Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 1 abjection youth

Chapter 1 abjection youth

Biting wind blew in from the window, which looks like a messy room is like a disaster scene, a young man was curled up into a ball in an attempt to make you warmer.

Was sent off the air curtain hula sound, occasionally a few slices of dead leaves falling in, there seems to be abandoned by the world.

Lin Han after shivered, arms around his chest, suddenly sat up from the sofa, staring with him goose bumps are erected, despite the image of his hands began to friction and heat.

"Grandma, this is what the broken places, quick cold death of me!"

He spoke, he quickly to avoid obstacles in the room, toward the open window and ran it, close the window, the cold wind cut off from the outside, then only long relief.

Standing by the bed, Lin Han puzzled at his front room, with a slightly over the top, he did not dare to imagine that this place actually be able to live!

Placed at random on the floor with a variety of magazines and books, dress pants are everywhere, socks do not know where to hide exudes stench, cola and beer cans everywhere.

Expiration looming pizza on the coffee table, opened the potato chip crumbs remote control to drown, dvd movies Blu-ray random pile of boxes, corner takeaway lunch boxes if the accumulation of hundreds of years, even the inside of the box of instant noodles are Tangtangshuishui not fall clean.

Can not get dirty more dirty, Lin Han felt as if hell came, he looked down at his clothes, and some of the invited grease with black spots, seems to have had a good few days unwashed.

The brain suddenly ignorant, he muttered: "! This must be a dream, it must be a dream, too terrible."

Hand is not his hand, who this dress is definitely not their own, Lin Han clearly remember his own closet every piece of clothing style, he turned and looked at the room look, and then walked in front of the bathroom mirror, reached a Conclusion: he crossed!

Such a major thing abruptly put his dirty little over the top to overruled, in spite of his dirty toilet, rearing themselves in the mirror face squeezed, and then beat it, the body can not feel more real.

In front of the mirror man looks ragged beard, hair micro chaos, but the color value is not low, this time quite feel kind of lonely guy.

Lin Han do not know why they would come through, but he seems to feel a little too much inside his own mind what, just when he was seriously thinking, a surge does not belong to his memory suddenly emerge.

Leaning on the door frame of the bathroom, even if it is the temple drum bulging, Lin Han is not willing to be wronged themselves to sit and rest on the couch, was devastated once is enough, I do not want to sit on it.

After a simple comb this memory, he was surprised to find that guy with the same name as his own surname is actually a little known director, at least used to be.

Construction of this world with the world before Lin Han very similar, small differences make him feel quite warm, or at least in modern times, he did not go through to the ancient times.

This time China to keep pace with the United States, after the standard of living up focus, social entertainment became concerned. Movies, music, literature, art, everything developed, but there are few people who are familiar with Lin Han.In the original owners of memories inside, Ming and Qing Dynasties all have, but Emperor Yongle Emperor brought in all but invisible, and also has four masterpieces, but they write Moonlight poet named Li Du.

I do not know where history turned a corner, historical figures, as if for a half, in every generation there is talent out of leading the trend for hundreds of years, the entertainment inside a star is a strange name, bookstore inside the ancient books only Lin Han classics, modern literature and art works are all never heard of.

Prosperous economy, naturally flourishing arts and culture, representatives of all walks of life are extremely outstanding, outstanding works as river carp general.

As the original owners of Chinese Drama Academy director graduate, he gave out a great director as his running mate, but good fortune last year, took a sci-fi blockbuster "out of the solar system" is directed right to the best-selling novel of the same name based on the movie box office flutter, nearly 300 million yuan in box office revenue last production costs of less than five millions, but word of mouth only 4.8!

Normally, only the box office three times the cost to achieve a profit, the result of one-sixth of the cost of even the box office not to, investors candy entertainment thanks to underwear to be sold, only to file for bankruptcy.

Thus, the original owners in the entertainment industry has become a unique and beautiful landscape, a person ruin a company, properly properly bane.

No other investor is willing to hire a director of origin, without any crew willing to be his deputy director, even when the original owners to stoop to enter the television industry from the film industry, still no body, the crew is willing to hire him, Bane's notorious three thousand in.

Even the brightest entertainment magazines, gossip program from time to time put the original owners pull out corpse, what the top ten most inventory losses movie, what is the most overrated director, and later fame was so smelly direct his alma mater all want to diploma back.

After complete integration of all the memories, Lin Han could not help but want to Tucao up, this really is a dramatic life, a young frustrated, then worsened, and now has become a daily basis know who intoxicate themselves with alcohol.

For a long time drinking let his body in a state of sub-health, skin and even have some unusual white, long messy hair, beard to make up, if walking on the road, properly properly a sharp brother.

Lin Han is not too ambitious, he just wanted a quiet Ming Anan young artists only, for now still live better.

Growling belly up, can face such a hell on earth apartment, Lin Han could not eat anything at all, he

Roll up their sleeves, ready to take home to tidy up.

This is not a place to live in front of people, simply do not may be able to!

Garbage bags inside to find out from the memory to the table, picking up garbage on the ground are in, then get up and dress pants thrown into the washing machine inside, with socks underwear to wait a while to wash separately.

Throw away the pizza box, put the box of instant noodles soup down the drain again, all snack chips packed in garbage bag inside a trash bag sucked another good takeout box.

Bulky waste clean-up after the good, he picked up a broom and start cleaning up all over the house, what scraps of paper, dust bags, peanuts, cracker crumbs, cans, etc. clean sweep ring,One does not leave!

After cleaned, he open the door to take out garbage bags full to the brim of trash thrown into the corridor which, by the way also looked at the blue sky empire.

Just clean enough, had a small coffee table with a cloth, window, bed, cupboard, sofa gave wipe clean, then mop the floor and then dragged clean.

Rumbling washing machine continuous operation, Lin Han felt bitter force, crossing over the first thing turned out to be cleaning the house, own it really cleaner attributes?

I do not know where to cell phone ring tones sounded over and over again repeated, inexplicable melody is very pleasant, Lin Han in the slot inside the back of the couch fumbling to find that phone after a while.

Impressively above three missed calls and a few text messages, these are his former agent Chen Jiaxuan fight over, as a senior broker entertainment, Chen Jiaxuan is undoubtedly a success, the singer made a star of two kings with a actress, but her only flaw is the body in Lin Han.

"Ah you quickly answer the phone, do not give me play dead, decadent even a year, and now it should work again!"

See the contents of this message, Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan can think of that furious face, and his own former agent who really is in charge, even if the original owner has no money to pay brokerage contract, but she still occasionally care about the original owners of life and death, often with food come to visit their owners.

Well most difficult to endure beauty, Lin Han as a spectator naturally a little tricky to detect, this concern seems to surpass the boundaries of work, he temporarily do not know how to face Chen Jiaxuan, so I had to pretend not to see the message, can drag sometimes considered temporary.

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