Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 4, "village teacher"

Chapter 4, "village teacher"

Serious thought for a moment, Lin Han mind up which started its rapid screening, this time the number of words required less essay, short story collection should be.

Use a mere Liangwan Zi to shape the world to a sci-fi, this is not a simple matter, thanks to his previous not know how many had read the magazine, which now heads to choose very much.

First, it must be a superior quality of a novel, but far from the top, so the copyright after being taken away if they are not too lose. If the quality is too low, even posting all pass, then it is a shame lost big hair.

Election to choose his ultimate target on the above, "village teacher" this novel, this novel small number of words, just Liangwan Zi, but added structure is very rigorous, known as 2.

"Village teacher" is one of the masterpieces of the famous science fiction writer Liu Cixin, no doubt carry the tripod Liu big Chinese character science fiction, he won a considerable number of honors, awards like the Galaxy after his garden, in Lin Han before crossing to also awarded the prestigious World Science fiction Association awarded the Hugo Award, the nebula Award nominated US, the best-selling books at home and abroad.

Lin Han read this novel more than once, each time to see the tears feel, except for the content of science fiction, it is also a realistic response education articles, holds the most incredible history of Chinese science fiction mood.

About the content of the article is a village teacher to devote his life dedicated to the small village, just before he died, to the students to explain Newton's three laws.

And after the end of War of the Worlds carbon-based life with the life of silicon, carbon-based life to win, leaders decided to establish carbon-based life in the universe with a vacuum, preventing the restoration of silicon-based life. Before setting vacuum belt, it needs to detect the degree of civilization of life on the planet, only low-level sweeping civilization.

When these aliens came to Earth, select a small village of these students, the students shouted law of dying before the teacher taught, passed the test.

All in all, this is the village teacher with a group of children, to save the planet. There are two clues novel, the protagonist is a treasure trove of Lee, the other is a distant galaxy interstellar war.

Lee is a treasure trove of hardy people, parents died when he was three years old, grew up in another village teacher upbringing, and this village teacher but because he stopped to help a hungry wolf and killed.

Lee successfully survived the treasury decided to return to villages from the outside world, inherited the position of rural teachers, students began to teach all subjects to play.

But unfortunately suffered from esophageal cancer Lee treasure trove only gives the children the last lesson, Lin Han slowly remembering, and this Jiwan Zi content does not fall on the word appeared in his brain inside, terribly clear .

Lin Han sat in front of the computer, tapping the fast hands above the keyboard, select this novel essay is to go to the ranking, even if science fiction "village teacher" of this quality are not recognized, then he needs to reconsider their position.

In many cases, write a novel, an essay, poem does not require much skill for some fancy, just use a good point enough.

This "village teacher" most surprised Lin Han is the structure,The overall structure is very clear, written with a lot of contrast, will be focused.

Impoverished rural teachers are dying preacher save the planet, unable to enjoy education resources of rural students has become a huge contrast to save the planet Earth and the formation of tiny hero, the village, but on the other hand any connection with the Earth's tiny carbon-based life constitute a powerful contrast.

Inside there is a large number of short fiction contrast, the story of rural teachers are common, the number of such reports than not, but in this environment inside the universe, science fiction adding content after a bit of miraculous effect.

This is a novel in which, outside the jump to see the Earth humans, with a lofty perspective to look at itself, which is only science fiction can do.

Want science fiction fame, it must have its own unique memory point, now science fiction, although highly diverse, the job must be some bright spots, "rural teachers" have such strength can cause widespread concern and discuss.

With this novel to lay the foundation, Lin Han can not do it pours momentum of development.

Mind there are complete fiction, how keystrokes do not need to modify, so he write very fast, but also to seriously modify the way dialogue between characters, make them more in line with their own identity.

Lin Han home is in the countryside, he grew up in a rural primary school, students in the class which is slightly more than the number of fiction, but two years since he graduated from elementary school, the school was torn down.

So for this life fully understood, we can give the character dialogue in line with the surrounding environment to.

Of course, what punctuation is also more important, which is a manifestation of place with professional rigor, even if the use of punctuation are not people, it is hard to believe that he can write a good essay to.

Crackling percussion keyboard voices, Lin Han's hand speed is not fast, but do not think the victory, one hour or so to write three thousand words.

Every two hours from his chair breaks to neck with the eyes, and then continue to the code word, threw himself into it, after almost sixty-seven hours, he finally put down the novel to write.

Save the document, word by word review, see if there are typos, open the e-mail confirmation only after correct, after sending to "Science Fiction World" magazine published the e-mail submission, Lin Han the only can do is be patient, but the draft is too It is just a few days will not matter.

Now he was glad that they did not choose to become a web writer, or else every day to keep writing,

It is simply a great torment. Traditional writers choose to do, after written a book will be able to rest for a long time, and is inspired to write, no inspiration aside, as long as not edit the pattern Cuigao.

Drinking coffee, from the afternoon until about the evening, Lin Han got about his neck, and he felt his life seems quite colorful, in order to better understand the world, that he opened some old computer and began searching since his name to.

After all, whatever the outcome of origin can be considered a man of entertainment, although it has not a look, but through the media to understand the experience of the original owners,This experience is very subtle.

Lin Han once just an ordinary office workers, to work on time every day, in their spare time is trying to develop his own little hobby that point, science fiction, with some like-minded friends to share and discuss.

I never thought wake of the fall will become a genius director, became famous not used to, ah, go on the road will not be to sign it?

This is a very serious matter, but soon proved himself just think too much.

Heavy work, in this life, let him as a cheesy good young artists.

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