Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 2 Science Fiction

Chapter 2 Science Fiction

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A morning, though not long, but it was for the house already has undergone enormous changes, the original mess had disappeared without a trace, bright and clean lodge revealed faint hint of warmth.

Leaning above the sofa, Lin Han satisfied smile to, so it looks more comfortable Well! He shaved off his beard face, originally messy hair clean, this time it is a sun handsome young men.

One Bedroom house is only a kitchen and a bathroom, more than fifty square meters, for the bachelors is not small, but the rent is not cheap here in Yanjing, three thousand dollars a month rent for unemployed people it is not a small burden.

Lin Han although once directed three hundred million cost big movies, but the loss was so severe, he also embarrassed to find funds to the rest of the company.

Since being unemployed, has been a state rest on its laurels, it seems that only a thousand more card balances, and pay the rent next month and a quarter later, but what is also heating costs!

"Oh, so what do you want to face. Can not make a movie, not a TV series, and even advertising were all unwanted, but also three thousand a month to rent the house, asking too much!" Lin Han casually sigh, he began wondering how they should make money to feed themselves.

Young artists have to eat and drink Lazard, we can not look down at the book, drink cold water even enough food.

The thought here, his stomach even more loudly protest them busy until now have not eaten anything, people are iron bear.

Lin Han quickly stood up, took out his wallet, mobile phone keys there, ready to go out to the supermarket to purchase something. At least toothbrushes, towels, underwear what should replace it, even if the body deity used, it is still very own use of diaphragm should be.

Pushing a shopping cart carefully compare the prices, put a bag of rice, some vegetables as well as spices, the meat into them, Lin Han intend to fire inside the home, so that not only clean, but also save money at the same time.

Anyway, the kitchen cookers, gas stoves are complete, their craft okay, so first make do with, such as money talk.

Line a trip to the supermarket to spend more than two, Lin Han-depth review of their own extravagance, did not think he was in the elevator slowly closed off the elevator doors a little head.

Wash rice and cook, vegetables meat, kung pao chicken with a simple tomato scrambled eggs appeared on the table, hungry Lin Han holding chopsticks are ready to eat, the result was a rapid knock on the door to bang bang bang She interrupted.

"Who?" He was wearing slippers carelessly walked to the door, opened the door particularly bad mood, so do not want to see who glances, in their own meal to disturb people.

Opened the door, a tall woman wearing a trench coat Shumenshulu squeezed in, she looked around the room for a moment, then turned and looked Lin Han look, surprised and said: "OK, ah, I see you do not answer my calls, I thought you were dead in the house, we are planning to remove it, did not think you actually modified the child? "

Lin Han watching the peach-like woman, her body filled with breath Mature, took off his coat accentuates the body of Chen Jiaxuan,Plump chest - part challenged the force of gravity, long legs wrapped in black silk, charming face, a pair of John Lin Dan Fengyan attracting attention.

As entertainment famous killer bees, Chen Jiaxuan appearance is not worse than men with the artists themselves, but also met some people want on her hands, but every time Chen Jiaxuan deep background of those who will not give a good face, its own way of walking in the entertainment business, a lot of natural resources is offering a star and not difficult.

"How? Today become dumb, actually not say a word." Chen Jiaxuan carelessly sitting on the couch, she suddenly stared at the two dishes on the table, like to see the aliens in general.

"Xuan sister eat it if you do not mind, you can try." Lin Han said the invitation, he did not think of how to face these people, interpersonal much more complex than the clean sweep.

Chen Jiaxuan did not hesitate, females generally careless man dinner table, pick up the chopsticks before Lin Han will add a piece of chicken in his mouth, she said after chewing:. "Look out, you will cook."

Since not escape, it would directly face it, Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan sitting on the other side, and he began joked:. "You do not know a lot of things still do, but I just did not show it."

"You finally are pleasing to the eye, a big man, do not hide inside the house self-pity, sadness moon that is Lin doing. Not that it did not work, change jobs they will not die."

"I'm not the person I thorough face-lift." Lin Han push lightly into his mouth a mouthful of rice, he calmly said, since it has come to this new world, we must live on, through this speech made in vain.

Chen Jiaxuan heart burst of joy, she was really worried Lin Han will be brought to its knees, Lin Han after seeing the new look, my heart was to go down.

In coming here, she had really mentally prepared to Lin Han corpses, because before guard said Lin Han access card has been nearly five days did not go out record.

"What are you going to do now?" Satiate Chen Jiaxuan on the sofa, she could not bear to a favored so to sink, once Lin Han limelight without both, in the studio looks like Qiu Hui Fang let people fascinated.

Science fiction film that failure is caused by a variety of elements, but in the end he was only the pot back.

At this time, Lin Han is back to Chen Jiaxuan dishwashing water tap in the kitchen, he exclaimed:. "How can I do, to make the money to pay the rent chanting, next month to pay the rent."

"Otherwise you moved to live with me,

I lived over there, there are also empty room empty. "After Chen Jiaxuan to say that you'll regret it, she wanted to bite off his own tongue, this too is not a reserved.

Lin Han hand movements paused, he looked at Chen Jiaxuan look through the glass, the original royal sister temperament at this time like a little girl is so nervous, it seems very interesting.

But now moved in the past is not a good choice, he now there are too many places has changed, then they have to live together, will soon be found, woman on top are living Detective Conan.

"Or not, you live over there some inconvenience,I used to live here, fine. "

Chen Jiaxuan look slightly dark, but adjusted over a moment, to persuade her to give up Lin Han, but change the subject, said:? "That talk about your plans to make money it if they wish to return to the entertainment business to make a movie, I can barely try a try, not always successfully, but certainly can give you to find a crew duties. "

Lin Han flashed inside his head but one idea, he did not know what to shoot a movie, it is the ability of the original owner will be, I did not come across this capacity to inherit directed the movie.

Lin Han in being cranky, aware of their chips to be installed as the last generation to do everything perfectly clear.

Originally forget things in mind, as long as the idea of ​​a move you can think of it, even remember the nurse infancy!

This terrible memory so that he suddenly forget the hand movements, he began to seriously consider it, three days of that year take a language reading comprehension questions which articles come forward? Who college entrance examination that year's provincial champion that? Statistical data when a freshman in class listening to yourself is how much? First month of work to get income and how much? Xinhua Dictionary 501 words what was it?

Clear memory of the answers to these questions one by one to the front, if that is what just happened in general, do not place any ambiguity. As long as the last generation met something, he reached the point of never forget.

"Gee, such a good memory, and if go to the strongest brain, certainly have to be scared out of a chin." Lin Han completely immersed in their own world inside, instant he realized he was not aware of the use of guarding gold .

No exaggeration to say that he is to have the whole world as a backup, from small to large, heard how many songs, see how many TV shows, read many books, these are their wealth ah!

Quickly turn off the faucet, and even a chance to wipe drops of water washing the pool, immediately after searching the memory of the original owners, Lin Han found that this world is not "Border Town", not "the siege", not "facing the sea spring" there is no "ordinary World" with "White Deer."

But Lu Xun's "The Scream" and "Wandering", "Zhaohuaxishi", which are to Zhou Shuren, whose real name published this, people are aware of Zhou Shuren, few people know the pen name Lu Xun.

But Lin Han know, even if they can turn the text word for word written, but have passed into the corresponding era literature contains profound meaning is to keep the background combination.

They do not have this ability, discerning eye can see, "Besieged City" is certainly not a young man can grasp fiction, these books are only temporarily give up, stay in their memories inside.

Then, he suddenly saw a stack of magazines full of "Science Fiction World" on the shelf, to write their own humanistic qualities of fiction, but this sci-fi fantasy novels are not just linked with young people do?

Whether he is still the original owner of the body are like science fiction, and even the original owners because too fond of science fiction movie, so do not hesitate to take over such a difficult film to make, even if up to now has been poor this point, but each issue of "Science Fiction World 'purchase worthwhile.Several elegant characters on the desktop dvd cover "out of the solar system," looked very dazzling, original owners seems to be constantly looking at the side and kept drinking, then their only successful crossing over.

"What are you doing here? I have not answered the question, what in the end want to do." Chen Jiaxuan Lin Han looked puzzled look, this guy seems to just put myself completely ignored.

"I want to write fiction, write science fiction, just as these."

Lin Han raised his hands a "Science Fiction World", the face was relaxed and light.

Before cleaning the room when he was health, had simply glanced at the cover of this magazine, looks like a familiar science fiction are not on it.

"Three-body", "I, Robot," "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series,

Even some science fiction movies, like "Jurassic Park," "Star Trek", "Star Wars", also did not appear.

Who knows Chen Jiaxuan Puchi laughed, his arms pillow hammer the hammer, "wrote science fiction? Give me a break, what kind of ability to do what kind of thing."

Made clear not believe that writing a novel is not that just be able to write out a lot of people are not even eight hundred word essay squeeze past, let alone write tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of words of fiction.

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