Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter insult to injury [5] seek collection

Chapter insult to injury [5] seek collection

In fact, people young artists prejudice deep, after communication networks, we feel sensitive, making a fuss, hypocritical became a literary label, obviously penniless man of God has chosen to make an even stoned attitude.

This is actually a pseudo-literary youth, like Petty, like small minority, like himself and the public separated. Reading, movies, songs to the more remote the better, so it seems only highbrow feeling.

Lin Han really seen many young artists, they look just like ordinary people, just concentrate on research in some areas. True Art are not hypocritical, is not the same intentions to live out the pattern in which ordinary life.

He had met his own business manager usually will write poem, know next to University teachers have liked to sing, has also been seen in Dali inn owners usually take down the photos.

These people with literary and artistic works to spice up their lives with the literary life to the yardsticks with literature and art to express their feelings, art has become a religion.

Do not need to go to the West - Tibetan spiritual essence, do not need to go to Starbucks for a selfie 45 ° and does not need foreign classics mouth closed is just going to really read with comprehension.

Some people feel that the show is a little fresh, a glass of milk bourgeois life, but that they see entertaining theatrical appearance.

The real art, Cui Jian hoarse should be "nothing" is Gu Changwei drama "Spring" at the end soulful singing actress Wang Cailing standing in the center of the Opera House, Thoreau is constantly looking for spiritual home, it is a kind of spiritual values.

Is a real literary faith, trust in spiritual strength, Lin Han want to be able to do this.

People gotta live a little pursuit of it, if not ideal, then what's the difference with salted fish.

Lin Han mind the kind of book which is not much, he is a classic science fiction enthusiasts, the rest are not allergic to the kind of fiction, even the most popular "Harry Potter" also look at the first part of it, it touches on the "Lord of the Rings" to Kenwan.

A good book is always limited, when science fiction production can not keep up his reading some classic books became his goal, even as a former girlfriend like "Game of Thrones" this US drama, he put the original novel buy it read, but he did not see George before crossing - Father Martin finished the novel, lifetime series.

"Maybe I can put the most classic of science fiction to move to this world, there are those science fiction movies." He said to himself said, at the same time use the remote control to turn on the TV.

Although he had the memory of the original owners, but after all this world feel with no coincidence how, could not find a sense of belonging. And to understand a society is the easiest way to watch the news now look at history.

At this point the TV above is being played on the evening news, piles not very familiar with each other as exchange visits of politicians, domestic science and technology to achieve any significant achievements, among foreign people living in dire straits.

Although some boring, but Lin Han was seen with relish, and carefully put these people with their jobs on earth to those who correspond to them, to facilitate faster comprehension.After seeing Bansu news, Lin Han early to bed, new for the quilt to fully meet his slightly over the top, if not money, he wants to give everything in the house replaced.

Staring at the wall to see the guitar non-stop, he never play an instrument, but the heart is very envious of the kind of hand you can play a chord with people, very casual cool.

No cover guitar always felt very right, is not it a little above the ash did not erase it, looks a bit like a cat's claw, like my heart, that what is not dust after Xu Jiumei used?

I kept thinking, drowsiness Lin Han will give enveloped them, exhausted after crossing the mind, body tired after cleaning the house and relax at this moment.

Asleep at eight in the morning, not far from the park whip loud sound, it is early in the uncle who whipped a giant gyroscope exercise of sound.

After going to the toilet wash some, Lin Han put on a relatively loose clothing, wear a wallet, mobile phone keys there, ready to go out foraging, the way to look at the library.

Yanjing city has the country's largest library, books I do not know geometry, Lin Han wanted to go inside to see if their memory books, so convenient for him to operate behind.

"Bang" shut the door, Lin Han found himself being next door neighbors came back holding a German Shepherd Liu Wan, the owner of the German Shepherd is a handsome young man, his face black eye just seems a little too strong.

"Yo, director, have not you surrender? I thought you'd go home in disgrace farming, now You're still doing in Yanjing. Crew dare not charge you, and people like you should not be in entertainment inside. "

After skin deep is good, but inside a mass of rubbish, Lin Han heard these sarcastic put on the next plane, he did not complain, just frowned, brazenly retorted: "I do something, it seems like you it does not matter, right? "

After Lin Han absorbed the memory of the original owners, one could make out the identity of their own neighbors, his name is Zhang Qian, she was a film actor, before he brokerage firm wants to use the relationship to Zhang Qian into "out of the solar system" crew Three men to play, but Lin Han to be rejected.

The original people do not know, "out of the solar system" will flutter so badly, coupled with the overwhelming media coverage avid reader of the original, we look forward to the film's box office are starting 1.5 billion, the result is less than fifty million.

He took great pains unspoken rules of the road Three men have the opportunity to play, and can play at this blockbuster Three men inside, either popular niche, either deep background, so the result is rejected, no wonder Zhang Qian blame

Hate mind.

However, Zhang Qian fortunately missed the film, appeared in the film's male and female were originally hottest stars, the result is that what impact, directly brought to its knees, if it had not done before popular support, almost fell down the line to go .

But now even if it is more than a year in the past, they have not returned to its original position, so this is not just a disaster for the original owners, but on the actors, for investors are tremendous impact.

Now after Lin Han Zhang Qian to do with the two neighbors, each meeting to be cynical about it, Romaine Phoenix as chicken.For Lin Han Zhang Qian things are invisible blocked understand very clearly, he knew Lin Han is no strong relationship, can not be re-energized, so at the moment it finally revealed the true colors, it seems necessary before the backlog in the heart of resentment peremptorily thrown out.

"Hey, how much to do with me, but I know your card seems not much money, right? I still afford to pay the rent, my director neighbor? Ha ha ha ha, my dream is to Naaosika best director, remembered I felt funny. Wait a minute back, I'll have to look at this interview. "

Zhang Qian laughter of people very unhappy, Lin Han grunted, Wang Qianmian he walked, step by step, and particularly disdain: "I do not know when you become a landlady, you really are the Pacific police na wide pipe. you do not take the trouble to bother, so you day after the actor played on big-budget talk to talk to me, I do not chat with nobody. "

With such people have nothing to talk, Lin Han turn down the hall, came to the side of the elevator, when a young woman wearing pencil pants is a stunning him.

Black hair tied in the back, slender legs coupled with big warm sweater, woman's clothes froze the price of civilians is piercing the super model, apply a Prostitute's face looks very delicate, pure sense of the kind of girl comprehensive woman a sense of charm.

This is also the original owner of a neighbor, "Lin Han, you now have no money to pay the rent, I can lend you some. You do not listen to Zhang Qian, he was certainly not intentional."

"Thank you for your kindness, but go its own way, let others speak."

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