215. Chapter 215 The head of silicon-based life

215. Chapter 215 The head of silicon-based life

In the northern part of South America, in the Amazon rainforest, this 7 million square kilometer rainforest runs through eight countries and accounts for half of the world's rainforest area. Twenty percent of the forest area is the largest and most diverse in the world. The tropical rain forest is known as the lung of the earth.

Several motorized canoes sailed down the river at the moment and entered the depths of the rainforest. It is located on the Maranon River in Peru, the source of the Amazon River. The land fish rides through the deep valleys of the Andes. See the multiple waterfalls that flow down.

When I arrived here, it was already the depths of the human ban. It was a paradise for animals and aliens, and there was no trace of human activity.

“Why are you going to get a helicopter here?”

"Because the front plane and all kinds of vehicles will suffer from inexplicable magnetic field interference, it is impossible to pass, sir, we have prepared the oars!"

The accompanying guide explained to Lu Zhiyu that there were seven or eight mercenaries sitting on the back of the boat and entering the depths of the rainforest. On the way, you can see all kinds of animals, brightly colored insects, fangs and snapping snapping turtles. There are beasts that drink water by the river.

However, Lu Zhiyu noticed that the beast here was bigger than the outside body, and it was full of aggressiveness. The boat of Luzhi and others suffered several giant crocodile and huge water in succession. The bull sharks attacked, and the giant beasts in the water attacked the canoe of the land fish and other people as if they were desperately trying to overthrow them, but they all died under a shuttle bullet.

Along the waterway, when I was camping on the shore at night, I was once again attacked by several three-meter-long giant pythons. This seems to be a less ferocious guy. With a strong body, he slammed several shots. A trained warrior soldier from the ranks was dragged out of the water and hidden.

When you get to the dawn, the closer you are to the destination, the more giant behemoths appear. These guys seem to have lived for many years, their life span far exceeds their limits, and the body has more or less some variation, which causes The animals here are so large that they exceed their imagination.

The land fish pursued the clues of the silicon-based life wreckage and arrived here. For the source and hiddenness of this strange life, the land fish is very curious, it will certainly not be born on the earth, then how did they come to the earth? There are so many things hidden behind them, and the land fish wants to know and get.

Unknown, for the land fish, there is a strange charm and attraction.

According to Nicholas Debycha, the wreckage of silicon-based life comes from an ancient indigenous tribe in South America, but after tracing it can be found in the oldest era, these wrecks are gods worshipped by the indigenous gods. .

The temple of this tribe is hidden in the depths of the Amazon. After many investigations and clues, it is locked in its position.


A strange field of vitality and volatility spread out in the distance, covering a large number of nearby forests. The guides and mercenaries who were present did not notice that the land fish clearly felt the fluctuation."Where are you talking about in that direction?" Lu Zhiyu installed a camouflage, and turned back, asking the guide behind him.

The guide looked at the direction and the sky, and the face showed amazed look: "Yes, how do you know!"

The ancient temple is covered with plant vines and moss, and the green covers it all, but it can still be felt by gently pulling it away, and the ancient traces on it are buried deep into it.

The spirit of the land fish swept away, and immediately its three-dimensional structure appeared in the mind. This temple is more than 30 meters high, but the main part of more than 20 meters, all submerged in the ground, collapsed and collapsed, will All the entrances to the entrance were blocked, and the spirit of the land fish explored deep, but a secret part of the core was constantly interfering with the exploration of the landing fish.

The guide immediately said: "It's here, but if you want to discover it, you still need a lot of people to come over. You are too anxious to come over. The boss has arranged for us to start..."

Lu Zhiyu immediately said: "No!"

The land fish can't wait for them to slowly explore, stretch out their hands, and immediately see the earth begin to wriggle and the surrounding earth constantly gathers under the soles of the feet, then raises the ground a little bit, originally buried deep under the ground. The temple, a little bit out of the ground.

Everyone suddenly felt that the bottom of the foot was unstable. It was like an earthquake. The whole world was shaking violently. The people and the mercenaries who stood in the same place were like a frightened bird.

"My God, what is the situation!" The guide was at a loss, holding a big tree by his side.

"God, are you a wizard?" And several mercenaries immediately discovered the situation of the land fish, and opened his mouth, and the hand holding the gun was loose.

"This is super power, handsome, and a mutant!" A black man whistling, yelling like a madman.

The land in the square circle was forcibly lifted by the land fish, and the coverage of the entire temple was revealed from the earth a little bit, thousands of years later, once again in front of people.

The huge temple of stone building, the huge idol, the stone door of the quaint face, and the stone pillar of the mottled face, a little revealing the front of the person, the ground is lifted one inch and one inch, and the guide into the depths of the Amazon along with the land fish And the mercenaries, one by one, looked at the figure of the land fish, feeling that their cognition and beliefs have collapsed and deviated.

When the land of the fish lifted the whole temple, it suddenly felt that there was a sudden change in the interior of the temple. The huge force instantly condensed, and strong fluctuations surged from the inside. The magnetic field of the whole area was distorted and Variety.

"not good!"

Lu Zhiyu did not think that the things inside actually had their own consciousness and thoughts. The behavior of Lu Zhiyu immediately alerted the existence inside, and the violent type of excavation immediately caused the opponent's counterattack.The violent plasma beam is formed, and it instantly strikes from the depths of the temple. It runs through hundreds of meters in an instant, instantly destroying everything that has passed, and the intense light and power instantly destroy the light beam. Everything in front of him arrived in front of the land fish.

The spirit of the land of the fish immediately spurted out, instantly blocking the other's plasma cannon, the white plasma cannon hit the shield of the land fish, the whole world has turned into a white, overflow The particles that are shot, like fireworks, hit the sky.

The land of the fish was instantly dispersed into the form of a dream lord. It instantly enveloped the entire temple area and was immediately found at the core of the temple, on a huge fifteen-story altar, a metal-made head, dead. Look at the direction of the land fish.

"Catch you!"

The land of the fish crossed the layers of temple buildings and walls in an instant, arrived at the altar of the temple, and pinched the metal head. The mental force blocked the silver white. The head.

At this moment, several mercenaries and thoughts outside, still standing still in the same place, only seeing a piece of the ground beside them, on both sides and in front of them, everything is melted by the hot high temperature, a huge gully from the temple Coming from the depths, it broke through everything in front of you, passing from both sides and shooting into the distance.

The black smoke from the ground formed a crystal, and everything that the plasma gun passed was destroyed. Everyone straightened the spine and looked at the scene beside him. He could not help feeling the cold sweat and shivering.

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