81. Chapter 81 The Divine System

81. Chapter 81 The Divine System

The mask on Kelly's face attracted their attention. Hodpu's history and characters of the church, as well as the legendary myths, were unfamiliar to this mask, and suddenly his face changed dramatically.

Hodp felt that he was stuttering with his own words: "This, this should not be?"

Virgin Kelly unveiled the mask: "This is the mask of Faro's majesty."

Kelly held the artifact high, the white mask under the light, emitting a rainbow-like halo, everyone felt a dizzy, can not look directly.

Everyone who was suddenly present collapsed, including the Pope. Everyone kissed the land on the ground. Kelly immediately said, "God has mercy on all beings. Under my petition, Faroes has not only given me. His artifacts have also given me the means to teach the gods, to be honest in the gods, to master the magic, and to enter His kingdom after death."

The Pope couldn’t help himself. He stood up and the scepter in his hand seemed to be unable to hold it. The whole person said with awkwardness: "I can do it with God-given techniques?"

Although Kelly does not like Pope Pope, who is dirty in this head, his devoutness to the gods is unquestionable: "Of course, you are the spokesperson of the gods on the ground, the Pope of the Church of Light, but this requires a grand Ceremonies and tributes, although our efforts are negligible for the gods, but the gods have mercy on us and we are not able to offer our most devout faith."

Pope Hodpu’s eyes were left with only a mask that was faintly shining. It was close to the mask, as if he could feel the sight and breath of the gods. The Pope shouted: “Of course, thank God for the gift, your country. Walking on the ground, like walking in the sky, this is your kingdom, we will declare the world, tell them the existence of the gods, God's sight has been watching us, never left."

"The only gods with the most devoutness can master. Those who are not devout to the gods will die under the burning of the Holy Flame. The soul will suffer forever in the hell. The Pope will hope to pick the most. A list of devout believers, at this apostolic christening ceremony, there are only twelve of the first saints of the gods except you."

The virgin Kelly brought the mask back to her face and left it, and all the clergy who were present could not be their own. The power of the saint’s past display was strong enough to make people shocked, and now they have mastered the more powerful god. It is even possible to share this magicalism with other believers.

Everyone wants to be a saint, a true apostle of the gods, to be one of these twelve, to master the true magical power, to be closer to the existence of the gods, and even to be exposed by the gods after death. Go to the kingdom of the gods.

The Virgin never intervened in the government within the Church of Light, and Pope Hodp became the only one to master the list, and everyone immediately moved their minds.This sacrament of the saints was immediately proclaimed, not only the city of St. Saar, the entire church of the light, but also the red dresses of the people who were stationed in various countries. After receiving the news, everyone immediately rushed back. Similar methods are used to compete for the number of places for the baptism ceremony.

Everyone knows that these twelve people will become the true powers of the church in the future. As the top of the Church of Light, even the apostles of the gods have no identity. How do you prove your piety and how to prove that you are the closest to the gods? People.

All the church leaders, no matter how far away from the mountains, no matter how important things are in their hands, all of them go back and forth to the city of St. Sar, day and night. Even if many people inside the church want to cover the news, it has no effect. Although the saint's christening date has not yet been fixed, the number of places has already been in the fierce competition. If it comes back one day later, it may have been excluded from the list.

At the same time, Pope Hodpp set the date of this baptism to January 1st, three months later. It was the first day of the New Year and the day when the legendary goddess Mary created the world. I will be immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year and the most lively day in St. Sarth.

On this day, Pope Hodpp invited the kings, emperors, and grandfathers of the major human kingdoms to visit the city of St. Saar. In close proximity to the major kingdoms, everyone also saw the power of the bright church. Influence, and at the same time reconfirm that the orthodoxy of the Church of Light is truly recognized by the gods.

As the news of the saint christening ceremony spread, the rumors about the acquisition of artifacts by the virgin Kelly also appeared in many human kingdoms. Everyone got a shocking news, that is, the real artifact method. Rose's mask, in the hands of the Virgin Mary.

This mask spreads far and wide in the legends of the bright church, and in the statue of Faros, he always carries such a mask, so that the real artifacts worn by the gods are given to the bright church, no one Knowing that this mask has more powerful ability, the original virgin Kelly has already horrified all the kings and emperors of the human kingdom. Now the virgin will be strong enough.

After such a saint christening ceremony, the bright church that has been so strong to this level will be strong enough, and will there be room for them to survive in the future? The original survival patterns and rules are likely to be broken during this time of the saint christening.

Therefore, this saint christening ceremony is not only related to the church, but also to the balance of power of the entire human kingdom. For a time, with the consciousness of baptism of the saints, under the entire human kingdom, there is an undercurrent.

The kingdom of the Kingdom of the Golden Rose, Rooney, who has not been a king for a long time, has decided to go to the city of Saint-Saul to accept the baptism and coronation ceremony next year, acknowledging that he is a believer in the Church of Light, a shepherd of the gods, but has not waited for himself to accept baptism. I actually received another invitation from the Guangming Church.The red dressing sacred in the Kingdom of the Golden Rose came to tell Rooney Ephesus personally, and invited himself to the holy christening ceremony in the city of St. Sal in the New Year, when the monarchs of the major kingdoms would go, including Kerry. His Majesty the Emperor of the Special Empire, the Emperor of the Baket Empire and the King of the Tutan Dynasty, will also send messengers to come.

Moreover, the original coronation ceremony time was changed to that day. The red dressing actor thought that this is the gift of the bright church to Rooney I. It is a supreme glory in this ritual of contact with the gods. .

However, Rooney feels that his heart has always been uneasy. He has the blood of the sea god in his body. If he participates in the saint christening ceremony of the bright church, will there be any problem, but this is impossible to evade. The power of the bright church is that Rooney is not at present. Resistible, and this is his coronation ceremony, consolidating his position in the Kingdom of the Golden Rose, and the important means of quieting down the aristocrats who were otherwise restless.

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