Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 3 Galaxy Award Essay

Chapter 3 Galaxy Award Essay

"You can not look down on people." Lin Han relaxed now, he is willing to joke with Chen Jiaxuan, "If my novel published, this must first give you."

"I did not hit you, now you get into science fiction, is expected to be resisted. Besides, in the entertainment industry more money than writing a novel, I am here to open immediately after the field on the new shadow play, so you go to her crew as executive the director should not be a problem, I go back and communicate to communicate. "

Lin Han did not want to enter into that sensual pleasures of Vanity Fair, so shook his head and said:. "Xuan sister, you are no longer my agent, and not have to care about these things."

Chen Jiaxuan slightly injured myself that it is for whom? Not for you, or were full of entertainment Chen's artists use their beauty needs to be packaged and sold?

Watching his face gradually changing, Lin Han realized his words had hurt the Chen Jiaxuan, he quickly spoke and said: "Xuan sister, I do really want to go back, do not want to finger-pointing by others with the eyes I have confidence to write. to really can not, whatever you give me any work schedule! "

"It would be such a deal, if you half a year, no, can not write a novel instinct to make money within three months, obediently go back to the entertainment, your talent should not be wasted!"

Endless dedication in front of Chen Jiaxuan seems to have won, she knows just this pale man, really want to help him. Entertainment guy a lot, quite a few talented director, but she happens spotted this man, always out does not come out.

Lin Han patted his chest, "three months three months!"

Chen Jiaxuan looked confident extraordinary Lin Han, it seems in high spirits before the man came back, she restrain her excitement, put on coat, carrying a bag and stood up, "Do not go back on that time, I would also like afternoon accompany artists to participate in the recording of a program, you can stop drinking again. "

"No, I now have a net worth not to buy a few bottles of wine, road safety, driving slowly, do not tell the driver as rogue."

"Then you rest more exercise, more urgent moment, the next to give you a little fruit, do not take herself to look like a vampire."

"Xuan sister, you almost become a monk, so La La weave, grow old."

"Getting old is not your victims." Chen Jiaxuan style of thousands of white Lin Han look, she does not know this piece of wood when they could resuscitation.

Lin Han watched Chen Jiaxuan Painting posture gradually go away, he just laughed, obviously something to be busy, but also to pass over and see for yourself how the mind can bear this.

Chen Jiaxuan know is a college student, when the original owner is director of crew training, met with just the first artist Chen Jiaxuan, Chen Jiaxuan still very Sentimental rookie broker, do not understand anything, the crew often absurd, occasionally relied on their own very familiar with the crew, it would help ease the atmosphere.

Later, I do not know when she would grow to the point where now able to work independently, to become the entertainment gold broker, older obviously only a year older than themselves, now is not himself the unemployed youth can compare.

"What some did not want to do,Or get down to business matters. "

Lin Han pressed these thoughts in my heart, got up and find the latest issue of "Science Fiction World", and then read it, you want to look at the level of the science fiction world in the end what it was like, behind him stood a number of such sci-fi master, he but I do not believe they are better than these people.

Three months is more than enough time to write a novel, Lin Han is not alone, he is standing on the shoulders of giants, so the desire to achieve can not be published as early as possible Mobo Zi Well, to save the planet of science fiction shame.

Greeted by a series of armor, warships fiction, robots, aliens, dimensional change, space war, time travel, end of the world everything, whether it is soft or hard science fiction are developing rapidly, the theme is very broad, it is belonging to the sci-fi enthusiasts dream world.

This time, several big top cover of "Galaxy Award Essay" is attracting his attention.

Lin Han scroll to the appropriate Call for Papers page, then stared at the Chinese character lost in thought, as a sci-fi fan fiction, is no stranger to natural Galaxy Award, which is the Chinese science fiction novel community the highest honor award, mainland China is the only science fiction award represents the highest level of science fiction continent.

In a past life, many well-known science fiction writers have won the Galaxy Award, the famous Liu Cixin is a frequent visitor to the Galaxy Award, "wandering the Earth" won the top award, "rural teachers" to get readers to nominate award almost every year in the list of tyrants, As for the "three-body" is award-winning.

This is a highly authoritative awards, and once the finalists will be able to immediately board the "Science Fiction World" magazine when appropriate royalties can meet their urgent needs.

While two of the world there are some differences, but the "Science Fiction World" is still the exclusive Galaxy Award organizers for Chinese science fiction novel mining sector batch after batch of talent.

As the world's cultural and entertainment industry developed, and copyright protection is in place, very seldom piracy, although not completely disappeared, but only linger hiding in a dark corner, a head will be weighed down.

As the world's largest circulation magazine of science fiction, "science fiction world," the number of readers is very high, each of the circulation of over 800,000, if the top sci-fi master issued a document, then sales will soar to more than one million to influence evident.

Call for Papers is relatively simple, basic requirements within Liangwan Zi, remuneration is 100-500 yuan / thousands of words, first issue of the month to pay royalties, if the award finalists, then the bonus another operator.

As the "Science Fiction World" large circulation, the magazine itself

It is more money, but also pulled quite a few sponsors, so the Galaxy Prize money naturally gone up, one year more than a year.

Which, like Lin Han previous life as the grand prize was 100,000 yuan, but also the last year rose up before only 30,000.

Here the words of the Galaxy Award, a top award 500,000 yuan prize, first prize of 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan Excellence Awards, readers nominated for Best New Artist award with 50,000 each, of course, this is before tax.

Call for Papers but this thing is too much trouble contribution works date to receive bonus date,Direct regarded as the game adaptation of the right to work, film, animation, movies and other free micro referred to sponsor proxy.

In other words, if the forest after John got a bonus, his science fiction that copyright would essentially over to someone else to be responsible, in vain crossed a part of their rights, but on time and have not yet known, those interests must be bring it out.

If this was to put up some good works, Lin Han that he would feel bad to death, he did not want to put these bonuses and the best science fiction copyright agent for others, that if the top fiction out too extravagant opinions, good things to keep yourself slowly by.

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