind, we should own 1120 dollars paid to the state, and what a sad thing.But this is actually a tax on royalties protect the interests of high-income earners, as a writer, when revenue reached millions and billions, to pay the tax on a number of cost-effective than pay personal income tax, no deduction is so high.

There was a media computing this problem, when 200,000 that year to reach the income tax burden royalties income tax was 11.2%, while personal income tax burden of 13.72%, so popular best-selling author is more favorable.

So every year even though many people will raise the threshold of 800 dollars in the call, but no one said that the need to modify the tax ratio, which is one reason.

What do eight thousand dollars?

Yanjing able to pay the rent in two months, Lin Han rent is paid once a month, so next month, directly to the landlord nine thousand dollars, and now still a little shy, so he had to continue to make money the job.

After confirming Wang Yifan is that "Science Fiction World" staff, Lin Han had just put their personal information to the other side, and then quietly waiting for play money.

Lin Han when the Earth had also written the manuscript to the magazine, but without exception, have been returned, writers dream was inconclusive. But life, his pregnant science fiction backing of the entire planet, realize their dreams is probably not too difficult.

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